See The Entire Segment of Ron Paul with Jay Leno Here

Bookmark and Share    Last Friday, Ron Paul took his campaign to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno where an audience of Pauliacs drank the Kool Aid and tripped over themselves in their standing ovations and raucous spurts of spontaneous applause to every word their messiah spoke.

The interview proved that even though Ron Paul complains that he waits two hours to only get three minute to speak during a debate,  he really doesn’t need more than two minutes to repeat his over-simplified approach to reality and reckless isolationist policies and dangerous anti-defense policies.

During the approximately 20 minute segment Paul, said nothing new and continued to fail to demonstrate how would actually get anything he believes adopted and incorporated in the federal bureaucracy.  His biggest applause came though when Paul defended the right of the individual to use drugs.

The most dramatic part of the debate came when Ron Paul crossed a line and claimed that Michele Bachmann hates Muslims.  For that there was some fallout but as usual, Ron Paul was not held as accountable for his remark than others are.

If you haven’t heard Ron Paul, the video is worth watching.  If you have  heard him before, there is no reason to have to listen to his rhetoric again.

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Trunkline 2012: Saturday Political News and Opinions: 12/17/11

Bookmark and Share   Saturday’s White House 2012 news wrap-up provides readers with news from the campaign trail that has a prediction of how the first caucuses and primaries will turn out and how they will effect the contest, Ron Paul claiming Bachmann hates Muslims, Bachmann  claiming the President of Iran hates everyone, Perry dinging Paul and Gingrich while Romney dings Gingrich and Gingrich discusses how the dings are taking their toll.  Other news has talk of Santorum trying toi win Iowa the old fashion way, Huntsman counting independent voters to save him, and Perry talking about cuts the President’s budget and his potential own potential presidential cabinet, while others discuss Perry’s double-dipping.

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