Romney Leading or Even With Obama in Early Vote in Key States of FL, NC, CO, NV, and NH

   Bookmark and Share    In 2008 Barack Obama’s campaign was superior to John McCain’s in everything from its rhetoric and strategy to its fundraising, organizing and social media networking.  But in 2012 Barack Obama finds himself weighed down by a few things, including a dismal record on everything from the economy and his unravelling foreign policy.  He is also weighed down by the fact this year he is running against Mitt Romney, not John McCain.  On this more competitive playing field although the Obama-Biden ticket is still well financed and organized, they are seeing evidence that  when compared to 2008, in 2012 they are underperforming when it comes to such things as voter enthusiasm and now we learn, even the amount of early votes that team Obama is getting.

Based upon important numbers that have been coming in, the Republican National Committee is declaring that early voting which has started in more than 30 states, indicates that that the Romney-Ryan ticket is leading or even with the Obama-Biden  ticket among early voters in  the critical swing states of Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire.

While none of these have been or will be counted until Election Day and the days to follow it, the various Board of Elections have been reporting the Party affiliation of those people who have cast early ballots and a majority of them are coming from registered Republican voters.  From that news  it naturally follows that most of these Republican votes are going to the Republican presidential ticket.

However; the Obama campaign claims it is leading among early voters in Iowa and Ohio, and that they are only trailing their 2008 early voting counts by a very small margin in several other swing states.

Still, the numbers come at a time when the President is slipping in most polls and more importantly, most battleground states.  This is not good news for a President who is finding it difficult to ensure that he turns out his base in the same historic numbers that he did in 2008 when his opponent for the presidency was seeing a lack of turnout and enthusiasm among his base.  This time, while the extreme liberal base is still fired up for President Obama, Mitt Romney is benefitting from an even greater enthusiasm among his own base of Republicans and also among independent voters who while they may not jump for joy over Mitt, are becoming increasingly motivated to support him because of their dislike of the Obama record… a record which voters seem to finally be holding President Obama accountable to.

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