Who Would You Bring to Join You for Dinner With President and Mrs. Obama?

Bookmark and Share    While I am not a big fan of too many social media platforms, I must admit that each one of them can be effective if used properly and for the right things.  In my case, not being a very social person (I don’t like too many people in society much), limits my need for social media platforms, but when it comes to politics, which is the only reason I do socialize, I have come to find that Twitter is by far the most useful and effective platform of all.  It’s 140 character limitation allows for the dissemination of a great deal of useful and valuable information in a very quick and direct way.  Twitter cuts through the garbage and gets to the point.

I find it particularly a particularly good source for finding pertinent links.  After reading a short sentence of anywhere from as few as three, to as many as twenty or so words, I can tell if the link that usually follows it,  is something which I want to examine further.  And more often than not, I find the link that I thought I would be interested in, to in fact be very interesting.

On this particular night, after reviewing the Twitters that I follow, I came across this one from President Obama.  It is not his personal Twitter.  I doubt he has one.  I mean, look what it did for liberal Democrat Anthony Weiner  (“it can be effective if used properly”).  This particular Obama Twitter feed is that of his reelection campaign,  and it showed up as follows:

Barack ObamaBarackObama Barack Obama

Which friend do you think deserves a seat at the table for #DinnerWithBarackhttp://OFA.BO/J165ya


I checked out the link and was brought to a page that read;

 “Make a donation today to be automatically entered for a chance to have dinner with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

We’ll cover your airfare and the meal—all you have to bring is your story and your ideas.

And this time, if you win, you can invite a guest.”

The concept started to make me think about who I would invite to go with me for a dinner with President and Mrs. Obama.

Now this would never happen of course.  First of all, as much as I respect the office of President and am fascinated by it, I don’t think I could ever sit across from this President and eat a meal.  I think I would pull a George H. W. Bush and involuntarily choke up a few unintended, disrespectful, chunks. That’s not something I would actually want to do to any President, even this one.  But thought about it in the hypothetical.

The list I came up with though, did not contain the names of any of my friends.   And before you write any smart remarks,…..Yes I do have some friends.  But like me, the best ones are conservative and I would  not subject them to the same kind of embarrassing situation I would want try to avoid.  So instead, I came up with a list of perspective guests whom for a number of different reasons,  I would invite to dine with myself and the Obama’s.

1. –Jeremiah Wright

That would be a reunion I wouldn’t want to miss.  Can you imagine just how much Barry and Michele would be squirming?  And what kind of conversation would such a dinner consist of?:

  • Rev. WrightSo Barack, I haven’t seen you at Sunday services in a while?
  • President Obama: Yea, well, you know Rev., I’ve been kind of busy and they have a few cozy little congregations closer by around here.  Make’s it more convenient, ya know.
  • Me:  Hey I’ve got a great idea!  Let’s call your scheduler and see if we can arrange for you to attend Sunday services with Rev. Wright sometime between now and the Sunday before the election?

2. – Bill Ayers

That would be dynamite!

  • Me: So tell me, what exactly did you two teach back in Chicago once the bombs stopped exploding? 

3.John Holdren

Holdren is President Obama’s Director of Science and Technology and he wrote a book which addressed potential problems with overpopulation.   Some suggested solutions in the book included limiting the size of families,  adding sterilizer to the drinking water supply, and of course, mandatory abortion. Holdren has also called for a  “Planetary Regime” to control the global economy and  a global tax on greenhouse gas emissions.

With a dinner guest like that, guess what topics I would stay on and how it would start?

  • Me: Mr. President; why don’t you and the First Lady go ahead and drink the water first.  And don’t worry about me.  Just leave me some of that filet mignon your having, I’ll eat whatever you don’t finish.

4. –  Carol Browner

Browner is the Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy and she has been one of 14 leaders of Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society, a group that has called for affluent nations to shrink their economies in order to help prevent climate change.

  • Me: “So Mr. President, Carol tells me that she wants to continue to see the economy shrink.  Is that why you have been spending so much and refusing to free the free market?

5. – Congresswoman Maxine “The Tea Party Can Go to Hell” Waters

  • Me: So Mr. President, is there anything that  the two of you don’t agree on? 

6. – Mark Levin

Mark Levin is a constitutional scholar, author, former deputy in the Reagan Justice Department, and my favorite conservative radio talk show host.  He is refreshingly honest, does not hide his feelings, and makes the case against President Obama and liberals, succinctly and relentlessly.  Mark Levin is the type of guy who will say to your face what others will only say behind your back and I would just love to  see President Obama try to eat his dinner while Mark Levin chews him out, respectfully of course.

7. –   Kent and Josephine Terry

The parents of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who died almost one year ago as a result of the Obama Administration’s bungled Fast & Furious operation, have never received an explanation for the American government’s hand in the killing of their son.  Nor have they received an apology from the leaders of our government who made it possible for Mexican drug dealers to kill their son.  I would like to see President Obama look Mr. and Mrs. Terry in the eye and then try to eat his dinner.  I would like to see him explain to them why his Administration has been unwilling to be forthcoming with all the information surrounding their sons death insofar as the government operation that provided their son’s killers with the weapons they used to kill him with.  If there were ever any two people who deserved an audience with the President and his wife, it’s Kent and Josephine Terry.  In fact, President Obama owes it to them.

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Rule Out a Presidential Run for Bobby Jindal in 2012

In This Photo: Bobby JindalBookmark and ShareOn Wednesday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal found himself having to defend his travel schedule in the face of speculation that he has eyes on the state’s U.S. Senate seat or the even the presidency.

As for his travels, the Governor stated that 90% of his scheduled time during his first three years in office was spent in Louisiana where he visited every parish in the state on a regular basis.

Jindal assured voters that there is no shadow of any doubt regarding his intention to focus on reelection in the fall and seeing a second term in office through fully. “I lost the first time I tried to get it. People suggested I should run for the Senate. … I don’t want to be a senator. I want to be governor.” Said Jindal before adding “I have the job I want.

Jindal has done remarkably well for the state of Louisiana and since his first years in office as Governor, many people have spoken highly of his political future. In 2008 the McCain campaign vetted Jindal for the position of Vice President but Jindal claims to have to turned down the opportunity.

For his part Jindal told reporters that they will not find him in Iowa and that his future will consist of completing eight years in office as Governor and accomplishing many of the goals he has planned for the state. After that he plans on returning to the private sector to, as he put it, pay some bills.

Jindal is in fact most likely off the presidential radar in 2012 but don’t for one minute believe that a future run after 2012,in either of the two slots on the ticket, is out of the question.

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Jindal’s November Book Release Is Timed Just Right

Governor Bobby Jindal and local officials flyover

Governor Jindal Addresses BP Oil Disaster Before the Press

Bookmark and Share    It has become tradition that before you run for President of the United States, you must write a book.  The book usually plots the path that America should take for brighter and more prosperous according to its author, the future presidential candidate. Along the way, the book also often makes biographical references to the life of the future candidate and some of the events that shaped their thinking.

This has essentially become a part of the process, a sort of prerequisite that gets a perspective candidate for a presidential nomination same name ID and a basis of understanding for readers to get know all about the man or woman who will be seeking their vote.

Well it would seem that Louisiana’s first term Governor is following in this tradition.

Originally slated to come out in July, Governor Jindal’s book is now coming out in November. He and the co-author of his collection of concepts, policies, beliefs and biographical history were thrown a bit off schedule due to the Gulf Oil spoil calamity that took place earlier this year..

The timing though couldn’t be better. Soon after November’s midterm elections, once the makeup of the political landscape for the next two years is established, the presidential shuffle will begin. Republicans will begin to maneuver their way through the issues and Party leadership and start to position themselves for a run for the GOP presidential nomination. What better way to have your known thrown into the mix than have your book hit the shelves just at the moment that the discussion about the 2012 presidential election takes place.

Jindal’s presidential fortunes are not exactly as great as others are yet but he does a substantial platform from which an aggressive campaign could allow him to be quite viable in the Republican primaries. In 2008, he was ranked one of the nation’s most popular governors with an approval rating of 77%. Since then, although he took a hit from what was widely characterized as a poor national response President Obama’s 2009 State of the Union Address, Jindal has lost some of his glow, but not much. It is quite hard to maintain a 77% approval rating, a number that is normally reserved for wartime President’s. But Jindal has remained popular and his name has been out there more than most governors.

His handling of wicked hurricanes in the wake of the utterly disgraceful of Katrina by the previous Democrat Administration of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, has helped to show Jindal to be a true leader and confident organizer and steward in times of crisis. This impression was only solidified by his handling of the BP oil gusher that produced the greatest manmade ecological disaster in U.S. history. Jindal’s stand against the Obama Administration’s slow reaction and lack of sufficient action in the wake of the rig explosion, helped to contrast Jindal’s own quick reactions and successful efforts to prevent the oil from polluting his Louisiana shores.

But in addition to proving his competence and leadership during times of crisis, Jindal has also demonstrated a steady hand of management and leadership in other areas such as the economy. As a strong fiscal conservative, Jindal has whipped Louisiana’a budget and fiscal condition into far better shape than any of his recent predecessors. Something which has not been an easy fete for a state whose largest city and greatest tourist attraction, New Orleans, is still recovering from the devastation of Katrina while also having to deal with an Obama led moratorium on offshore oil drilling that is killing jobs and the oil spill which devastated the Louisiana fishing and shrimping industries as well as coastal tourism.

In the midst of all this, is the novelty of Jindal’s personal story. He is currently the youngest Governor in America and the first ands only Indian-American Governor in the United States.

All of this can certainly make for a compelling book but is certainly an interesting story, one that can capture the hearts and imaginations of the American electorate, if told right.

After all not all stories get told properly.   After Nancy Pelosi rose to the position of Speaker of the House and became the most powerful and highest elected woman official in U.S. history, when her story was translated into a book, despite all the hype, it was an embarrassing flop that cost more to produce and promote than were made through its sales.

Whether Jindal’s book goes over big or not, there is no denying that he is making sure that all windows of opportunity remain open to him. The November release of his book is just one indication of that but his record and personal story are the real sellers when it comes to 2012 and if the sales pitch isn’t for President, can you say “Vice President Jinda?”. Northern nominees like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin sure can.

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