Trunkline 2012: Sunday Election News Review – 11//20/11

Bookmark and Share    Sunday sends news from the campaign trail about federal help for unions to institute rules on how to ambush elections, Romney gets key supporter on board, Santorum eyes a win in Iowa, Spain shows the world the way in a landslide election, the President ignores the death of a border agent but sends condolences to a rappers family, and Jon Huntsman continues to play funny man but now on Saturday Night Live.  That and as always, much more, in today’s Trunkline 2012.

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Trunkline 2012: Thursday’s News from the Race for the White House – 10/6/11

Bookmark and Share   Voters react to Sarah Palin’s decision and the loss of Steve Jobs, while the candidates react to the Occupy protestors and Mitt Romney’s shenanigans.  Meanwhile Herman Cain rejects Rick Perry, Sean Hannity takes on Bill Maher and asks where the rest of us are, and the media tries to define the Republican presidential contest for us.  All this and more in today’s news from the campaign trail…..

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Election News: Trunkline 2012 Evening News Summary for April 19, 2011

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Passover: Celebration of Freedom

Santorum Is Middle of the Road on GOP Recognition, Intensity

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Son Invited To Pose For Playgirl

Jeb crushes Obama in Florida

Pol predicts Andrew Cuomo to be VP

Iowa begins to take stock of the GOP field

The Election 2012 Soundtrack

Rand Paul files for re-election to the US Senate

Why President Obama was not born in Kenya

Emerging liberal meme: We gotta stop being so gosh-darned tolerant!

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