LIBERAL DOMESTIC TERROR ALERT: Occupy Protesters Threatening To Shoot

Bookmark and Share   In the United States of America, political change is ultimately achieved at the ballot box.  It is a basic tenet of our civilized democratic society.  And while substantial change through the electoral process usually requires a widespread sense of discontent from among a broad cross section of Americans, there are those who are willing to try to circumvent the democratic process in an attempt to impose their will on all Americans.

This is a mentality that has been repeatedly demonstrated by President Barack Obama and the liberal Party that he is the leader of.   Since the left took control of government in 2008, under Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, a new federal layer of super-bureaucrats designed to override the democratic and legislative process has been instituted through an army of political appointed, unaccountable czars whose authority and ability to regulate the American people by avoiding the legislative process is unmatched by anytime in recent history.  It has been demonstrated by liberal congressional actions that have taken extraordinary steps to force unpopular legislation and profound changes to American life on the people by suspending and altering the rules of process.  At on point they even tried to pass the government takeover of American healthcare without actually putting it to a vote. It has also been demonstrated by examples of the expanded regulatory authority that various government departments have been given as they totally avoid legislastive scrutiny.

But now we have been handed evidence of unfathomable blatant calls for violence by the liberal minority in America who proudly proclaim themselves as “Occupy” protesters, the small but vocal band of liberal extremists and astroturfers who have become squatters in the streets of several our nation’s urban centers.  According to Arizona’s Counter Terrorism Information Center a flier describing “When Should You Shoot a Cop” is being distributed at the ongoing “Occupy Phoenix” sit-in that is taking place in the city’s Cesar Chavez Park.

The state’s official counter-terrorism site states;

 “The letter is blatantly anti-government and anti-law enforcement in nature.  It not only condones but even encourages citizens to kill any “government agent” (i.e. law enforcement officers), who in their perception violates their rights.”

Personally, as a “less government, less spending, more freedom, bleeding-heart Jack Kemp conservative”, I have my own anti-establishmentarian and even anti-government sentiments, but to actually draft a flier for mass circulation that “encourages citizens to kill”, is not just an example of extremism, it is antithetical to the American way of life, diametrically opposed to the democratic process, and simply criminal.  It is the type of rhetoric, propaganda, and actions that we have come to expect from thos who gave birth to the war in Afghanistan and the broader, ongoing war on terrorism.  Which by the way, the same liberal terrorists who now encourage the killing of law enforcement officials, vociferously oppose and even equated former President George W. Bush to Hitler for.  That simply belies my longstanding contention that liberalism is a hypocrisy based ideology that consistently contradicts itself and ultimately makes no sense.

According to the the Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center, the flier cites several examples of “illegal” search and seizure, sobriety and border checkpoints, airport security, etc… , as the type of reasons that would justify the shooting of  government officials.  The Counter-Terrorism site adds

“In essence this document states that citizens have the right and moral obligation to resist any action by law enforcement that is viewed as a violation of the citizen’s rights, and often-times resistance involves killing officers.”

The Occupy Phoenix handout was discovered by a Maricopa County Deputy Sheriff who was called to Cesar Chavez Park  in regards to an Occupy Phoenix disturbance unrelated to the handout.

As of the posting of this account, requests to ACTIC officials by White House 2012 for a copy of the actual Occupy Phoenix “When You Should Shoot a Cop” handout have gone unfulfilled.  However White House 2012 has been able to confirm that antiterrorism officials are investigating the matter further.   But a source in Arizona has described the flier to White House 2012 as being two pages and more akin to a pamphlet than a flier.  In a quick reading of the handout to White House over the phone, one of the most notable quotes contained in it include multiple references to law enforcement officials as fascists and at one point states that “You can’t resist a cop just a little and get away with it”.  And in what I find to be an ironic example of liberal politically incorrect sexist language, it goes on to articulate “He” will always call in more of his fellow gang members, until you are subdued or dead.”  It continues with;

“Basic logic is that you either let law enforcement officials have their way with you, or you have the right to stop them from doing so, which require killing them. Politely asking fascists not to be fascists has a very poor track record.”

Aside from the obvious despicable nature of this material, White House 2012, which is designed to specifically cover the race for the White House, addresses this matter because of the undeniable undertones that I see being ingrained in to the 2012 elections and specifically the presidential election.

In 2009, a cause which some have tried to compare to the “Occupy” protests was born.  It was the TEA or Taxed Enough Movement which liberals denigrate by calling those who align themselves with it “Tea Baggers”.  Nancy Pelosi called them astroturfers, mainstream media mavens like Chris Matthews and Rachel Madcow (aka; Maddow) have called them angry racists,  and big union bosses call them right-wing radicals.  But by 2010, these radicals who marched on Washington on multiple occasions and in numbers greater than the combine total of the all Occupy protesters rioting in the streets and polluting the parks across the nation, achieved historic political change.  They fought their battle for less government, fiscal responsibility, and constitutional adherence, armed with mailing campaigns, postcards, picket signs, and with permits for peaceful marches.  And they were comprised of farmers from Montana, office workers from New York City, senior citizens from Florida, college kids from San Diego and the men and women who have fought in actual military wars abroad and their mothers and fathers and sons and daughters.

When they were done, there was not a single call for shooting the police, assassinating members of Congress, or calls for rioting and on Election Day of 2010 they were responsible for one of the most dramatic shifts of power in Congress in history.  They did it peacefully.  They did it by leaving the ground they marched on cleaner after they marched then when they began to march.  And they did so the American way——through a process prompted by the passion for freedom and fulfilled at the ballot box, not the threat of bullets and beatings.

This is a stark contrast from what we see in the “Occupy” protests.  Protests which just yesterday the communist government of North Korea endorsed.   The push for change prompted by and carried out by the TEA movement was peaceful and purposeful.  The socialists and fascists behind the Occupy protests can’t agree on a message or purpose and they are anything but peaceful.  With hundreds arrested, reports of criminal activity ranging from rape to public deification, and now calls to shoot law enforcement agents, the radical liberal’s animalistic desire to be more disruptive than productive, harkens back to the active days of Barack Obama’s buddies Bernadine Dorn and Bill Ayers.  The leftist terrorists who made up the Weather Underground and conspired with such entities as the Black Panthers during the 60’s and 70’s.

Now, as we enter the 2012 presidential election, the same radical socialist inspired, leftwing elements and mentality that attempted to overthrow government by blowing up federal facilities during the early 70’s has risen to do the same in 2012.  Not content with their ability to simply give rise to their opinions and act on American ideals through well protected and defended freedoms of speech, they seek to disrupt, slaughter and achieve change through violence instead of the political process.

While such conduct may not be the official the methodology officially adopted by official liberal political organizations, the Democratic Party which is the umbrella group for all liberal organizations, is doing themselves no favor by adding their support to these radicals.   In addition to the fact that the  majority of the Occupy conspirators on the ground,  are dissatisfied with the liberal establishment of the Democratic Party because they are not Socialist enough for them, they are getting out of hand.  They are getting to that point which an MSNBC anchor called “that Kent State moment”.   A moment when political discourse became a wave of irrational tension and violence.  Of course the MSNBC liberal talking head who made that remark, meant as a good thing for the “Occupy” protesters.  But most of know that “shooting cops” is not the best way to bring about enduring change.  Now it is time for the President and his Party to begin to make it clear that they know that too.

If White House 2012 finds itself to be the only outlet that makes this flier that the Arizona counter-terrorist information center alerts the pubic to,  than our nation is in  deeper trouble than I suspect it to be in.   And while it may get ignored now, if the fascist, left-wing liberal radicals who are coordinating acts of violence are not addressed properly, there will soon be that Kent State moment and it will turn the 2012 presidential election in to a true a revolution——a revolution that provides the greatest  peaceful overthrow of liberalism at the ballot box that the world has ever seen.  In other words, the extremist dangers being inflicted on society are about to create a backlash, that will achieve nothing that the Occupy protesters c laim they want to do………..turn the United States in to one big labor union whose bosses redistribute wealth based on the Marxist motto, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

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Palin Will Still Be the Cause for the Next Big Media Driven Maelstrom of the Election

Bookmark and Share A day after Governor Sarah Palin made it official that she would not run for President in 2012, the leaders of Team Sarah sent out the following email to their extensive list of supporters.


We’re not retreating, we’re  reloading!

While the announcement that Governor Sarah Palin will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for the office of President of the United States came as a surprise and disappointment to many,  let’s not forget that we have all been called to “fight like a girl” in an effort to restore our country.  It’s a call to stand with Governor Palin and to continue fighting for the conservative values of smaller government, free markets, life, and family.

Team Sarah members will continue to march towards the 2012 elections advancing the values and principles that Sarah Palin represents in the political process.  We will join Governor Palin in the fight to secure many victories for commonsense constitutional conservatives at all levels of government.

The email seems to be representative of the sentiments possessed by most Palinistas.  While they are disappointed by the fact that there is no chance she will become President in 2012, they are not disappointed in her.

Palin’s supporters appreciate her seeming lack of ambition to hold political office.  That is why they understood the thinking behind her sacrificing the second half of her only term as Governor Alaska and did not hold it against her.  They understood that the political firestorm that came with the liberal assault upon her was going to make it easier for her successor to advance the agenda that she set, faster and further.  Palin’s lack of political ambition is what attracts most people to her.  They understand that her opinions and words are not driven by the political motives which are usually behind the  words and policies of your average politician.

That understanding and the enormous number of people who support Palin for her ability to articulate what they feel and think, and her desire to be honest and blunt about those sentiments, is the same understanding which gave birth to the TEA movement.  That is why for many, the two go hand in hand.  It is why Palin is a darling of the TEA movement.

It is also why Palin’s decision not to run, is likely to have as much of an effect on who will be the next Republican nominee, as she would have had if she decided to run for the nomination herself..

That is why pretty soon, the news will be dominated by another topic.

With names like Daniels, Barbour, Ryan, Christie, and Palin definitely out of the race, the endless speculation about who is running which kept many from getting behind any of the actual declared candidates, has finally stopped.  There is little talk about who can jump in and change the complexion of the race.  But with the front loading of the primary and caucuses actually forcing the first votes in the nomination process to begin taking place in as few as 12 weeks from now, the next media prompted maelstrom will be who Palin is endorsing.  There will be a similar media focus on who New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also endorses, but ironically and quite figuratively, the Palin endorsement will carry much more weight than Christie’s.  Her support of a candidate could open doors for candidates like Romney, Santorum or Gingrich, candidates who desperately need TEA activists to just consider them as viable choices.  Candidates like Herman Cain and even Rick Perry don’t need such an opening to the TEA movement.  They already have strong support from many sectors within the less spending, less government, more liberty cause.  But a leading candidate like Mitt Romney can ill afford Sarah Palin promoting one of his opponents.

That is why Sarah Palin is very likely to be pivotal in the Republican nomination contest. And probably more so in the nomination process than the general election contest where she will probably not be able to change the minds of those supporting or still considering supporting President Obama for reelection.

In the meantime, Palin holds the power to change the course of history.  If she so chooses, she can actually be a determining factor in who the next Republican nominee and subsequently the next President is.  Such an assertion is only made more evident by the above letter from Palin supporters which confirms their desire to stand with Sarah Palin through thick or thin.

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New Romney Ad Claims “Obama Isn’t Working”. But Will That Be Enough to Work for Romney?

Bookmark and Share   While the Republican presidential race remains in a state of flux that is largely due to the possibly entry of two possibly very  potent political forces, Sarah Palin and Rick Perry, the posturing for who gets the inside track position for the start of the race continues.  For Mitt Romney’s part the latest maneuver in his jockeying for position is a new ad entitled “Obama Isn’t Working: Chicago”. (see ad below)

Ignoring his rivals for the nomination, Romney focusses in on the general election battle and fires a shot directly at President Obama’s Achilles heal…..the economy.

The well done ad is in the mode of the contemporary. fast paced, quick cut imagery that has come to mark our attention deficit riddled society.  And it attempts to keep pace with the dramatic production value that Tim Pawenty demonstrated in many of his hardly seen and still unsuccessful ads including this one called “Courage To Stand“. 

The theme of attack that Romney’s ad takes is hardly original and it need not be.  The economy is the number one issue and so far it looks like it will remain the number one issue.  But what it comes down to is which Republican presidential candidate will be able to most effectively go after President Obama on the economy and nail him to the wall with it.  Romney is clearly trying to position himself as the one who can best exploit the issue and use it against the President.  

The economy is probably the only issue that Romney really has in his arsenal. With RomneyCare weighing him down in the Republican nomination contest, he needs to focus in on his successful reputation and  perceived entrepreneurial and managerial expertise as persuades Republicans to believe that on the one issue which will be most important in the general election, the economy, he is the most reliable and solid candidate.  In many ways Romney is the most solid candidate. 

Of the current field, he is undeniably the most sound candidate.  He is not seen as bland as Tim Pawlenty.  He is not seen as quirky or extreme as Michele Bachmann is portrayed to be or as inexperienced as Herman Cain and as liberal as Jon Huntsman or as damaged as Gingrich, as far behind as Santorum or as unrealistic as Gary Johnson and Ron Paul.    So it is only logical for Romney to try to cut through everything else and try to prove that he can effectively beat the President on the issue that this election will probably be won or lost on. 

Still though, before Romney gets to the general election,  he will have to somehow explain away the lingering doubts that the Republican base has about his ideological purity.  Afterall, it is the Republican base that will ultimately nominate President Obama’s opponent.  Until Mitt can successfully proves that he is a true conservative, people like Michele Bachmann will be able to give him a real run for his money. 

One might think that if John  McCain was able to win the Republican nomination in 2008, anyone can.  If so, they would be wrong. 

In 2008, rightly or wrongly, people were not yet pushed  so far by liberal extremes and politics-as-usual, that they were finallybeacame civic minded enough to become politically active and create a movement…………….the Taxed Enough Already or as it is commonly refered to, the TEA movement.   Had there been a TEA movement in 2008, we may not have seen either Barack Obama or John McCain nominated.  But today there is a TEA movement.  It is not a Party.  It is not even an ideology.  It is a force which has many saying enough is enough, the system is broken and business-as-usual just doesn’t cut  it anymore.  These people do not want to accept the lesser of two evils and many of them would rather lose with someone whom they know will be uncompromising on issues such as taxes, spending, and the Constitution, than win with someone who risks delivering more of the same. 

That could change.  President Obama’s presidency could continue to spiral out of control the same way that Jimmy Carter’s presidency did.  I was one of those who predicted that Barack Obama would be a repeat of Jimmy Carter.  If this scenario does continue to play out, people will simply go ABO………….Anyone But Obama.  But before we get to that point, the G.O.P. must select the “anybody” that they hope would be the recipient of the anti-Obama vote.  And as it currently stands, the Republican base is not willing to nominate another John McCain.  Right now, they don’t want just “anybody”, they want someone who they believe is capable of standing against the politics and policies that have delivered us to where we are today.  And if Mitt Romney wants to be that person, he will soon have to focus more on the primaries than the general election.  If he doesn’t, he might have to consider accepting the number two spot on a Palin or Perry presidential ticket.

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