Trunkline 2012: Wednesday’s Summary of News from the Campaign Trail – 10/24/12

Today’s Trunkline 2012 brings to you news of a Democrat boss caught promoting voter fraud, a breakdown of Obama’s Benghazi lies, Romney receiving Jewish Weekly endorsement as another actor endorses him too,  why stocks continue to stumble, why Obama thinks he will win, Letterman’s disappointment with the President, and more interesting tales from the trail.

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Trunkline 2012: Trunkline 2012: Tuesday’s Tidbits from the Campaign Trail – 10/23/12

Tuesday’s Trunkline 2012 is packed with an array of tidbits regarding last night’s debate including several on polls that will make the left cry, as  well as some analyses of the debate from Charles Krauthammer and David Gergen.  But today’s news summary also includes reports of Republicans being more educated than liberals, the future of the Supreme Court in the next four years, the truth about Obama and Iran, 5 reasons for independents to vote for Romney, a very poignant letter that the New York Times refused to publish, and more;

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Trunkline 2012: Friday’s Wrap-Up of News from the Campaign Trail

Today’s Trunkline 2012 presents to you tales of trouble for our President regarding Benghazi and his reelection chances as well as other tid-bits such as the potential names in Romney’s future Administration, what Vice President Biden finds funny about breast cancer, na ew ad from the families of the victims of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack  makes a plea to the President ,  a look at the dignity and grace of the Romneys, video of the hysterical speeches offered by Obama and Romney at the Al Smith dinner, and as always, much more

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Trunkline 2012: Thursday’s Dust Ups from the Campaign Trail

Today’s campaign trail news summary features Bill Clinton claiming Romney is right, Eva Longoria’s twitter inspired need to resign from Team Obama, the liberal return to playing the race card, Romney’s rising tide in Ohio, the nation and early balloting, the gaffe that will haunt the President in  the third and final debate, a clue that al Qaeda is still very much on the run, Hillary Clinton’s apparent lack of interest in running for President in 2016, and much more

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Trunkline 2012: Tuesday’s Top Tips and Tidbits from the Presidential Campaign Trail

Bookmark and Share  Tuesday’s election news summary takes a look at tonight’s presidential debater drinking game, the need for Candy Crowley to keep her trap shut in tonight’s debate, Condoleezza Rice’s entry in to the campaign trail just as foreign policy becomes a bigger issue,  the increasing importance of Wisconsin in the Electoral College, the tightening race in Pennsylvania, Ross Perot’s endorsement, the president’s dislike for people, and much more from the campaign trail;

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Trunkline 2012: Thursday’s News and Views From the Campaign Trail

Thursday’s Trunkline 2012 election news wrap-up offers you the latest word on what Paul Ryan needs to do tonight, Joe Biden’s debate burden, the Obama campaign’s attempt to blame Romney for Libya being an issue, how the President is treating women like animals, jobless numbers being worse than thought, Jon Stewart’s ridiculing of the President over Big Bird, the Administration’s weak record on illegal immigration, and much more……

Deputy Obama 2012 Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter

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Trunkline 2012: Wednesday’s Word On the Campaign Trail

Bookmark and Share  Today’s Trunkline 2012 election news wrap-up includes headlines about Paul Ryan’s call to actress Stacey dash, Romney’s benchmark lead over Obama, Fred Thompson’s assessment of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech, President Obama’s promise to be nasty, voters trusting Romney on the economy more than the President, an Obama staffer helping Obama voters to vote twice in the election, and much more….

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Trunkline 2012: Tuesday’s Tidbits from the Campaign Trail – 10/9/12

Bookmark and Share   Today’s tidbits from the trail include news about Romney’s rise in the polls,  Obama’s supporters threaten to riot, the DNC ‘s cash shortage, the President’s obsession with Big Bird, Obama’s initial belief that he won the first presidential debate, his lies about Romney and his own record, the president’s declining support among African-Americans, 10 dates from Obama’s first term to remember, the continued fallout from the Libyan terrorist attack and more:

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Trunkline 2012: Monday’s Mentionables from the Presidential Race – 10/8/12

Bookmark and Share  The events shaping this day on the campaign trail in Trunkline 2012 includes stories about President Obama’s unfolding credit card fundraising scandal, new positive polling for Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney’s incredible foreign policy speech at the Virginia Military Institute, the cable from Libya that detailed the threats to our consulate, an explosion of death threats against Romney on Twitter, the dispelling of liberal myths, continued fallout from Obama’s horrible debate performance and more interesting political snippets and tidbits.

  • Obama campaign’s foreign fundraising scandal reveals the illegality of tens of millions of small dollar donations to the Obama reelection effort
  • Romney’s proves to be more presidential than ever as he outlines an inspirational foreign policy vision for the nation in a speech at the Virginia Military institute
  • New White House 2012 Projection Has Romney Winning By 24 Electoral Votes
  • Dems less enthusiastic about Obama as poll shows that among those who are extremely likely to vote, Romney actually leads Obama 52 percent to 46 percent
  • Pew Poll Shows Romney Up By 4 Points
  • Libya Cable Detailed Threats
  • Debunking the liberal myth that Republicans want to return to the same practices that got us into this mess
  • Why Obama Will Lose All Three Debates
  • Twitter exploded with assassination threats against Mitt Romney
  • Continued fallout from President Obama’s disastrous debate performance
  • Just How Stupid Does The Obama Team Think We Are?

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Understanding Obama, Clinton And The Saul Alinsky Playbook

Do you believe politicians should embrace corruption and cruelty? Saul Alinsky did. Born in Chicago in 1909, Alinsky was a community organizer and writer. The experience of being on the front lines of community activism for some 40-years taught him some valuable lessons. He compiled these lessons into a book and in 1971, published Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals. Why do we care?

Well, crusaders, Rules For Radicals has become a cult classic. In fact, Alinsky is commonly considered the grand-daddy of all modern radicals. More important to us, it turns out that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others currently in power are Alinsky disciples and use what they learned from Rules For Radicals as a playbook to govern and force unwanted changes to our society.

Basically, Alinsky said enough of the hippie-style protests of the 1960’s. Infiltration of institutions is needed to achieve change, not flower-power sit-ins. You know, shower, cut your hair, put on proper attire and then go start working for the government. He promoted the idea that politics is war and as such “there are no rules of fair play” as the end justifies the means. The successful radical will say or do anything to achieve their goal. Ethics, honor, good conscience and acts of civility are to be discarded or used only when they can push your agenda forward. The use of cruelty, ridicule, corruption and harm is completely acceptable. Alinsky’s book can be applauded for drawing attention to patience, planning and intense focus within the political arena but just as easily, it can be criticized as activism that promotes disregard for others and sociopathic behavior.

Outlined within Rules For Radicals, are 12 rules Alinsky feels, if properly internalized and implemented, will allow the radical to meet with success, regardless of what political initiative is being pushed.

Rule 1: Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have. Assess your power, consolidate it and project a larger than life image. Obama, Clinton and the hard-Left within the Democratic party are still in the minority. But because he is President and she is Secretary of State and Eric Holder is the top cop and Harry Reid runs the Senate, they project the idea that hard-Left liberalism is the politics of all Democrats. It’s a facade. Yes, it is a well planned and effectively orchestrated presentation but it is a facade nonetheless. Most Democrats, more interested in their salaries, pensions and perks, willingly yield to this presentation. But if you replace Obama these spineless stooges will fall in line with the next flavor of the month.

Rule 2: Never go outside the expertise of your people. Now that we’re deep into Obama’s presidency, ask yourself how many thousands of times you’ve heard these pet phrases — hope and change, we saved jobs, pay their fair share, heading in the right direction — to name a few. Do Obama’s speech writers lack imagination? No. It’s part of the playbook. Avoid facts, logic and intellectual prose. Use bumper sticker phrases and slogans. Keep it simple for the masses. After all, they are just peasants.

Rule 3: Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy. Obama constantly jumps in and out of the Constitution. Why? Well, his hard-Left outlook is in the minority and that means most of the American citizenry is his enemy. Unfortunately, very few of us are Constitutional lawyers. Perhaps he lives in this gray area because it’s outside our expertise. If we don’t know whether his action was legitimate or criminal, we have to wait for clarity or, worse, some sheep will give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, clarity usually means hearings, investigations or litigation — and time. Meanwhile, his appointees are making decisions, his declarations are being implemented and society is being changed. And in the back room, Obama is huddled with his boys scheming his next play.

Rule 4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. If your enemy says she is going to run a positive campaign, force her to be positive while you are free to rip her up. If an organization has a rule that every call or all mail is answered, make 5,000 calls or send 10,000 letters. The idea is to use what your enemies think are strengths, against them.

Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Now you know why he insulted the Supreme Court during his nationally televised State of the Union speech. And Representative Paul Ryan was invited to a nationally televised press conference and given a front row seat only to have himself and his budget proposal publicly ridiculed. Rep. Todd Akin, Donald Trump and Congress have been victims, too. So has the church and bible. He has also mocked and ridiculed the American people numerous times, the very people he is supposed to protect. Examine this carefully and you’ll see the list is virtually endless —  this is what the supreme ruler does.

Rule 6: A good tactic is one your people enjoy. The more fun or satisfying the activity, the more likely your worker bees will return to do it again.

Rule 7: A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. A spin off from rule #6. Keep things as fresh and exciting as you can.

Rule 8: Keep the pressure on. Never let up. Overwhelm your opponent and, as lefties love to say, “never let a crisis go to waste”. Want to stop drilling? Issue a moratorium after an oil spill. Want to grind industry to a halt? Legislate law after law after law faster than industry can adapt to them. Want to do something that won’t be supported by Congress? Issue endless executive orders. Want to spin the head of the American public? Play hide-and-seek. Say you’re against something and then be for it in the next speech or the next month or the next election. Enforce this law but not that law. Chaos is your friend. Keep the opposition off balance. Consider political opponent Mitt Romney. First, Romney is not a qualified businessman. Then, he’s a successful businessman but he’s a job killer. Then he’s an out-sourcer. Also, he’s rich and has money overseas. He must be shady, maybe a tax cheat. This is right out of the playbook. In fact, this week isn’t  Romney a felon?

Rule 9: The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. Plant the seed and let people’s imagination run wild. The monster movie is always scarier when you don’t see the monster.

Rule 10: If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive. Let’s say you had a political philosophy that required high unemployment because you need to force as many people onto the government teat as possible. Further, let’s say, after you’ve damaged the economy, unemployment has risen and stayed above 8% for some 40 months. Although this is what you want, to most Americans, this is a negative. What’s an Alinsky radical to do? You acknowledge it and say something like ‘these numbers aren’t good, and we can do better’. You push this again and again although you never do anything to improve the situation. Over time, because of lowered expectations, people begin to think a drop from 8.4% to 8.2% is a great thing. If you are against capitalism and you push the idea capitalism is a bad thing, over time capitalism becomes a bad thing.

Rule 11: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. Go for it all and accept what you get because every step in the direction of your agenda, no matter how small, is a success. Do you want gun control? Propose a national ban. When that is beaten back to a waiting period, you have a success. I use the analogy of a sculptor. The sculptor chips and chips and chips, day after day until eventually, a stone is transformed into a statue.

Rule 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. This is divide and concur. If you understand that religion will present an obstacle for your healthcare bill you bad mouth and ridicule religion. Then you try to turn the non-religious against the religious. Set the poor against the rich by constantly promoting the idea that profit is bad and that the rich cheated to get their money. Simultaneously, you expand and promote entitlements so the rich-poor contrast stays in the headlines. You can slice up a population almost anyway you want. There’s Wall Street and Main Street, there’s polluters and environmentalists, women’s rights versus pro-life and of course, everyone’s favorite, blacks versus whites. Really, the only limit to divide and concur is your imagination.

A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism. — Saul Alinsky

If you read history, you know America has fought off the influence of Socialism and Communism since the country was founded. From the Left’s perspective, crusaders, this is their shot. The hard-Left radicals, over time, have slowly infiltrated the Democratic Party. Obama, a Saul Alinsky fan club member, just happens to be one of them.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is too. She chose Alinsky as her Wellesley College thesis in 1969: There is Only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model. It’s well known there is this Hatfield and McCoy thing between the Clintons and Obamas. Wonderful Willy takes pot shots at the supreme ruler when he can. Obama claims Romney isn’t qualified for the presidency, Clinton says he’s is. The supreme ruler declares it is time to raise taxes, Wonderful Willy says it’s not. The jabs and body blows are obvious if you pay attention. Yet, even with the bad blood, Obama appointed Horrid Hillary as Secretary of State. Why? Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Make no mistake, if Clinton had won the Democratic primary rather than Obama, and then achieved the presidency, we’d be in the same mess. Sure, events would have unfolded differently but the end-game is the same.

Unfortunately, this is our fault. The American people elected a man they knew nothing about. He turned out to be a man that believes that America is the cause of most of the world’s problems. He was indoctrinated into the anti-capitalism, hard-Left socialist political philosophy and cut his teeth in the rough and tumble Chicago political arena. But as a presidential candidate his background was a problem for conservative America. So he and his supporters edited, hid or lied about the most explosive elements. And why not? Camouflage, miss-direction, lying and sociopathic behavior are all part of the playbook.

We know the supreme ruler’s playground pals have included William Ayers (anti-American terrorist), Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party member and criminal), Bernardine Dohrn (anti-American terrorist), Larry Walsh (neighbor and criminal), Louis Farrakhan (neighbor and race baiting leader of the nation of Islam) and the anti-American racist Rev. Wright. The list of hard-Left Obama associates is a long one. We know he was a card-carrying member of the short-lived but politically radical New Party. And, of course, we know he studied Alinsky.

And because of this, we know he’ll lie, cheat or be cruel to get his way because in the war of politics “there are no rules of fair play”. Character and integrity just don’t come into play because the end justifies the means. The fact is, crusaders, Bad-boy Barack, Horrid Hillary, San Fran Nan and the others just don’t give a chuck what we think. There’s just no other way to say it.

Obama will continue to divide Americans (Rule 12) either by class, race or political philosophy. Clinton, as Secretary of State, will continue to negotiate away the sovereignty of America knowing comrade Obama is waiting with pen in hand to sign the next treaty. We also know this behavior won’t stop (Rule 8).

Understand, crusaders, this is their moment. The hard-Left has the pieces in place. They have San Fran Nan twisting arms in the House when she can and Harry Hostile Reid stalling all economic and job policies in the Senate. They have the key-stone cop, Eric Holder for domestic law un-enforcement. On the international stage is Horrid Hillary, negotiating away American sovereignty and, of course, the supreme ruler is sitting on the throne. But with prominence comes exposure. The question is, what are you seeing?

Before your eyes is uncontrolled spending, intentional attacks on industry and individual states, the stripping of middle-class wealth, the expansion of entitlements, inconsistent or non-existent law enforcement, constitutional violations and international treaties being negotiated that attack American sovereignty. Do you really believe all this is an accident? Or Bush’s fault? Or Europe’s? Or a tsunami’s? Or is it part of the playbook? Do you really believe that if you re-elect Obama, all this will go away during his next term?

Unemployment isn’t going to improve. Obama attacks industry daily. It’s intentional. He wants high unemployment. And don’t forget he has been expanding qualifications for entitlements all along, too. He’s seeking to establish a permanent entitlement-based class. Obama wants you poor. His political philosophy demands it. A controlled economic collapse is a messy but necessary part of economic transition. He wants you intimidated, scared and confused in hopes that most of you will run to the government for help. Nor will he stop outrageous spending, chasing your guns, expanding government and violating the Constitution. He’s four months from an election — has he stopped any of these things yet?

The attempt to over-throw a Constitution-based America, and its capitalist economy is occurring before your eyes. In its place, the minority hard-Left in power seeks to install a euro-socialist state with a permanent entitlement class. They have the key people in place and the wheels of change are turning. They are damn close to success. It can be argued they are one election from victory.

But they do not have a stranglehold. They do not control the American citizenry yet. An educated and motivated public can put a stop to this. Yes, they may be one election away from victory — but so are we.

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Trunkline 2012: Tuesday Tidbits From The Presidential Race – 5/29/12

Bookmark and Share  Today we take a look at some powerful pitches made by Mitt and some heavy hits taken by President Obama, as well as a look at the interesting background of lil’ liberal puke Chris Hayes of “They’re not heroes” fame, the not so amsrt gay marriage battle by Democrtas, a new Romney ad, and much more from aroun the web and out of the campaign trail.

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Trunlkine 2012: Thursday’s Summary of News and Views from the Campaign Trail– 5/24/12

Bookmark and Share  Today’s election news summary takes us on tour of a new Romney ad, tough questioning for Romney, vice presidential auditions, the liberal war on money, Biden’s “us vs. them” problem, non-issues used to the Left’s advantage, how big labor is making Scott Walker a star, and the view that socialism id the answer, as well as much more.

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John Bolton Endorses Mitt Romney

Bookmark and Share   Late Thursday evening, during an interview on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren, controversial conservative foreign policy guru John Bolton endorsed Mitt Romney for President [see interview below].

Bolton, the beneficiary of a recess appoint to the post of Ambassador to the U.N. under President George W. Bush, had flirted with the idea of running for President himself.  During the past Summer, he promised to run if he did not believe that the many pressing dangers on the international stage were given proper attention.

Somewhere along the line, in addition to issues like, money and viability, Bolton apparently determined that the important issues were getting a fair hearing and did not need to be served by his own presidential candidacy.  Now he has determined that Mitt Romney is the best person to be our next President.

As heard in his interview, Bolton believes that most of the Republican candidates have very similar foreign policy views but in addition to Romney’s own solid positions on the issue, Bolton’s decision was largely swayed by what he calls Romney’s electability.  According to Bolton, his criteria for endorsement was based upon finding the most electable conservative in the field and for him, that is Mitt Romney.

Individual personal endorsements don’t usually make much of a difference and Bolton’s probably won’t make a big difference either, but it will help create an impression that can only help Romney within conservative circles.  While Bolton is demonized in liberal circles and would stoned by Ron paull fanatics if he attended a Ron Paul rally, on the right, his reasoned hawkishness has  promoted a hardline position on national defense that offers the nation a better safe than sorry stance.  It has also earned Bolton the neo-Con label and for a candidate like Mitt Romney whom many try to portray as a liberal, the neo-Con affiliation isn’t a bad thing in his plight for the Republican presidential nomination.

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Bachmann’s Presidential TEA Party is Over

  Bookmark and Share    After canceling a planned campaign swing to South Carolina, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann scheduled a press conference in which she announced that she was suspending her campaign.

Bachmann who won the Ames Straw Poll several months ago, lost the state in it’s first in the nation caucus to all of her rivals except for one, Jon Huntsman, the one candidate who did not campaign in Iowa.

Bachmann began the announcement to suspend her campaign by discussing the great responsibility to defend our republic is and explained that she decided to take responsibility by running for President and that her decision was made on the day that Obamacare was passed.  She described Obamacare as one of the greatest threat to the very foundation of our Republic and that its repeal is her greatest goal.

She promised to consider to fight against President Obama’s socialist agenda, as well as capital cronyism, family, life, and religious liberty.

But Bachmann said that on Tuesday, the people of Iowa spoke loudly and as now she will step aside and support the Republican whom we must all unite behind in order to defeat Barack Obama in November.

What Bachmann did not do is throw her support behind any particular candidate yet.  However her departure from the presidential race begins to cut down on a critical factor behind Mitt Romney’s success in the Republican contest.  With her in  the race, Bachmann helped divide the social conservative voting bloc among at least 4 candidates.  That dilution of the vote helped Romney hammer together his frontrunner status.  But now with her out, a candidate like Rick Santorum who essentially tied with Mitt Romney in Iowa, may benefit the most as he begins to become the candidate that social conservatives begin to coalesce around.

While Bachmann may not immediately throw her support behind a single candidate right now, her own future will probably consist of her filing the paperwork that will make her a candidate for reelection to her Minnesota congressional seat.

While a  prospective Republican candidate to replace Bachmann in the House did step forward, Bachmann supporters and the Minnesota G.O.P. have largely been anticipating a Bachmann reelection effort.  According to the deadlines established on the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website, the filing deadline for Bachmann is May 5, 2012, a date that gave Bachmann plenty of time to pursue her presidential ambitions and still file her candidacy for reelection to Congress if that pursuit failed.  That scenario was predicted by White House 2012 back in October of 2011.

Last night it became clear to Bachmann that her pursuit for the White House did fail, but you can rest assured that Bachmann will not fail the conservative cause as she moves forward.  While her campaign may not have been a been a big success from a strategic standpoint, she performed valiantly and was a ferocious defender of our founding principles who most definitely kept the other candidates on their toes and deserves credit for a job well done.

Bachmann now becomes the second Republican presidential  candidate from Minnesota to fall victim to the voters of neighboring Iowa.  Back in August, when Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s own poor showing led him to end his presidential campaign a day later.

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Paul’s Little Johnson: Does It Make Sense to Endorse Someone You Want to Run Against?

Bookmark and Share  The question may sound silly but if reports are true, former New Mexico Governor and soon to be former Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson is about to make it a very pertinent question.

In a press conference scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, Gary Johnson is expected to withdraw from the race for the Republican presidential nomination, register as a Libertarian, and declare his intention to seek that Party’s presidential nomination.   Then he is reportedly going to endorse Ron Paul.

Given the lack of attention that Johnson has been able to direct to himself, the move is one driven by the desire to have some relevance in the 2012 election, something which up to now, Johnson has not been able to pull off.  It is an attempt at political survival that in Johnson’s case, is now highly unlikely to work.

Part of the reason Johnson did not gain any attention in the Republican nomination contest is due to his own lack of charisma and inarticulate messaging.  Johnson is about as inspirational as a pallbearer, but if that wasn’t bad enough, he was overshadowed by another very uninspiring figure……..Ron Paul.

As the two most Libertarian candidates in the field, not only are both men out of touch when it comes to their unrealistic and dangerous foreign policy stands that put them out of touch with mainstream America, they also have both tried to compete for the small but increasing Libertarian voting bloc within the G.O.P.  And it is that competition that ruined any glimmer of hope for attention that Johnson may have had because the cult of personality surrounding quadrennial presidential candidate Ron Paul, simply sucked what little oxygen that did exist in  Johnson’s campaign, right out of it.

Given the circumstances, if Johnson wants to continue with any kind of legitimate campaign for President, then seeking the Libertarian Party nomination is the only logical decision for him to make.  It is a decision which he should have made long ago.

But now come reports that Johnson is about to diminish even that small glimmer of political hope by coupling his announcement to seek the Libertarian presidential nomination with an endorsement of Ron Paul for the Republican presidential nomination.

This leads me to ask, is Johnson going to also endorse Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination too?  Why not come out and also endorse Ralph Nader for the Green Party, Ross Perot for the United We Stand Party, Cynthia McKinney for the Socialist Workers Party, and Lyndon LaRouche for the “Only Other Living Candidate to Run for President as Many Times as Ron Paul Party” nominee?

In a previous post, I offered some praise of Gary Johnson and stated that based on his record of accomplishments as a governor, he was a superior candidate when compared to Ron Paul.  Ron Paul has done little more than preach and participate in acts of political hypocrisy for close to two decades.  But Gary Johnson actually put his Libertarian beliefs to work and applied them to state government.  I continue to stand by that belief.  However, if it is true that Johnson is changing his Party registration from Republican to Libertarian and subsequently announcing his quest for the Libertarian presidential nomination while simultaneously endorsing Ron Paul for the Republican presidential nomination, than I have only one thing to say to Johnson………… Give it up!

I could respect Johnson for coming to the realization that because of his reckless foreign policy and national security sentiments, he is out of touch with Republicans and will therefore seek the nomination of a Party more in tune with his poor judgement on those issues.  But I cannot respect him if he is actually going to do so while endorsing someone who, if he wins the Libertarian, he will be competing against.  That is just plain stupid and is further evidence of just how poor Johnson’s judgement is.

Of course it is all probably just one big game.  Another round of political BS coming from another holier than thou politician who is too proud to to admit that they are not good enough, but too ambitious to not kiss the rear end of a fellow career politician.

Most of us know that Ron Paul will not be the Republican presidential nominee, regardless of where he finishes in next week’s Iowa Caucuses.  Not being  a stupid man, Gary Johnson probably knows this too.  So his endorsement of Ron Paul is most likely a gesture designed to entice those who are supporting Ron Paul during the Republican presidential nomination process, to turn around and support Johnson for President when Paul is out of the race.  The problem is that Ron Paul may not ever drop out of the race.  When he loses the Republican nomination, he might just turn around and run as an independent candidate or compete against Johnson for the Libertarian nomination.

If Ron Paul does either of the two, Johnson is dead meat.  How can he possibly wage a realistic race against the man he endorsed?

That is why, if these reports are true, and Johnson does announce his Libertarian presidential candidacy while also endorsing Ron Paul for the Republican presidential nomination, I will be forced to label him a true political clown, because it all comes down to this, either you believe you are the best, most qualified, person for the job of President and believe that you can do a better job than all the others, or you don’t.  And if you don’t think you are the best person for the job, than you have no right wasting our time by seeking the position and whining about how you deserve time in nationally televised debates that already offer precious little time to legitimate candidates.

In many ways, the point is moot.  Gary Johnson did already endorse Ron Paul back in early December, as seen in this clip.  So whether Johnson reiterates this support for Paul during his announcement today, or not, I will congratulate him for finally  realizing that he has a snowball’s chance in hell at becoming the Republican presidential nominee and for deciding to give that campaign up.  But  I suggest that he make another decision too.  He should decide whether he wants to be President or whether he wants Ron Paul to be President. Once he makes that decision, maybe he will finally be able to do a little good for either himself or Ron Paul.  Until then he is just being a fool and playing us for fools.

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The Republican Candidate’s Holiday Messages and the History of Presidential Christmas Cards

A copy of the first Christmas Gift print distributed by President G. H. W. and Barbara Bush in 1989

Bookmark and Share  I tried quite hard to make sure that White House 2012 got on the Christmas card lists of all the Republican presidential candidates but for some reason we didn’t.  I hoped to bring you images of their Christmas cards.  But since we did not make it to the top of all, their lists, we can only bring you the messages and card images of those we could get a hold of.  Then it dawned on me that it might be quite interesting to take a look at the whole White House Christmas card tradition and its history.  Consider it a Christmas gift of knowlege from White House 2012.  And just for the record, Mitt was the only one whe sent me his Christmas card.  Shame on you Newt!
But before we go in to the cards from those who have been President, let’s tak a look at the cards and messages sent from those who want to be President.

Michele Bachmann

Bachmann did not waste much campaign money on the holidays, she did however send this messageand video  to her supporters.

Newt Gingrich

Newt sprung for some dough for one of his very rare television commericials.  Of course they are airing in only a few special states.

Rick Perry

Perry sent out a very handsome little card with his family on it

Mitt Romney

Romney sent out a card featuring his family and also prepared a Christmas Youtube video ;

Inside image

Rick Santorum

Santorum sent out a card and an email to supporters that was quiter similiar to it;

As we settle in to the upcoming weekend, Karen and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. May you and your family take some time to remember the real meaning of the Christmas season and reflect on the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Luke 2:10:  And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.”

         I also wish my friends of the Jewish faith a very Happy Chanukah. We extend our best wishes during this Festival of Lights.

         I also want to take this time to express my gratitude for our servicemen and women who are protecting our country both oversees and at home. May the joy of the holiday season be with you and your family wherever you may be.

         Merry Christmas and happy holidays!



And now from those who have been President and are soon to be former Presidents and how the Christmas card became a routine part of the White House

In 1923 , Lucretia Walker Hardy, the acting general director of the Community Center Department of the District of Columbia Public Schools wrote a letter to President Calvin Coolidge’s secretary, C. Bascom Slemp.   The letter gave birth to a White House tradition that is now taken for granted when carried out, but would practically force a President outr of office if they failed to follow through with.  The letter actually gave rise to two White House traditions, the National Christmas Tree and the White House Christmas, or season’s greetings cards.

In her letter, Lucretia Walker Hardy wrote, ‘The event which Christmas commemorates means more to to the world as a whole than any other holiday we observe”.  She added “The tree would be outward evidence of the President’s desire to give encouragement to the spirit of which it is symbolic”.

Hardy suggested that the tree come from President Coolidge’s native state of Vermont and after offering volunteering her public schools department for the purpose of erecting and decorating the tree, she invited President Coolidge to officiate over it’s lighting on Christmas Eve.

Due to a public event that the First Lady had already scheduled, the President’s Secretary had to deny Hardy’s request to use White House grounds for the ceremony on Christmas Eve, but the Ellipse was chosen as a suitable alternative for the event.

Not long after that, Middlebury College President Paul D. Moody penned a letter to President that read;

“Middlebury College counts it as a privilege to send to you, from its forest preserve in the heart of the Green Mountains , a National Christmas Tree.  It is our hope that this Vermont Tree when electrically illuminated in Washington will contribute toward a spread of the Christmas spirit throughout the nation”.

On December 18th, the 60 foot fir tree was delivered to the Ellipse, and under the supervision and services of the Potomac Electric Power Company, the tree was hauled in to place, just south of the Department of Treasury.  The whole operation cost $500 and it included the expense of  adding an electronic button that would allow the President to light the tree from the Executive Office.

At 5:05 pm, after walking to the Ellipse, President Coolidge stepped on the electronic button and lit the 3,000 light bulbs that adorned what was the nation’s first National Christmas Tree.  While “Silent Cal” did not deliver a speech at the lighting ceremony, a choir and quartet played with great fanfare and at 7:00 PM the Marine Band played holiday music in a concert before thousands of spirited spectators.

Two hours later, Grace Coolidge orchestrated another display of holiday joy from the White House.  Inspired by the the hymns she listened to at her church, Grace arranged for the appearance of 65 members of the First Congregation Church for the singing of Christmas carols.  With the help of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, the event was heard by an estimated 1 million people via a broadcast over the radio station WCAP.

The Washington Post described the scene this way;

“From the steps of the White House there went forth last night a message of peace on earth, goodwill to me.  It was the message echoing down through the ages from the days of the three shepherds, and as it passed from the throats of a choir on the portico of the White House, it was echoed by the President and his family and thousands of citizens, all in harmony with the reecho in the hearts of the people of the nation and the rest of the world.  It was the reverence of a Christian people giving at the seat of their government the expression of their praise for the “King of Kings” on the eve of his birth”.

That first Christmas at the White House for the First Family, was the last that they would all spend together.  In the summer of 1924, 16 year old Calvin, Jr. died from Staphylococcus septicemia or as it is more commonly known ……. a staph infection, something which typically starts out on the skin but may enter the bloodstream through a cut or other opening in the skin.

However, in the years to follow, the public events of their first Christmas in the White House continued and in 1927 Coolidge wrote the first presidential Christmas message designed to address the nation as a whole.  It appeared in every major newspaper on Christmas morning and received an overwhelmingly appreciative response that prompted thousands of telegrams to the White House which praised Coolidge for his heartfelt expression.

Over the years the holiday message became more personal and more aesthetically pleasing and as more time passed, the White House Christmas card became an official task of the first family that has inspired the commissioning of famed artists and the plight to find  a unique way to reflect the character of each new family that has occupied the White House

As is the case with all traditions, they begin to take a life of their own as they experience a process of natural evolution that incorporates such things as public sentiments and trends, technology, and other influences, yet through it all, no matter what new spin is added, traditions all begin with first steps and in the case of the White House Christmas cards, those steps were taken by the Coolidges.

In 1946 the Trumans designed 800 of the following enclosures that went along with the picture shown below of the Trumans boarding the President’s private plane. Between 1948 and 1952, Harry and Bess Truman lived in Blair House as the White House underwent renovations. So the President directed the Government Printing Office to print 1,000 copies of the following photo of the Blair House. It was given as gifts to the White House staff by President Truman during a 1951 pre-Chrtistmas ceremony on December 22nd.

 The President’s Personal, Artistic Touch: Christmas from the Eisenhowers

Although he was not a trained artist, Dwight D. Eisenhower was an avid amateur painter. As such, he allowed six of his works to be turned into Christmas gifts for the White House staff. According to Mary Evans Seeley, a collector of Presidential Christmas memorabilia and author of Season Greetings from the White House, President Eisenhower wrote the President of Hallmark, Joyce C. Hall the following;

“As you know I always hate to inflict art on my friends and members of my staff, but Hallmark makes such a beautiful package job that I am, and I hope others are, distracted into the belief that the whole thing is a superior product”.

With that came many Eisenhower renderings that were included with Christmas Cards:

An interesting story accompanies the second Eisenhower Christmas card. Hallmark designed two personal cards for the President and First Lady. One was a white card embossed with with a wreath along with a red bow and red berries. According Mary Evans Seeley, the day the cards were going to be shipped staff discovered that the ink from the red ribbon and berries were  smearing on each of the cards.  Suddenly, dozens of Hallmark artists were recruited in to an emergency operation which forced them to place a dab of clear nail polish on each berry and bow. The smudging crisis was solved and the cards were shipped to the White House via TWA.

The other personal card became a favorite of the First Lady. It was trademarked as the “Mamie Bangs” card and caricatured the Mamie Eisenhower’s characteristic bangs.

Embossed Wreath Card with Red Coloring that smeared

The "Mamie Card"



This Christmas gift print of the Green Room was given out with the Christmas card above in 1957

In 1957, this card was the personal enclosure that accompanied the the gift print below it

The image below is another painting by President Eisenhower that was reproduced and used as a White House Christmas gift print

And here is the very contemporary Christmas card provided by the Eisenhowers in 1958.

The Kennedy Cards

With the entrance of Kennedy’s in the White House came the touch of refined tastes that did not allow for caricatures and the bland and drab. So After Hallmark designed a a Christmas card that was similar to one the Eisenhower’s used, Jackie took special care to add her own touch to the now traditional presidential season greetings. In 1962 after Jackie oversaw an extensive updating of the White House and then introduced the nation to her home in a nationally televised tour, the home furnishings editor of the Philadelphia Bulletin want to do a special spread on the First Family’s updated digs. But after sending a photographer to take pictures of the renovated home, the editor rejected them and instead sent over Edward and advertising-illustrator artist to draw some sketches instead.

While doing one of his sketches, Mrs. Kennedy happened to see Lehman, got in to a discussion and was impressed by his work. After a particular Lehman painting of the Red Room appeared in the Philadelphia Bulletin, the Kennedy’s were extremely impressed and Jacki soon turned Lehman’s painting of the White House into cards Christmas Cards and gifts.

The Rarest of all Presidential Christmas Cards

A few days before President and Mrs. Kennedy departed for Texas in an attempt to begin his campaign reelection, 500 special Christmas cards featuring a crèche that was in the Green Room of the White House, were delivered to the White House. With the holiday season under way and Christmas fast approaching, they began to sign these cards on November 20, 1963. Mrs. Kennedy signed in blue ink and the President signed in black. The few cards that were signed had not yet been mailed and after the tragic events of November 22, 1963, they never were.

In fact, at the time there was no record of the cards. Not even by the Kennedy Library, but in 1985 fewer than 30 of these dual signed cards were discovered. They are now perhaps both the saddest and rarest Christmas cards in American history.

Below is the official Kennedy White House Christmas Card for 1962

The Johnson White House

5 days after taking office upon the tragic death of President Kennedy, the State Department asked President Johnson what he wanted to do in regards to a Christmas card. The decision was made to send our a very simple and sedate season greeting.

The Johnson's 1963 Christmas Card

This beautiful Christmas card depictingthe  official White House Christmas Tree became the Johnson’s official Christmas card in 1967

A brief look at other Presidential Season’s Greeting Cards

The N.C. Wyeth painting of "Building the First White House" depicted here, was a patriotic poster used by the Pennsylvania Railroad and in 1971 the President had Hallmark use it for the White House's official Christmas Card

This George P. A. Healy painting of Abraham Lincoln was the Nixon gift print that was sent out to many along with the Christmas card depicted above

A George Durie painting entitled Farmyard in Winter became the source for this 1975 Gerald Ford Christmas card

Mrs. Carter discovered a hand colored wood engraving of the White House and it became the Carter's official 1978 Christmas card

A Thomas Williams Jones painting of the North entry to the White House became the cover for this 1988 official Christmas card for the Reagan's

George and Barbara Bush commissioned artist Mark Hampton to do this watercolor of the Oval Office for their 1990 Christmas card

This 1992 Bush gift print of the National Christmas Tree was drawn by Kamil Kubik

As the Clinton’s moved in to the White House, Hallmark kind of lost its historic place in the handling of the White House Christmas. Instead the Clinton’s chose to go with American Greetings, a greetings card competitor to Hallmark that was a longtime friend of the Clinton’s, big financial supporter of his campaign, and a member of the American Greetings Board of Governors.

So in 1993, the Clinton’s received Charlie Riddle, creative director for American Greetings, and they worked with him on developing a Christmas card photo of the First Couple that conveyed the exact sense of wholesomeness and warmth that the First Lady specifically requested. The end product was the photo used on the card below. It features the President and Mrs. Clinton in the State Dining Room, next to a Christmas Tree and off to the side of a fireplace with the Lincoln portrait hanging right above it.

This year’s Christmas card from the Obamas;

I hope that you enjoyed this little walk through White House Christmas history and as we do all take a much needed from break from politics I leave you with these words spoken by Ronald Reagan from the White House in 1985.

“Let us reach out tonight to every person who is persecuted; let us embrace and comfort, support and love them. Let us come together as one family under the fatherhood of God, binding ourselves in a communion of hearts, for tonight and tomorrow and for all time. May we give thanks for an America abundantly blessed, for a nation united, free, and at peace. May we carry forward the happiness of the Christmas spirit as the guiding star of our endeavors 365 days a year. And as we light this magnificent tree, may all the youthful hope and joy of America light up the heavens and make the angels sing.”

“Merry Christmas, ands God bless you all.”

Woefully incapable of saying it any better myself, on behalf of White House 2012 I state quite simply, “ditto”.

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“By the time Obama lands in Chicago, I will have forty percent of Obama’s government dismantled”

Bookmark and Share   So said Newt Gingrich in an interview with Sean Hannity and after saying it to Sean a few days ago, Newt took the time to repeat himself today on Facebook where he posts;

“Two hours after I’m sworn in as President, and by the time Obama lands in Chicago, I will have forty percent of Obama’s government dismantled. – Newt Gingrich

And with that, Newt attaches the link to his interview with Hannity [see the video below this post]

Like Newt, we suggest that you watch it. 

In today’s polarized environment, those who dislike Newt will continue to do so.  But those who like Newt, will like him more and those who are keeping their minds open as to who is best able to lead the nation, will be struck by the amount of logic that Newt demonstrates in the interview.

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