Trunkline 2012: Wednesday’s Word On the Campaign Trail

Bookmark and Share  Today’s Trunkline 2012 election news wrap-up includes headlines about Paul Ryan’s call to actress Stacey dash, Romney’s benchmark lead over Obama, Fred Thompson’s assessment of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech, President Obama’s promise to be nasty, voters trusting Romney on the economy more than the President, an Obama staffer helping Obama voters to vote twice in the election, and much more….

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Is There a Push to Get Jeb Bush to Become a Late Entrant in the Presidential Race?

Bookmark and Share    As an underlying storyline runs about how Republicans are dissatisfied with their choice of presidential candidates, a new telephone poll seems to be trying to taking advantage of that dissatisfaction.

Numerous New Hampshire Republican activists have Facebooked and Tweeted news of a poll that someone commissioned in which one of the questions asked is about whether they would vote for Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Jeb Bush in a three way matchup for the Republican presidential nomination.

No one has yet taken credit for commissioning this poll but The Daily Caller reports that a spokesperson for former two term Florida Governor Jeb Bush has denied that he is behind the poll and reiterated that Governor Bush’s will not be a candidate in 2012.

We can speculate about who and what is behind this poll, but the tradition of political mischief making, makes all attempted explanations for it just just that …speculation.

Democrats could be behind this poll for the purpose of trying to perpetuate the perception that even Republicans are dissatisfied with their choices.

It could be someone who is trying to demonstrate that Jeb has enough support to become a succesful late entrant in to the race.

Unfortunately, we may not know who and what is behind this poll until someone comes forward and takes credit for it, or until the results of the poll are released.  By election law, any polling data released to the public or referred to when addressing the public, must be released in full to the media.  What this means is, if we never hear about the results of this poll, someone could be using this data internally, possibly for the purpose of discreetly establishing whether Jeb Bush is someone that the Republican presidential nominee should tap as their running mate.   Coming out with a poll that specifically asks what people think about Jeb as a vice presidential candidate, would be too obvious.    But if a poll  finds that Jeb Bush outpolls, or comes close to either one of the two most likely nominees, than he is probably a good choice for being their running mate and the sponsors of the poll get to find that out without giving away their true intentions.

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Trunkline 2012: Friday’s Campaign Trail News Wrap-Up from White House 2012– 11/18/11

Bookmark and Share Today’s Trunkline 2012 takes you on a journey through polls that have Romney and Gingrich tied, Ron Paul the Liberal-Tarian, leading, and Mitt Winning in Michigan, as well as some heavy hitter endorsements, some hard hitting explanations, accusations and suggestions, an ode to Occupy, and much more.

And now for the piece de resistance:

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Trunkline 2012: Tuesday Tidbits From The Republican Presidential Race – 10/25/11

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Perry puts proposal on the table, Reince Priebus penalizes pushy states, Newt builds a firewall in South Carolina, Mitt gets flack for flipping before he flops on Ohio’s SB2, Barry beats Herman, Joe wants to investigate why reporters ask him questions and Fred Karger wonders about Marcus Bachmann………….all that and more in today’s tales from  the campaigen trail.

Gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger, recently passed on a message to White House 2012 that dealt with a White House 2012 post that had a little fun with Karger’s recent “UnDesicion 2012” interview on Comedy Central which ended with a casual reference to Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus being gay. It came with the following pic and a note that read;

“Marcus and me form the Iowa Straw Poll. he gets you in a bear hug when posing for the pic……..”

When inititally writing the commentary on Karger’s Comdey Central interview, I mistook the program’s host reference to Michele’s husband to mean Michelle Obama. So I thought Fred Karger’s comment “he seems gay to me” referred to President Obama. That would have been a better story. But the he was talking about Marcus Bachmann, who by the way is White House 2012’s biggest loser of the 2012 presidential campaign so far.

Like her, love her, or hate her, you know that living with and being Michele Bachmann’s husband ain’t easy. But now the poor guy’s wife runs for President and what does he get for it? He gets a big closet with his name on it that the whole nation suspects he lives in. At least Marcus can be content with the fact that when it is all over, he won’t have to put up with jokes about him being the First “Lady” if his wife was elected President. That doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon.

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