Thad McCotter Just Moved the Republican Presidential Field Further to the Right

Bookmark and Share   While many whine that there is no perfect candidate to run against President Obama, a few wonder whether or not they themselves are that perfect candidate. In the case of Thad McCotter it is hard to argue that he is that “perfect” candidate. Up till the reading of this post, many may not have even heard of the name Thad McCotter. And even those who know who he is have to wonder why his name would come up when discussing who the next President of the United States may be. But apparently Thad McCotter believes that the race for President is less about him than it is about his vision. That is why, the five term conservative Michigan Congressman has decided to announce his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination during an Independence Day festival that will be held in the “Great Lakes State” that he calls home.

While McCotter used Saturday to file the paperwork that makes his candidacy official, on Monday, July 4th, he will intertwine the symbolism of America’s defeat of tyranny, with his quest for restoring our nation’s independence from the federal bureaucracy which has come to be almost as tyrannical as King George was over the original 13 colonies. With that in mind McCotter has already launched his presidential website and in it he runs with what his campaign calls “five core principles”

  1. Our liberty is from God not the government
  2. Our sovereignty is in our souls not our soil
  3. Our security is from strength not surrender
  4. Our prosperity is from the private sector not the public sector
  5. Our truths are self-evident not relative

In a day and age when politics has become increasingly based upon sound bites, McCotter’s five succinctly stated principles should make conservatives, TEA movement activists, and patriots of all persuasions take notice. More so than Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, or any of the other candidates, McCotter’s initial introduction into the 2012 presidential election is a demonstration of a candidate who not only truly believes that American’s are suffering from a loss of independence, but who also knows how to articulate that concern in a way that is effective among today’s attention deficit disorder dominated society. McCotter’s five principles represent everything that should inspire true conservatives and should be the driving force behind our conservative ideology and conservative based policy positions. And his campaign’s tag line, McCotter 2012 …….for an America that works”, is an incredibly innovative double entrende that has an impact on multiple fronts.

I do not yet know who the creative strategists behind the still embryonic McCotter presidential campaign are. As a truebeliever in conservatism, McCotter may himself be the author who articulated his campaign‘s cause so well.. If that is so, than not only is McCotter sincere in his beliefs, he also has an incredible talent and natural ability to package those beliefs in a way that is appealing enough to properly advance them. That is quite important for it goes to the heart of any candidates’ campaign……….electability. But even if McCotter does not write his own copy, it must be said that he has a knack for picking the right people with the right talent to get his point across. For that too, he would deserve credit. That is especially the case when compared to the way that the campaign’s of experienced politicians such as Newt Gingrich have presented their case so far. But will the McCotter campaign’s seeming ability to present their cause so well, enough to get him elected?

It is probably not enough to even propel Thad McCotter to frontrunner status in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. However; it should be reason enough for conservative Republicans ——– the base of the Party ———- to give Congressman McCotter a fair hearing in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. That will be a tough sell in today’s shallow, “American Idol” based society which helped turn Senator Barack Obama into a pop idol rock star and transform him into becoming President Barack Obama. But then again, Americans have to ask themselves how that’s worked for them so far? And true conservatives will have to ask themselves if they want to elect a nominee who represents the 2008 style moderate Republican Party which lost the White House and the U.S. Senate in addition to the House of Representatives, or do they want to elect Republican who represent the 2010 style Republicans who took back the House with the largest majority since the 1940’s? If they want a rock star, even though McCotter is a rock aficionado who plays the guitar and often uses quotes from rock songs in his speeches, they may not want to nominate McCotter for President. But if true conservatives believe in their principles, they will have to give McCotter a fair hearing.

In many ways, for Republicans who are attracted to some libertarian positions, and in my opinion, rightfully so, McCotter is a perfect mix of Ronald Reagan pragmatism and Ron Paul principles, but without Paul’s  naive isolationist sentiments.  This perfect mix could make McCotter an important bridge of compromise that links conservatives and libertarians together.  Such a linking of the two will be necessary to the creation of coalition that can defeat President Obama in 2012.  Dissatisfied libertarians who consistently find themselves disappointed by Ron Paul’s inability to cinch the Republican nomination, usually become Independent voters who vote for third Party candidates.  In a close election, those third Party votes could cost the G.O.P. the White House and valuable senate seats.  McCotter has the ability to unite the two sides behind him.  But this leaves McCotterwith the need to confront his greatest problem ……………….appealing to the broader electorate beyond conservatives and libertarians.

Click here to view McCotter's White House 2012 page

Ultimately, Rep. McCotter’s relative lack of national name ID and his rather low-key mannerism will probably prevent him from catching on in a way that will propel him to the presidency in 2012. But American politics has never allowed anything to be set in stone. Early on in 1976, few thought that the rather uninspiring, vanilla personality of Jimmy Carter had a chance at winning the Democrat’s presidential nomination. So don’t be quick to discount McCotter. Thankfully , Thad McCotter is no Jimmy Carter, but while I will admit that he currently is a long shot, I must also confess that he is probably the one long shot who is most deserving of our attention.  If people are willing to listen to him, he could influence the Republican presidential nomination and he will certainly force the field to move to the right, where they should be.  But in order for that to happen, McCotter must meet the early challenge of registering enough national recognition in polls, to make it into the presidential debates.  How much support varies.  In many cases candidates must meet a two percent threshold, in other forums they must register 5 percent or more in the polls.  Between the need to meet that standard and the need to raise the type of substantial money that it takes to get that type of name recognition,  McCotter has his hands full and to say that his road ahead is an uphill battle is an understatement.   But for those who are committed to a cause, being an underdog is not enough to make them abandon their cause.

To learn more about Thaddeus McCotter, visit his White House 2012 Page .  As seen on the right, McCotter’s WH12 page offers you a one stop, online location for biographical information on McCotter, an analysis of his campaign,  as well as links to his websites, Youtube Channel, Facebook page, voting record, campaign finances and filings, speeches, positions papers and a live feed to all the latest news on Thad McCotter.  Just visit McCotter’s page here  and scroll down to each of the links that you see circled in the image to the right.


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