Chris Matthews Melts Down While Playing the Race and Class Warfare Cards

   Bookmark and Share   Let me start off by first saying that Chris Matthews needs to kiss my ass.  Now I know that is a rather vulgar way to address readers of this post, but the bottom line is that it is the most appropriate way to respond to the type of deceitful, slanted, disingenuous, and thoroughly unintellectual rhetoric of Chris Matthews, a talentless and brainless buffoon who infamously had an on-air orgasm over a speech made by President Obama before telling listeners that it sent a tingle up his leg and then added, that the thrill he felt running up his leg was an “objectivbe assessment” of the President.

The latest demonstration (see video below) of Chris Matthews’ objective opinion came this morning on Morning Joe, a liberal liberal cesspool that airs weekday mornings on the low rated MSNBC. On this particular show, Matthews appeared on a panel discussing the Republican National Convention along with program hosts, Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Willie “Who” Giest, and guests Tom Brokaw and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.  As the discussion took place, Matthews leaned forward in his seat, pointed finger at Priebus, and stated that he had to call the RNC chairman out for suggesting that the Obama campaign has been running a negative campaign and that the Romney campaign hasn’t.

Matthews than proceeded to enter into a hate filled monologue that blamed the G.O.P., Mitt Romney, and his campaign for playing the race card by having Mitt Romney make a joke about President Obama’s birth certificate and by claiming that President Obama has changed the work requirements for welfare.

With his already ugly mug distorted by anger and the tone of his already irritating voice oozing contempt, Matthews continued his rant by not only being the one who actually did play the race card but by also throwing down the class warfare card.

According to Matthews Romney’s awkward joke about not having to see his own birth certificate because everyone knows where he was born, was a very public attempt by Romney to appeal to racists.  He further contended that a recent Romney commercial that claimed President Obama tried to get rid of the work requirement that makes individuals eligible for welfare was also an attempt to interject race in to the election.  Then adding insult to injury, the hapless Matthews broke into an unrealted chorus of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by playing the ever present class warfare strategy that Democrats are heavily relying on to pull them through in November by adding this little gem;

“And this thing about,….. yeah your name is Romney, yeah you were well born, you went to prep school. Yeah brag about it.  And this guy has an African name and he’s got to live with it.  Look whos gone farther in their life. Who was born on third base”.

The incident was a perfect example of the liberal logic, or lack thereof , which refuses to allow real issues to be discussed without interjecting sham arguments that are designed to avoid the issue or issues at hand.   In this case Matthews tired to deny the negative tactics of the Obama forces which have gone on record accusing Romney of being everything from a felon to a murderer by claiming that Mitt Romney is running a negative campaign because of his disagreeing with the Presidents attempts to rollback welfare requirements by eliminating a work requirement.  As for the attempt to make Romney’s recent birth certificate joke a racist remark, Preibus and others on the panel quickly explained it as an attempt to to make light of the whole Obama birth certificate issue, not to question the President’s place of birth which both Mitt Romney and Reince Preibus have repeatedly stated they firmly believe took place in the United States.

Nonetheless, Matthews could have probably scored points for liberals had he left his accusation against the Romney campaign there.  The silly joke that Romney about everyone knowing where he was born, may have been innocent but it was politically naive and worthy of criticism, especially when it comes to Romney’s momentary lapse of judgement in using that line.  It provided propagandists like Matthews with the material they needed to exploit their race baiting and fearmongering. But as usual Chris Matthews couldn’t control himself and so he interjected the workfare requirement into his argument.  In that line of argument Matthews and his liberal allies try to claim that the charge that Obama dropped the welfare work requirement is a lie.  They cite partisan Washington Post denials of the truth as proof that Republicans are lying about the Obama record on that issue.  However; the truth is that after Democrats and the President found themselves unable to actually eliminate “workfare” through the legislative process legislatively, they employed a bureaucratic trick that made it possible to gut the work requirements by granting waivers that allows states to avoid requiring welfare recipients to have to work for their assistance checks.

The issue is a legitimate one to raise.  It was legitimate enough for a majority of Americans to want work requirements added to welfare legislation and it was legitimate enough for House Republicans to convince President Bill Clinton to sign the work to welfare requirement into law back in the mid 90’s.  However, now that Democrtas face an uphill battle to maintain any of the power that they have left,  discussing the President’s rollback of those reforms is suddenly a blatant act of racism.

The most glaring hypocritical aspect of Matthews sililoquy was his own prejudices which he articulated when he argued that referring to foodstamps and welfare were obvious reffernces to race.  That argument is a sign of Matthews’s own racist incliniations.  He is the one suggesting that African-Americans are the only people recieving foodstamps and welfare checks.  When Romney or for that matter all other Republicans address those two govenrment programs, they do not refer to them in terms of race, but liberals like Chris Matthews do.  So who are the racists here?  The liberals who discuss welfare and foodstamps as progrmas for African-Americans, or Republicans who talk about making them effective programs designed to offer temporary assistance to all Americans who are in need?  But Matthews trudges on in typical hypocritiacal liberal fashion and accuses the right of playing the race card.

This recent incident with Chris Matthews is further evidence of just how sleazy, ignornat, obnoxious, and far out in the fringe that Chris Matthews is.  And after seeing how abolsutely juvenile, bitter, and irrational he was in his arguments this morning, I predict that Matthews will be among the first casulaties of the 2012 election cycle.  It is obvious to me that liberals like Matthews have begun to see the writting on the wall and copme to realize that their messiah, President Obama, has little chance at getting reelected.  They realize that Americans are worse off than they were when Obama took office and without a decent argument to make for reelecting the President, Matthews and his ilk will only get more bitter and more angry.  Each percentage point that Mitt Romney gains over President Obama as Election Day approaches will infuriate and frustrate them even more than they clearly are already.  And between the time that Mitt Romney wins on election night and the Friday immediately following election night, Chris Matthews will lose total control and make such an ass out of himself that even the clowns at MSNBC won’t be able to defend him or excuse his conduct.

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G.O.P. Unviels the Stage for Romney’s Nomination at the Republican National Convention

   Bookmark and Share   Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and convention Chief Executive Officer William Harris today unveiled the final stage for the Republican National Convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.  This stage is a first of its kind for political conventions that utilizes 13 LED Screens with high pixel counts that will collectively create a large-scale backdrop with video capabilities.

Chairman Priebus said,

“I am proud to present you a stage that is fitting of the historic event that will kick off right here just one week from today. Our convention will connect with people across America and around the world from right here on this stage – through speakers and these incredible screens behind me. On any given night almost 40 million people will be joining us through television but we are also making an unprecedented effort to connect with millions more through our ‘convention without walls’ – a pioneering digital program focused on engaging people, building a strong community and amplifying convention messages.

“I am excited. The convention team is excited. Our party is excited, and America is excited. We are excited because we are ready for a new direction in our country. This isn’t just an election we have coming up. Nominating Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan here in Tampa at the 2012 Republican National Convention is the first step we are taking toward a better future for generations of Americans.”

Republican National Convention CEO William Harris said, “The stage is really incredible. We are using technology and digital capabilities that have never been used at a convention before. The high-tech stage brings this event to a whole new level and it will help people at home watching TV or watching us through YouTube online to be a part of the energizing experience here in Tampa.”

“A Better Future” Stage/Podium Facts & Figures

  • Approximately 318 production staff and crew built the podium totaling more than 30,000 man hours, 20,000 man-hours from the local production crew alone.
  • Some on the crew worked 16-hour days, and the main staff will work around the clock during convention
  • The team comes from 22 states.
  • The base crew began planning 1.5 years ago.
  • Set pieces are not made from disposable material like normal rock concertsthis set has all the highest quality material, incorporating the most advanced safety precautions.
  • Some set elements are so heavy that they had to be rigged from the ceiling to barely touch the rest of the set to keep the weight from crushing the podium.


  • The Republican Convention is showcasing XL Video’s newest Pixled F-6 LED panels on world stage for the first time.
  • There are almost NINE MILLION total pixels in the screens and arena ribbons.
  • Screens are the backbone of the set. There are 15 LED screens total, 13 of which are on the stage. Screens are stacked in the space to create sense of depth.
  • They can form an unbroken panoramic image or be used individually to crate a collage effect.
  • The podium has a total of 2,402 square feet of LED screens, compared to standard 40’’ TV of 6.3 square feet.
  • The screens range in size from 8’6’’x 8’6’’ to 28’8’’x12’4’’. The largest screen is 381 square feet.
  • The stage/set uses three LED products:
  • Six center stage screens with 4 MM technology
  • Four screens with 6 MM technology
  • Canopy screens with 11 MM technology & Side screens with 11 MM technology
  • The set also includes live HD video feeds. The magnitude of this project required a 3-week installation
  • Screens are framed in 6’’ wood frames to keep screens from merging into one flat visual plane.
  • “Control Freak Systems” will be used to control the live HD video feed by combining TV truck feeds, cameras, video playback, graphics, social media streams onto screens. This includes 36 channels of HD Playback.


  • The podium was designed with sense of “America’s Living Room.”
  • The design is based on a warm but modern approachtraditional American Prairie style architecture merged with modern technology.
  • The challenge was making a large-scale set that was also warm and inviting.
  • There are three canopy screens above the stage to frame it and contribute to its sense of intimacy. Mullions (vertical elements that form a division between units of a window) give the screens a feeling of skylight windows.  Angled side screens reinforce the design and showcase happenings to box seat guests.
  • Open frames and horizontal beams create a sense of architecture and balanced composition.
  • There are four tones of wood on the podium proper to provide texture and balance:
  • Frames: cherry wood faces with mahogany bevels
  • Steps: warm mahogany and threads of lighter cherry
  • Banding around stage: walnut and mahogany
  • Center of deck: warm light cherry


  • A custom-built gigabit fiber optic system is used to distribute data from the control panel to the individual lights using 14.79 miles of cabling and approximately 25,662 pounds of lights the  approximate weight of a U.S. Navy jet-powered drone.
  • There are 950 total lights including 267 incandescent lights and 390 arc lights.
  • The lighting system uses a color-mixing technology that creates an impression of texture.
  • State of the art fixtures include varillite, 30k, 3500k, 3500 spots, 3500 washes, PRG Best Boys, and Clay Paky Alpha Spot 700’s which produce the most crisp, clear lights.
  • The crew focused all of this lighting in the Times Forum in just six hours.


The convention acoustically treated 100% of the Times Forum ceilingthese are permanent improvements that will remain in the Tampa Bay Times Forum and allow for high-volume concerts, helping to attract future entertainment, business, and energy to Tampa.

The sound system contains 1.36 MILLION watts of amplifier power – compared to 300 watts used in a standard home stereo.

Total light and sound cabling equals 20.39 miles.

Sound system is made of:

  1. 159 JBL Line Array Speakers
  2. 22 Stage Monitor Speakers
  3. 202 Media Speakers
  4. 6 Digital mixing consoles
  5. 12 wireless microphones
  6. 80 standard microphones
  7. 348 press audio outputs


Certified rope access teams were hired to climb high beams and rig points to the highest parts of the Times Forum.

  • They rigged a total of 2,500 feet of trussalmost half mile.
  • 250,000 lbs. of lighting, audio and video gear are now suspended from the building’s roof.
  • There are 275 chain motors (rigging points).
  • The Times Forum’s 1,000 lb. Lightening Tesla coil suspended from the ceiling had to be moved to load
  • any materials onto the catwalk.

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Back loading and Frontloading Changes Presidential Primary and Caucus Schedule Big Time

Bookmark and Share   The Republican presidential primary and caucus calendar remains up in the air, but White House 2012 has updated the tentative schedule.  It can be found here.

WH12 has established the tentative dates of each primary and caucus through a combination of historical analysis of how the schedule usually works itself out and where each state has so far positioned themselves in the process.

Attempts by Florida to increase the impact of their primary results by holding their primary earlier than allowed by RNC rules, has forced the earliest dates in the new schedule to be in a state of flux. Republican National Committee rules allow Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina to hold their nominating contests in February, while all other with states are allowed to vote after March 6.

But Florida’s decision to have its primary on January 31st of 2012, has forced Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina to leapfrog the Sunshine State in an attempt to maintain the excitement and influence that comes with their early vote. This situation is exacerbated by New Hampshire state law which requires the Granite State to be the first in the nation presidential primary and Iowa’s state code that mandates that their presidential caucus be held “not later than the fourth Monday in February and at least days prior to any other presidential nominating contest. Because of those legal requirements the jockeying for position by Florida which has forced South Carolina to move its date up will ultimately force New Hampshire to move its primary to Tuesday, January 16th.  That in turn will force Iowa to conduct its presidential caucuses on Monday, January 2nd. Monday the 9th, would seemingly be a better date, but due to the date that New Hampshire will be forced to hold its primary on, Monday the 9th of January would be a day short of the Iowa state mandate requiring it be held 8 days prior to all other presidential nominating contests.

Further evidence of these likely date changes comes from New Hampshire’s Secretary of State William Gardner.  He recently told  the Boston Globe that the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary could be held in January or as early as it must to maintain its prized first-in-the-nation primary. Gardener added that insofar as the likelihood of New Hampshire holding its contest before the originally scheduled February 14th date, “it’s not a close call”

Between those factors and legislative action that has already changed the dates of the presidential nominating contests in other states, White House 2012 has established that So the opening primary and caucus calendar will most likely be as follows:

Monday, January 2nd; –

  • Iowa Caucus – 28 Delegates

Tuesday, January 17th;

  • New Hampshire Primary– 23 Delegates

Saturday, January 28th:

  • South Carolina Primary– 50 Delegates 

Tuesday, January 31st;

  • Florida– Primary -99

Such a frontloaded calendar is not exactly desired, mainly because it forces the height of campaigning in to Iowa to be conducted during the Christmas and New Years holidays, a time when most Americans are far more interested in seeing Santa and the New Year Baby than they are in Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, or Newt Gingrich.  But in 2008, a similar scenario saw Florida push their primary up and that led to a chain reaction which ultimately forced Iowa to hold their caucuses on Monday, January 3rd. So it is my belief that this situation will play itself out in 2012 much the same way that it did in 2008.

In the meantime, while Florida, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida are in a competition of frontloading the Republican presidential nomination process, there has been little or no mention of the fact that many other states are doing just the opposite.

In 2008, New Jersey which has traditionally been one of the very last states to hold its presidential primary, and thereby one of the most inconsequential to the process, moved its primary to March, with states like New York. But the legislative geniuses in the Garden State decided that the $11.2 million that it costs them to hold a primary separate from their traditional primary date for all other elected offices, was not worth the cost.  So in 2012, New Jersey will join Montana, New Mexico , and South Carolina in holding their primaries on June 5th, a date that  precedes only Utah which will hold its contest on June 26th.  By then the question is…..why bother?

As for New York, it too has moved its Primary back, along with Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island. Together, on Tuesday, April 24th, these states will join with Pennsylvania and hold what is essentially a northern, Mid-Atlantic regional primary that will offer up a total of 231 delegates. These states are traditionally more liberal than much of the rest of the G.O.P. and as such, the strength of their combined vote coming on the same day, could be a big boost to less conservative Republican presidential contenders like Jon Huntsman or if he runs, favorite regional son Rudy Giuliani.

All together, White House 2012’s updated primary and caucus schedule has established date changes for more than a dozen states. And while not every date is set in stone, we are confident that this is one of the most probable presidential primary and caucus calendars out there.

Of course this could all change if Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus adheres to RNC rules and punishes any of those states which are not allowed to hold their nomination contests prior to March.  The penalty for such a transgression of RNC rules requires reducing the number of delegates that the violating states send to the national nominating convention by half. Such a reduction in size would be a significant blow to the influence that large states like Florida which has 99 delegates, would have on the nomination process. This is especially true when it comes to California which has scheduled their primary for February 7th. They would go from 172 delegates to 86 delegates. That’s a loss of more delegates than the combined total of delagates that Iowa, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Rhode Island send to the convention.

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The Republican National Committee Unleashes the Masses on the President

Bookmark and Share On Monday, Reince Priebus, the new Chairman of the Republicans National Committee , unveiled a new tool in the battle to keep President Obama from winning a second term as President. No he didnt hire some Academy award winning director and producer who can splice together an epic that drives home the mounting debt, endless spending, and suffocating growth of government that the President ushered in under the guise of hope and change. He didnt tap the model American political strategists or most accurate pollsters in the business. No, what Chairman Preibus did was unleash the America people on the President and his liberal minions who helped carry his spend more, control more, one nation under government control, policy agenda this far.

Instead of going the traditional route, by using the Republican establishment to craft our anti-establishment message, Preibus went straight to the American people and asked them to create the messages that articulate why we cant afford to have President Obama win a second term.

In a 30 second video, the RNC is asking you to present them with a video that explains why you cant afford another term of the Obama presidency.

The best ones will be used to drive that message home by incorporating them into other RNC campaign ads. The best video wil receive a $100.00 gift certificate to the

To enter, vsit the RNC link here.

There you will you will find out how to enter and any other information that will need to know before entering.

Since one of the main goals of White House 2012 is defeating President Obama in 2012 with a well rounded, conservative Republican, we could not pass this opportunity to let our two cents be heard on the issue. So we took advantage of the contest and after making the following video, we submitted it into the new contest.

Its the first one, but we intend to make one or two more.In the meantime, tell us what you think of this first ad entitled “You Cost Too Much.”

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Does Haley Barbour’s Presidential Ambition Get a Boost from the Election of a New Republican Party Chairman?

New GOP Chairman Reince Priebus

Bookmark and Share The Republican National Committee has elected a new chairman. Reince Priebus (pronounced rains pre-bus), the Chairman of the Wisconsin State GOP will now take the reins and as he stated in his acceptance speech, restructure financial operations, hire top notch staff and make the GOP a truly conservative Party that elects conservative candidates.

But behind the story is a sub plot that has had many talking the influence of 2012 presidential politics in the process of electing a new Party chairman.

Priebus was elected with the aggressive support and involvement of Henry Barbour, the nephew of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, a man who himself is a highly successful former Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

For his part Henry Barbour has stated that his uncle has played no role in his involvement in the process. He tells reporters that he is happy doing his own thing and is also not trying to be like his uncle. Henry states, Theres only one Haley, and Im not trying to be Haley.

Governor Barbour has also denied playing a role in Henrys activity. But even if this was a Barbour family conspiracy, it would do little to help Haley Barbour get the inside track on route to the Republican presidential nomination, if he seeks it.

The National Committee is not allowed to favor one candidate over the other during the primary and caucus process that leads up to the nominating convention. And as Chairman of the RNC, Reince Priebus would not be allowed to use the Party apparatus or his position to favor Haley Barbour or any of the other candidates.

Of course good relations with the man charge of the Republican National Committee behoove all involved, so the fact that Haley Barbours nephew played a part in electing Reince Priebus will not hurt Haley Barbour, it will also provide little to no advantage as the presidential nomination process plays out.

And truth be told, Haley Barbour probably has better connections and fundraising capabilities than even the new Chairman has. Haley Barbours tenure as RNC in the 90s, when Republicans took control of Congress for the first time in forty years, earned him a multitude of gratitude from countless political players, players who feel a certain sense of indebtedness to. On top of that, Haleys position of Chairman of the Republican Governors Association has increased the amount of thanks and favors owed to him. During the past election cycle, through Governor Barbours effort, the RGA raised record amounts of money and played an important part in the election of many new Republican governors.

So despite Henry Barbours support for Reince Priebus, the only way Haley Barbour can really benefit would be by the new chairmans ability to strengthen the Party apparatus by reinvigorating and coordinating the grassroots, sharpening the Republican Partys message and doing as he saidrestructuring the financial operations of the Party. If Priebus can do that, we will all benefit.

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