Trunkline 2012: Friday’s Campaign Trail News Wrap-Up from White House 2012 – 12/2/11

Bookmark and Share  On this day, Trunkline 2012 delivers to you a dose of suspense involving Herman Cain’s campaign and his personal life, Palin’s wink and nod to Rick Santorum, the case for Newt, questions about Ron Paul and antisemitism, a poll question, the final calendar dates for the Republican presidential primaries and caucuses, and much more.


Sarah Palin Gives Rick Santorum Hope in Iowa

Bookmark and Share  Yesterday, White House 2012 was preparing a post about how in Iowa, Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann may throw a monkey wrench in to the plans of any perceived frontrunners. The piece will still soon be posted but before we had the chance to do that, Sarah Palin coincidentally broached the same topic.

Yesterday during an interview with Sean Hannity, Governor Palin pointed to Pennsylvania Rick Santorum as the type of consistent conservative who consistently delivers a conservative message that people will start considering in the next 32 days [see the video below this post] .

Not long after Palin’s remarks, Santorum used her comments as a fundraising tool in an email supporters .

Santorum’s email starts of with a quote about him from Palin during last night’s  interview:

“If voters start shifting gears and deciding they want ideological consistency, then they’re going to start paying attention to say, Rick Santorum.”

The letter goes on to say;

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said that last night on Fox News about me, and I wanted to make sure you heard about it as well.

I am grateful for those kind words from a strong conservative like Governor Palin.  And it’s becoming more clear that other conservatives are starting to rally around our message of passionate conservatism.

Later today, influential Iowa evangelical leader Pastor Cary Gordon will announce his support for me via text message to 788,000 registered voters in Iowa.  Pastor Gordon, a strong supporter of traditional marriage, is pastor of Sioux City, Iowa’s Cornerstone Church and president of PeaceMakers Institute.  This influential endorsement comes on the heels of the endorsement by leading New Hampshire conservative, Karen Testerman.

With just one month to go until the Iowa caucuses, conservatives are coming to the same conclusion:  We need to find a conservative alternative to the current frontrunners, and I have the record and passion to be that alternative. 

Palin’s positive assessment of him is probably one of the greatest breaks that his campaign has received.  In fact it is probably the only break his campaign has been given.  And as such, he would be wise to milk it for all its worth, and in many ways, it’s worth a lot.

With statements about Santorum such as, “He’s been consistent in wanting to protect the most vulnerable and the sanctity of life, he’s been consistent in saying we need to slash the federal income tax,” Sarah Palin, the queen of the TEA movement, just gave a wink and a nod to her supporters that indicated their support for Santorum has her stamp of approval.

Meanwhile, the person probably hurt by Palin’s tapping of Santorum, is Michele Bachmann.

If Palin is the queen of the TEA movement, Bachmann is the heiress to the throne and by overlooking her and pointing to Santorum, Palin essentially shifted the TEA Party’s attention away from Bachmann and put it on Rick. 

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Sarah Palin Fundraising and Confirming That She is Still Seriously Considering a Run for President

Bookmark and Share I had been getting a little suspicious of the fact that for Sarah Palin has been conspicuously quiet and out of the spotlight this past month. Her drop from the headlines were beginning to make me suspect that she was getting ready to announce her candidacy for President. You see, I understand that Sarah Palin is unconventional. I also know that she likes to catch people, especially her opponents and those within the lamestream media, off guard. So I began to think that she was quietly readying herself to surprise everyone with the declaration of her candidacy. Much like she surprised everyone with the birth of her son Trig, or her resignation as Governor of Alaska. But no sooner did I begin to pay any attention to these suspicions, Sarah sent out 400, 000 direct mailing pieces that solicited financial donations to her PAC.

In them Palin writes;

“Taking back control of the House last year was only the first step, Now you and I must fix our eyes on 2012. Our goal is to take back the White House and the Senate.”

This does not necessarily mean that Governor Palin is running for President. It could just be her way of preparing to do in 2012, exactly what she did in 2010 to help boost the electoral fortunes of conservatives running for office. Still, the timing is suspect. It came two days after Donald Trump declared he was not running for President and three days after Mike Huckabee took himself out of the running. Huckabee and Trump appealed to the same pools of evangelical and anti-establishment driven voters that comprise Palins base of support. But now with Trump and Huckabee out, Palin has less competition to contend with among those voters. That made the sudden appeal to them for financial support a well timed opportunity for Palin to make a pitch to them that could help consolidate their support behind her.

Then, in addition to the revelation of a new fundraising effort by the Governor, she appeared on Sean Hannitys Fox New program (listen to the interview in the video below this post). Among some of the matters discussed was Sarahs thoughts on her own 2012 run for President. When asked what she intends to do Palin replied Im still assessing the field because I still know its still going to change, the lineup, She added that she was praying about it and looking for others who are ready go rogue within the Republican Party. Governor Palin did say that she wanted to give everyone who is running a good listening and added that she especially wants to give the candidates time to distinguish themselves through the persona lives that they live.

During the interview, Palin indicated that she is not a fan of either politicians or the political process and suggested that she has no intention to put herself on a unneccessary timetable. Palin believes that there is no need for her to make a decision one way or the other yet. In her case that is true. Palin already has significant name ID and seeing as how she is such a contentious figure, she is one of the few potential candidates who can afford to let some go by before she jumps into a spotlight that she has essentially has not been out of for very long. In fact, if Palin does intend to run, a late entry is probably her best bet. For one thing, it gives the media less time to bog her down with coverage that intentionally paints her in a negative light. And for another thing, once the Republican presidential field is established and gets accustomed to its unique composition, if she intends to run, a surprise, late entry into the race would throw the other candidates campaign off balance in a way that would be to Palins advantage.

Still, nothing conclusively indicates that Palin intends to run. However in one characterization of the field, Governor Palin phrased her statement in a way that included herself among the republican contenders for the Republican nomination when she stated. everyone one of us, we bring strengths and weaknesses to the table.

I for one am still leaning more towards Sarah deciding not to run than I am towards her deciding to run. At least not for the Republican or Democrat nomination. But if figures like Mitch Daniels and Rick Perry or the often mentioned Chris Christie, do not somehow end up in the race, I believe Palin could easily see a field with spark in it and decide to become a candidate later rather than sooner.

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