Bush Endorses Mitch Daniels for President?

Bookmark and Share In Abel Harding’s Politijax colum for the Florida Time Union’s Jacksonville.com, Jeb Bush is quoted as being quite supportive of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels‘s possiblt run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Abel writes;

“Jeb Bush likes Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ 2012 presidential prospects. The former Florida governor told a private gathering of Jacksonville business leaders that Daniels is the only potential candidate he’s heard who demonstrates a willingess to face up to harsh realities.

“Mitch is the only one who sees the stark perils and will offer real detailed proposals,” he said, speaking at a reception held before he took the stage in front of a crowd of real estate professionals.

Bush acknowledged that Daniels is absent the smooth, television-friendly delivery present in other hopefuls, but said voters were looking for a direct approach.

“He would be the anti-Obama, at least socially,” Bush said. “He’s not good on a teleprompter, but if my theory is right that could work well for him.”

For my part, in the past I too have callled Mitch Daniels the “anti-Obama” but while I have admitted that he may lack the rock star-like persona that Barack Obama has been accused of having, I must say that I believe Mitch Daniels speeches have a homey, down to earth, heartland appeal that President Obama lacks. And if my theory is right that “will” work well for him.

But it is also worth noting that Jeb Bush is not the only possible or once popular presidential contenders to offering near endorsements of a Mitch Daniels presidency. Back in October of 2010 I blogged about the praise that was heaped on to him by possible opponents Mike Huckabee, and Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich apparently admires Daniels so much that he once publicly encouraged to run. And not long ago, so did Haley Babrour.

Of DanielsHuckabee said I tend to think governors make good presidents because theyve actually managed a microcosm of the federal government. He added Mitch Daniels has done, I think an exemplary job as a leader, manager and governor of the state,.

Right now there seems to be one thing that all the possible presidentia contenders agree and that is that Mitch Daniels is a good man for the job of President. Will they still agree if hebeats them in Iowa and New Hampshire?

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Mitch Daniels Shows the GOP How to Fight Obamacare

Bookmark and Share As Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels waits for the end of his states legislative session and takes the time to make a decision about a possible run for President in 2012, he recently stepped forward to take a strong lead in opposition to Obamacare. Earlier this week, he sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. In it he laid out six aspects that the law and Federal government must correct or revise if the states are ever going to take control as intended in the health care law. Daniels adds that if these six areas are not taken care of, the Federal government must take the responsibility of carrying out its mandates, itself. Daniels note that up to now, 21 Governors representing more than 115 million Americans have signed on to the same letter .

Governor Daniels also wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal that took no hostages in a scathing analysis of Obamacare, as right off the bat he wrote;

Unless you’re in favor of a fully nationalized health-care system, the president’s health-care reform law is a massive mistake. It will amplify all the big drivers of overconsumption and excessive pricing: “Why not, it’s free?” reimbursement; “The more I do, the more I get” provider payment; and all the defensive medicine the trial bar’s ingenuity can generate.

“All claims made for it were false. It will add trillions to the federal deficit. It will lead to a de facto government takeover of health care faster than most people realize, and as millions of Americans are added to the Medicaid rolls and millions more employees (including, watch for this, workers of bankrupt state governments) are dumped into the new exchanges.

He added;

For state governments, the bill presents huge new costs, as we are required to enroll 15 million to 20 million more people in our Medicaid systems () This is a huge burden for our state, and yet another incremental expenditure the law’s authors declined to account for truthfully.

For those who are willing to read between the lines of Mitch Daniels WSJ piece, it is easy to see that Mitch Daniels is enabling himself to establish a campaign for President that can strongly and convincingly argue against Obamacare and put the issues of states rights in to the forefront. That is an issue that will be an issue the 2012 campaign that will factor strongly in appealing to TEA movement voters.

But as for now, Governor Daniels has demonstrated that on the issue of Obamacare, he will certainly have the ability to put President Obama on the defensive, probably better than many other candidates.

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Mitch Daniels Wins Republican Presidential Straw Poll

Bookmark and ShareEarly polls regarding who people think the Republican nominee for President in 2012 should be, are merely snapshots of only the moment at which they are taken and not necessarily reliably indicative of what their opinions will be in the future. And depending on how the question is asked and who makes up the audience that is polled, these “snapshots” are not even always accurate of current sentiments.

That said, one of the newest presidential straw polls of interest comes out of Washington state, where unlike the heavily polled states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Indiana’s Governor, Mitch Daniels is receiving a whopping 17% lead over his nearest opponent, Mitt Romney.

The straw poll was taken by the Washington State Republican Committee during their annual meeting, making it one that gauges the state’s Party organization and its local leaders and activists. Such support is often critical to a candidates success on Election Day.

  1. 31% Governor Mitch Daniels, Indiana
  2. 14% Former Governor Mitt Romney, Massachusetts
  3. 13% Former Governor Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota
  4. 9% Governor Chris Christie, New Jersey
  5. 8% Senator John Thune, South Dakota
  6. 5% Governor Bobby Jindal, Louisiana
  7. 3% Representative Paul Ryan, Wisconsin
  8. 3% Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Georgia
  9. 3% Senator Jim DeMint, South Carolina
  10. 3% Former Governor Sarah Palin
  11. 2% Governor Haley Barbour, Mississippi
  12. 2% Former Governor Mike Huckabee, Arkansas
  13. 1% Representative Mike Pence, Indiana
  14. 1% Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Utah
  15. 1% Representative Michele Bachmann, Minnesota
  16. 1% Representative Ron Paul, Texas

These straw poll results are quite different than those of other states.

Whereas in other recent polls, names like Palin, Gingrich and Mike Huckabee, show up in the front of field, in Washington, some of the more usual big name conservatives are languishingbehind the rest of thepack. In fact aside from the surprise story herebeing that Mitch Daniels is the big winner, and has been handed an unexpected boost to his presidential ambitions, the other big story to come out of these poll results is the fact that Mike Huckabee is a big loser. Here, Huckabee ties with Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour in 11th place and 2% of the vote.  In other polls, he is either the winner or somewhere close to it. His dismal showing in Washington, can be an indication of Huckabee’s lack of attractiveness as a candidate to voters ourtside of the South and Iowa.

Another important note in these results is Mitt Romney’s second place showing.

A second place finish in Washington wouldnot normally be problematic. But given Romney’s relatively high profile since his 2008 presidential campaign, coming in second tosomeone like Mich Daniels is a clear signal that Mitt Romney is in a weak position. And to emphasize that point, is the thedistancethat existed between first and second place. Mitch Daniels beat Romney by more percentage points than Romney even recieved. making matters worse for Romney is the indication that unless the conservative vote is split among numerous, Romney will have a tough time consoliditaing a clear majority of his own.

Washington state is not known as a haven for conservative politics. It leans to the left. But while the results reflects a lack of popularity for the most aggressive conservatives, it doesn’t necessarily reject conservatives. Neither Mitch Daniels or Mitt Romney can be considered liberal and aside from the third place showing of relatively moderate Tim Pawlenty, right behindthem are New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and South Dakota Senator John Thune, also fairly conservative people. All of this leads me to walk away from these results with the following extrapolation.

Right now, Washington state Republican activists are most concerned with the issues of spending, the deficit and budgets. As such, Mitch Daniels’ reputation and record in these areas have legs. Furthermore; while Mitch Daniels personally embraces the conservative line on social issues, he does not highlight these issues in ways that others like Huckabee and Palin do. To me it would seem that Daniels’ having gone on record as suggesting that Republicans call a truce on social issues and focus more on the greatest immediate threats we face, is one that Washington state Republicans agree with and appreciate.

Washington sends 43 delegates to the Republican National Convention and holds its nominating contest in February of 2012.

As for making a decision to win those delegates in run for President in 2012, Mitch Daniels has made clear that he will make his decision when the Indiana legislative session is over in April. But lately he has stated that he knows he must make a decision soon because the plans of many people hinge upon it. Other recent statements by Daniels regarding the problems that we as a nation face, have helped to make it sound like he is leaning more towards a run for the GOP nomination, than not.

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Mitch Daniels For President Ads to Air In Iowa and New Hampshire

Bookmark and Share Now that one Indiana Republican, Mike Pence, has made it official that he will not be running for President, what about the man whom Pence might seek to replace in the Indiana Governors Mansion, Mitch Daniels?
Daniels has said that he will not make a decision until after the Indiana legislative session in April. But that is not good enough for some people who want to see the budgetary expertise and sense of fiscal responsibility that Mitch Daniels has, in the White House.

Hence the ad below.

Produced and paid for by Student Initiative to Draft Daniels, the group will be airing their new ad in New Hampshire and Iowa. In Iowa it will first appear during the Super Bowl.

On a personal note, while I have not made a decision on who I am supporting, I do have four frontrunners of my own. One I supported in 2008. This time around, I want to be sure we elect the best person. So I am going to let the candidates prove to me which one is the best. But Mitch Daniels is one of the four I am favoring and I truly hope he enters the ring, because he has the potential to be the best we have to run with in 2012.
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Governor Daniels Accepts Invite to Address the Annual Gridiron Club Dinner

Mitch DanielsBookmark and Share In addition to taking his message out of state and to the Hamilton County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Reagan Day dinner in Ohio, today we find out that Mitch Daniels has accepted an invitation to address the Gridiron Club at their annual dinner in March. The Gridiron Club is the oldest organization for journalists in the United States. Its prestige is found in its in collective membership of of national news leaders,political reporters, bureau chiefs, and columnists.

Being asked to address a meeting of those who shape the daily headlines and delivery of news to the people, is a sign that the media is keenly aware of the potential that exists in the possible presidential candidacy of Mitch Daniels.

After announcing Daniels as speaker at their dinner, Susan Page, the current President of the Gridiron Club, posted a Twitter which read simply;

“Recent Republicans who have addressed Gridiron Dinner before winning the GOP presidential nomination include McCain, Dole, George H.W. Bush.”

…….Hint, hint.

Indiana’s Governor has been quite reluctant to talk presidential politics in recent months but form the speaking schedule that he is quickly putting together, it looks like he is priming himself up to do so. I am still waiting for that major speaking engagement that accepts in the South. That to me will be a strong indication of what his decision about a run for President will be in April.

Oh yeah, as to another speaker who will be attending to representing Democrats, that will be none other than Mitch Daniels possible opponent for President………the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

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Mitch Daniels Heads to Ohio to Address Hamilton County Republicans

Bookmark and Share A rising star not only in Ohio but national politics is Ohios newly elected Republican Governor John Kasich. Yet despite his rising star, Indianas outgoing Governor Mitch Daniels will be the keynote speaker in Kasichs backyard, at the Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner of the Hamilton County Republican Committee.

The move is a significant signal in favor of a potential presidential run for Daniels. He is not usually prone to making many out of state appearances so the timing of this speech in a critical, delegate rich battleground state like Ohio, looks a little suspicious. Adding to the suspicion is also the type of event he chose to speak at. Republican County dinners are a dime a dozen andi names as big Daniels. Nt is usually quite difficult to get a name as big Daniels’ to accept an invitation to. Not unless it is a county in New Hampshire or Iowa during presidentialelection season.

But Ohios Hamilton County is in the middle of Cincinnati, a vote rich and donor rich region of one of the most important primary prizes in the nation and Daniels who stated that he wont make a decision on a presidential until the end of the Indiana legislative session in April, is obviously keeping his options and not ceding Ohio to other potential rivals.

Daniels will be a very strong candidate in the Midwest and if he is seriously considering a run for President, it behooves him to do all that he can to keep voters minds open to his candidacy, and not commit themselves to others like Romney who has an impressive and lucrative fundraising base in the Cincinnati area. So keeping the door open to his candidacy in the region where Daniels should be the strongest, is wise strategy. But if you really want a strong sign of what direction Daniels is leaning in when it comes to a bid for the White House, look for any moves he makes in the South.

If Daniels accepts a speaking engagement like this in the South, where he will have some of histoughest competition, then you will know for sure that a run for President is in the stars for Daniels.

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Poll Has Romney Keeping Nevada in His Column

Bookmark and ShareWith recent changes made to the Nevada Caucus process, the Silver State will play an increasingly important role in the road to the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Which is why although just a little more than a year out, a poll showing the strength of Mitt Romney among potential Republican rivals, is a good sign for the former Massachusetts Governor.

A Public Policy Polling survey gives Romney 31% to Sarah Palin’s 19 percent, and Newt Gingrich comes in at a close 18 percent and Mike Huckabee trails in fourth place with 14 percent.

The poll also shows Romney neck and neck in a hypothetical contest between him and President Obama. In that result, President Obama takes 47% to Romney’s 46%.

The results of the poll are likely influenced by the Romney’s strong Mormon base in Nevada and the fact that he was virtually the only Republican to campaign in the state for the Party nomination in 2008. Romney won the 2008 Nevada Caucus and apparently is the frontrunner as we head in to the 2012 race.

But the difference between now and then is that in 2008, Nevada was a non-binding caucus that allowed delegates to change their mind at the national convention. In 2008, Nevada is a binding contest. Additionally, it is not a winner take all contest, which means that campaigning in the state will be worth the while of all the candidates in the field. Being a proportional contest will allow for several candidates to walk away with at least some delegates for their efforts.

This will make the 2012 Nevada Caucus very different for Romney than it was in 2008. This time around he may actually have some aggressive opposition.

Recently, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sent out an advance man to get a feel for the political terrain in Nevada and would seem to figuring the state in to his campaign strategy. Not only is the state now holding a binding caucus vote and awarding delegates proportionately, as one of the first contests in the nation and the first in the West, a win in Nevada could a candidate establish momentum or at least the impression of momentum.

Still, Romney is ahead and not just in the polls. He is ahead in Nevada when it comes to his organizational capacity and the level of commitment that some voters already have to him as a result of his last run for the nomination. And if that lead becomes seemingly insurmountable, Romney’s rivals may just leave the state to him and focus on the primaries immediately following Nevada, specifically South Carolina, a state where Mitt will have an uphill battle and is a critical prelude to the ever important Southern primaries of Super Tuesday.

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Mitch Daniels’ Potential Presidential Campaign Heads To CPAC

Mitch Daniels is being urgedBookmark and Share In February of each year, Washington D.C. plays host to a convention that caters to the conservative base of the Republican Party, the part of the Party thatcan make the difference in who wins the G.O.P.’s presidential nomination. It is the Conservative Political Action Conference and it is a must stop for any Republican presidential aspirant.

Now we get news that term limited Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is joining the roster of speakers at the event.

Last year, Daniels skipped the event because he felt that it would have proved to be a distraction that prevented him from focusing in on his responsibilities as Governor. Although Daniels claims that he will not make a decision about a run for President until the Indiana state legislative session wraps up in April, apparently he believes that this year, his CPAC will not be enough of a distraction to keep him away.

If Daniels really has not made up his mind about a run for President, his appearance at CPAC in 2011 certainly helps keep his options open and will continue to fuel speculation about a potential Daniels candidacy. Currently there is not much any behind the scenes movement in the Daniels camp regarding development of a campaign organization but he certainly has the ability to get one going at a moments notice.

One of the high points at the CPAC conference is its straw poll. Winning it is normally a sign of organizational ability and the level of enthusiasm that exists from within the republican base. Voting is voluntary and is often skewed by how aggressively supporters of individual candidates pass out ballots and return them to the ballot box. In 2010 the winner of the straw poll was Ron Paul. Out of 10,000 people in attendance only 2,400 ballots were handed in and of them, Paul received 31%. Trailing him was Mitt Romney with 22%, Sarah Palin with 7%, Tim Pawlenty at 6% and Mike Pence received 5%.

In the three years prior to that, Mitt Romney walked away with the win.

So far, in addition to Mitch Daniels, CPAC confirms Romney, Paul, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, as being in the lineup of speakers.

In the end, if Mitch Daniels is not seriously contemplating a run for President, he sure isn’t doing much to dispel rumors that he is.

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Daniels Issues A Dire Warning Over “Trickle-Down Government”

 Bookmark and Share  In an interview with the BBC, Governor Mitch Daniels warns that the United States is on the verge of collapse because of out of control spending that is about to bankrupt the nation. He called the crisis a “genuine survival-level issue” similar in urgency to that of nuclear threat.

Daniels goes on to describe the Obama stimulus package, which was suppose to turn the American economy around, as a form of “trickle-down government”. He explains that it was a poorly constructed formula that poured funds into a “growing government edifice”.

According to the Governor;

“We’ve had this reverse outcome, in which the private sector has continued to shrink, and the government sector has gotten bigger, and that’s not a very good formula for long-run success.”  Daniels added;

I start from a premise that maybe others don’t. I believe America — for the first time other than the nuclear threat of a few decades ago — faces a genuine survival level issue. My reading of history and of economic history tells me that there are points of no return, past which nations really will not recover to anything like their previous strength. If you don’t think things are that serious — if the arithmetic doesn’t speak to you in the same way — then you wouldn’t agree with many of the other .” 

In presenting the interview, the BBC didn’t fail to describe Daniels as contender for President and in covering the Governor statements many foreign publications introduced him as “a strong contender to oppose Barack Obama in the 2012 elections.”

Daniels’ strong statements on the American economic crisis demonstrates his intention to focus on economic issues, a strategy that would have legs in a run for the Republican presidential nomination. And in Mitch’s case, his record of downsizing government and successful management of his state’s budget at a time when all others around him are struggling with overwhelming deficits, will make him a authoritative figure on the economy, an issue that is likely to dominate the political landscape in 2011 and 2012.

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Mitch Daniels; Getting More Done By ‘Not Doing Anything”

Republican candidate Mitch Daniels

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels


Bookmark and Share   Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels recently told an Editorial Board of the Courier-Journal, a paper which serves the Southern part of his state and parts of Kentucky, that he was not taking any steps to run for President. As for the speculation about a run for that office,  he stated

“This is nothing I have started, encouraged,”.

But he added

“People have asked, ‘Please don’t absolutely close your mind’ and I have said I’ll think about it.” To which he also added “It’s nothing I’m going to do anything about,”

Daniels said.

“If it’s still an interesting subject in a few months, ask me then.”

The truth is, that Mitch Daniels truly isn’t  openly running for President.  He has not found any excuses to go to Iowa and New Hampshire. He has not found any reason to raise extra campaign money that he could donate to 2010 candidates and make them beholden to endorsing him for President in 2012.

But while he stays the course, he has refused to say that he will not run. And while not closing the door to that option he has he has stated that he is a lot more worried about the condition and direction of the country now than he was a year and a half ago.

Daniel’s is playing his cards just right. Unlike others such as Tim Pawlenty, he is not demonstrating an over eagerness to get his name out their and appear too opportunistic. Unlike Governor Pawlenty, the people of Governor Daniels’ state are not turning their back on him as the people of Minnesota are doing with Pawlenty.

Recent polls of Minnesotans show that the people in the land of a thousand lakes would prefer that their Governor stay home and govern their state before he goes AWOL on that responsibility and tries to take on another one.  That same poll also showed that at the moment, Minnesotans prefer frontrunner and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney over their own Governor by a margin of 13% with 45% wanting Romney for President to 32% preferring Pawlenty.

Daniel’s doesn’t have this problem though. Instead he is governing his state and making it one of the most economically stable ones in the nation. And while Pawlenty is losing support from his home state base as he tries to get the voters in other states interested in him, Mitch Daniels continues to win the favor of his fellow Hoosiers and has other people asking why  he doesn’t run for President.

While Tim Pawlenty and other candidates are out there trying to get votes, others are trying to get Mitch Daniels to  run so that they could vote for him.

One of Daniels’ biggest cheerleaders is Indiana elder statesman, Senator Richard Lugar, whom Daniels once served as Chief of Staff. Lugar calls Daniels someone who would;

“be an outstanding candidate and a great president”, which is why Lugar has been encouraging Mitch to run.

And others are too. That’s  because Indiana is representative of a region whose electoral votes are critical to the election of any Republican. Indiana is normally a Republican leaning state in presidential elections, but Barack Obama changed that. In 2008, although it was close, Obama beat John McCain and Republicans know that they if they again fail to win Mid-West states like Indiana and Ohio in the future, the White House will only slip further and further away from them.

So Mitch Daniels may, as he put it, not “do anything about” a run for President in 2012 at the moment, it could just be that his ‘not doing anything about it’, is a smart way of actually doing a lot about it. Unlike Tim Pawlenty who is trying to force his way into the 2012 presidential race, Mitch Daniels is actually putting himself in the position of being forced into the race by the people. And all while managing his state and staying in the good graces of his hometown voters.

Not bad for a humble and often understated, ol’ country boy from the Midwest and quite a stark contrast form the current occupant of the White House.  

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