The Republican National Committee Unleashes the Masses on the President

Bookmark and Share On Monday, Reince Priebus, the new Chairman of the Republicans National Committee , unveiled a new tool in the battle to keep President Obama from winning a second term as President. No he didnt hire some Academy award winning director and producer who can splice together an epic that drives home the mounting debt, endless spending, and suffocating growth of government that the President ushered in under the guise of hope and change. He didnt tap the model American political strategists or most accurate pollsters in the business. No, what Chairman Preibus did was unleash the America people on the President and his liberal minions who helped carry his spend more, control more, one nation under government control, policy agenda this far.

Instead of going the traditional route, by using the Republican establishment to craft our anti-establishment message, Preibus went straight to the American people and asked them to create the messages that articulate why we cant afford to have President Obama win a second term.

In a 30 second video, the RNC is asking you to present them with a video that explains why you cant afford another term of the Obama presidency.

The best ones will be used to drive that message home by incorporating them into other RNC campaign ads. The best video wil receive a $100.00 gift certificate to the

To enter, vsit the RNC link here.

There you will you will find out how to enter and any other information that will need to know before entering.

Since one of the main goals of White House 2012 is defeating President Obama in 2012 with a well rounded, conservative Republican, we could not pass this opportunity to let our two cents be heard on the issue. So we took advantage of the contest and after making the following video, we submitted it into the new contest.

Its the first one, but we intend to make one or two more.In the meantime, tell us what you think of this first ad entitled “You Cost Too Much.”

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