Hypocrite Ron Paul Takes an Ad Out Calling Newt Gingrich a Serial Hypocrite


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That is essentially what a new Ron Paul attack webad against Newt Gingrich is saying.

The ad entitled “Serial Hypocrisy” spends about two and a half minutes repeating three or four supposed examples of Newt Gingrich being a hypocrite. It shows Newt on a bench with Nancy Pelosi talking about climate change, and has scenes of him talking about corrupt politicians and then goes to news cuts of stories about Newt making money from services rendered to Freddie Mac.

The ad does do a good of job of making Newt like a fat cat politician and if you didn’t know the truth, you might fall for Ron Paul’s distortions and hatchet job.

But what Ron Paul’s ad does not do is show how using those same tactics in an ad against Ron Paul would be even more damaging to Ronnie himself. For instance;

  • Cut 1: Ron Paul shaking his bony fingers in the air as he squawks out a line about “we got to stop all this pork”
  • Cut 2: Ron Paul’s bony hand is seen signing on as a sponsor to a bill requesting $8 million from the federal government to pay for a study on wild American shrimp
  • Cut 3: Ron Paul waving his bony fingers in the air as he says “term limits are the only way we can get back to a citizen legislature and get rid of career politicians”
  • Cut 4: Ron Paul stands with his wife in front of a podium with a big American flag hanging behind him as he addresses supporters and thanks them for electing him to his eleventh consecutive term in Congress
  • Cut 5: Ron Paul flails his bony arms wildlyin the air during a presidential debate as he shouts “we have got to make the government stop spending so much money. We just don’t have any to spend”
  • Cut 6: Congressman Ron Paul stands outside Galveston City Hall in his district and presents the City’s Mayor with an oversized federal government check in the amount of $400 million for over 65 different pieces of pork barrel legislation that Ron Paul sponsored in just one year.
  • Cut 7: Ron Paul waving his bony fingers around on the floor of the House of Representatives and as part of the debt ceiling debate, he is arguing that the sale of gold reserves would be “a good and moral decision” and would ameliorate the financial crisis.
  • Cut 8: A screen that shows a list of the more than 12 gold mines and corporations that he owns stocks in and would profit from in a sell off

Now that’s real serial hypocrisy.

But let’s move beyond the lies of Ron Paul. Instead let us look at how typical a politician Ron Paul is being.

For a man whose fans consider him to be a nonpolitician, Ron Paul sure knows how to act like a politician and how to play politics.

Instead of constructively trying to convince us that his isolationist policies would make us a safer and a better nation, here he is fixated on tarnishing the newest person to cheat him out of the stop spot in the polls. Instead of Ron Paul trying to make the case for himself with credible arguments that defend his positions, he attacks the one man in this campaign who has made it a point not to turn this campaign in to a useless debate about non-issues. Instead of trying to convince us why he believes that the United States brought 9/11 upon itself, he is going after the one candidate who has consistently tried to keep the debate on the issues and even succeeded in making the media do so in the presidential debates.

Newt is the latest recipient of Ron Paul’s garbage simply because Newt has moved in to the front of the pack. Ron Paul did this with Rick Perry when he spent his moment at the top. Meanwhile, Ron paul remains one of the few candidates who hasn’t spent at least a day in the number one spot. And apparently he knows that the only way he can be number one is by being the only one left standing. So Ron Paul has decided to run his campaign basedc on some sort of political scorched earth strategy that says, if I can’t beat Obama, no one can.

Ron Paul is nothing but a sore loser.

The man can not convince more than 12% of the population that he is right about anything and so now he resorts to playing King of the Hill by throwing mud at his opponents. In this case, Ron paul will pay a heavy price for going so negative. From this new ad against Newt Gingrich, there will be a significant backlash against Paul, one that will have many of the voters whose support he wants, tune him out and turn him off. Many of us have been looking for a good reason to shut Paul out and now, he just gave it to us.

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