Florida Ready to Violate Party Rules With Early Presidential Primary Date

Bookmark and Share Under the heading of “First On CNN” comes a report that Florida is likely to move their presidential primary to January 31st.

The report merely confirms what White House 2012 has been decalring in it’s own tentative presidential primary and caucus calendar.

So far, the dates which White Hopuse 2012 established through a combination of historical analysis of how the schedule ususally works itself out and where each state has so far positioned themselves in the process is proving to be quite accurate.

The only question is, whether or not the nine states that will be clearly violating the RNC rule that prohibits them from holding their presidentil nominating contests before March 6th, will receive the prescribed punishment for doing so.  That punishment is a a loss of half  the number of delegates that their state sends to the National Convention and which nominates the President.   As was the case in previous years, that is highly unlikely.

Still, althought the contest will most assuredly have another early start, the tradition of Iowa and New Hampshire being the first caucus and primary, respectively, will remain in intact.  and with the exception of Nevada, three of the four states designewd to be the first to hold nomination contests, will still have that privelege.  Perhaps if there was a real fear of punishment for not abiding by Party, the stampeded to frontload the primary calendar that Florida’s early date will create, might not happen .  This is something to give serious consideration before the next contested Republican presidential nomination.

And for the record, this was ‘First on White House 2012″.

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