Is Ron Paul AntiSemitic?

Calling Ron Paul “misguided and extreme”, the Republican Jewish Coalition has elected to not invite Ron Paul to their candidate forum on December 7.  The other candidates who have attended recent debates will all be present.  Ron Paul’s views have been characterized as isolationist, despite his insistence otherwise, and he has made some statements in the past that are very offensive to Jewish groups, such as calling Gaza a concentration camp.

The Republican Jewish Coalition said that inviting Ron Paul would be no different than inviting Barack Obama when it came to policy on Israel and Israel’s enemies.

Occasionally, I invite comments on the blog and this is one of those instances.  I know plenty of Ron Paul supporters.  I consider most to be conservative constitutionalists and pretty normal.  But I also have acquaintances who are Ron Paul fans and anti-Semitic.  Aaron Goldstein at the American Spectator suggests that anti-Semitism runs rampant among Paul supporters.  Are you a Ron Paul fan?  Do you think Ron Paul is anti-Semitic?  Or is the Republican Jewish Coalition simply misunderstanding Ron Paul’s stance on Israel?


Romney on Obamcare; Why Didn’t the President Ask Me?

Bookmark and Share This past weekend, Mitt Romney addressed the Republican JewishCoalition in Las Vegas. His speech, which can be linked to and seen below this post, offered up a potential president who is well versed, competent, personable and passionate. Directly out of central casting, the nearly perfect Mitt Romney, blasted President Obama and his Administration for a litany of bass ackwards foreign, domestic, and economic policies.

From the Presidents decision to demand that Honduras reinstall the Marxist President who was kicked out of office for violating the constitution, to his silence when dissident voices in Iran rose up to demand to freedom, and his throwing away of our missile defense systems in Europe to appease the Russians, Mitt Romney called the President out for keeping our allies at arms length and giving the enemies of freedom a free ride He describedObama’s foreign policy as wandering. On the economy, Governor Romney blamed the President for deepening and lengthening the recession” we are in by seeking a domestic policy that created a level of uncertainty that forced investors and entrepreneurs to hold back and wait to see where the dust settled. Unfortunately though the Administrations pursuit of things like Cap-and-Trade, Obamacare, Card Check and a host of other misguided, left leaning, programs did little to build confidence and has stymied economic growth.

One of the most compelling things to reveal themselvesin Romneys address, came during the question and answer period, when he was asked to contrast Obamacare with the healthcare system thathe adopted in Massachusetts when he was Governor. Upon being asked the question, Romney, very tongue-in-cheek, said thank you, thats the first time Ive been asked that question. But after breaking the ice, Romney explained that whether we like it or not, we have socialized medicine. He said that when someone is in a car accident or similarly traumatic event and they are injured, we do not refuse to take them to the hospital and care for them if they dont have insurance. He explained if they don’t have healthcare, we all end up paying for their care. He then went on to say, that in Massachusetts, they found that many people, even those with affordable healthcare plans available to them, refused such plans because they knew that “free” healthcare was available to them.

Romney offered several other contrasts, and admitted that there is much he would change in regards to the Massachusetts healthcare plan, but he insisted that he would never impose a one-size-fits all healthcare policy on all the states and deny them their rights. But the most interesting tidbit turned out to be the strategy that he is using to respond to President Obama on this issue. of healthcare reform.

At late, President Obama has made it pretty clear that he would rather not have to try to run for reelection against Mitt Romney, He would much rather have a Sarah Palin or Haley Barbour as his opponent. And Romney is everything that Obama is not. He has over 25 years of experience in the private sector, governed a state, run an entire Olympics and is as about as squeaky clean a candidate that anyone could find. In addition to that, he is telegenic and an almost perfect candidate. Few other potential opponents can start a camping against the President from a position stronger than Romney.

The Presidents campaign team knows this. That is why he has begun to take aim at Romneys Achilles heal.Romneycare. The Obama Administration’s hope is that they can give Mitt Romney credit forNational helathcareby inventing Romneycare, which the President can claim was a precursor to Obamcare. The President also knows that such credit will help keep Romney from becoming the Republican presidential nominee and result in the nomination of a Republican that the President will have a better chance at beating.

This posturing before the campaign has now forced Mitt Romney to say that he looks forward to a healthcare debate with the President. In fact, he claimed it would be fun. Romney explained;

Of course he [President Obama] does me the great favor of saying that I was the inspiration for his great plan, Ill say, why didnt you call me? Why didnt you ask what was wrong? Why didnt you ask if this was experiment, what worked and didnt work? And I would have told him what I know.

The response has some merit, but probably not enough to totally satisfy the conservative and TEA movement base which will still hold his government-centric, bureaucracy based, state healthcare program against him and be forever doubtful of Romneys commitment to free enterprise. But in the meantime, even though the primaries have not begun and the national conventions have not yet put forth their presidential candidates both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are already playing a game of general election strategy. Both men are looking at, and expecting to be running against each other in the general election. And while there are a few if any similarities between the two men, the one thing that they do share in common is the one thing that could blow up in both their faces..Romneycare and Obamacare.

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