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Presidential Politics: Platitudes, Pleasantries, and Positioning

Bookmark and ShareRonald Reagan once uttered what has become known as the eleventh commandment in Republican politics ….. “Thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” The concept is one that Republicans love to adhere to during general elections but not so much during primaries. But if the things continue going the way they have been going lately, a definite trend of pleasantries will dominate the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Or will it?

Like sharks smelling blood in the water, Republicans are circling in on approval wounded President Obama. His current weaknesses have emboldened many who might not have had the willingness to jump into the presidential waters yet, to now take the leap, or at least consider it. That situation has helped fuel a growing list of people considering a run. From incumbent Governors like Barbour and Daniels to former Governors like Palin and Pataki and a cross section of well known names ranging from Newt Gingrich to Donald Trump. All have refused to deny the possibility of their candidacy and in many cases, declared that they are actively preparing for it.

So far, none of the aspirants have spoken ill of any potential rivals. In fact, lately it has been just the opposite. Especially when it comes to a particular candidate . Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, himself an admitted possible candidate, publicly urged Mitch Daniels to run for the job of President based upon what he perceives as Daniels’ possession of qualities lacking in Washington, specifically as it pertains to the handling of Indiana’s budget and economy are.

Pence and Daniels

Now another possible candidate, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has come out to give his approval of Daniels’ presidency.

While in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he delivered the keynote speech to the Allen County Republican Party Bean Dinner fundraiser, in a pre-speech interview, Huck stated;

“Mitch Daniels has done, I think an exemplary job as a leader, manager and governor of the state,”.

He added “I tend to think governors make good presidents because they’ve actually managed a microcosm of the federal government.”

But the former Governor turned Fox News host, made it clear that Daniels was not the only man in Indiana doing a great job. After commending Daniels, he said;

On the other hand, Mike Pence is one of my favorite members of Congress, one of my heroes, and I love the guy. I think he is the most articulate, conviction-based and principled member of Congress. If we had 434 like him in the House, there wouldn’t be an uprising among the voters right now.”

Of the two he added;

“I would be delighted if either or both of them get in it because I think it just raises the level of the debate to solid conservative, responsible fiscal management,”.

That’s mighty high praise, especially coming from people who might be running against you in a campaign. Of course it could be that both Huckabee and Gingrich have come to know that they will not run and so they are just trying to get in on the good side of a hot commodity. Other schools of thought are that the two of them are trying to do all they can to chip away at the frontrunner status of Mitt Romney and Sarah Palinby boosting the image of another.

Either way, for Daniels, the groundwork for a definite theme is being made for any campaign he may be thinking of waging. Almost everyone agrees that Mitch Daniels is ahead of the pack when it comes to leadership on budgetary matters and all the issues connected to it, the issues of most importance these days.

Which could account for another reason for the glowing endorsements of Daniels and even Rep. Mike Pence. Gingrich and Huckabee, both good ol’ Southern boys, might be thinking that if they head the G.O.P. ticket, with Mitch Daniels as their running mate, they could go for an electoral strategy that locks up the South and the Midwest while leaving the typically blue coasts of the country to the Democrats.

Whatever the reasoning for the praise of Daniels and Pence, one thing is for sure. The Republican field for the presidential nomination will be a crowded one. Huckabee believes it will start out with 20 candidates and dwindle down to a truly completive field of 8 by January of 2012.

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