Understanding Obama, Clinton And The Saul Alinsky Playbook

Do you believe politicians should embrace corruption and cruelty? Saul Alinsky did. Born in Chicago in 1909, Alinsky was a community organizer and writer. The experience of being on the front lines of community activism for some 40-years taught him some valuable lessons. He compiled these lessons into a book and in 1971, published Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals. Why do we care?

Well, crusaders, Rules For Radicals has become a cult classic. In fact, Alinsky is commonly considered the grand-daddy of all modern radicals. More important to us, it turns out that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others currently in power are Alinsky disciples and use what they learned from Rules For Radicals as a playbook to govern and force unwanted changes to our society.

Basically, Alinsky said enough of the hippie-style protests of the 1960’s. Infiltration of institutions is needed to achieve change, not flower-power sit-ins. You know, shower, cut your hair, put on proper attire and then go start working for the government. He promoted the idea that politics is war and as such “there are no rules of fair play” as the end justifies the means. The successful radical will say or do anything to achieve their goal. Ethics, honor, good conscience and acts of civility are to be discarded or used only when they can push your agenda forward. The use of cruelty, ridicule, corruption and harm is completely acceptable. Alinsky’s book can be applauded for drawing attention to patience, planning and intense focus within the political arena but just as easily, it can be criticized as activism that promotes disregard for others and sociopathic behavior.

Outlined within Rules For Radicals, are 12 rules Alinsky feels, if properly internalized and implemented, will allow the radical to meet with success, regardless of what political initiative is being pushed.

Rule 1: Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have. Assess your power, consolidate it and project a larger than life image. Obama, Clinton and the hard-Left within the Democratic party are still in the minority. But because he is President and she is Secretary of State and Eric Holder is the top cop and Harry Reid runs the Senate, they project the idea that hard-Left liberalism is the politics of all Democrats. It’s a facade. Yes, it is a well planned and effectively orchestrated presentation but it is a facade nonetheless. Most Democrats, more interested in their salaries, pensions and perks, willingly yield to this presentation. But if you replace Obama these spineless stooges will fall in line with the next flavor of the month.

Rule 2: Never go outside the expertise of your people. Now that we’re deep into Obama’s presidency, ask yourself how many thousands of times you’ve heard these pet phrases — hope and change, we saved jobs, pay their fair share, heading in the right direction — to name a few. Do Obama’s speech writers lack imagination? No. It’s part of the playbook. Avoid facts, logic and intellectual prose. Use bumper sticker phrases and slogans. Keep it simple for the masses. After all, they are just peasants.

Rule 3: Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy. Obama constantly jumps in and out of the Constitution. Why? Well, his hard-Left outlook is in the minority and that means most of the American citizenry is his enemy. Unfortunately, very few of us are Constitutional lawyers. Perhaps he lives in this gray area because it’s outside our expertise. If we don’t know whether his action was legitimate or criminal, we have to wait for clarity or, worse, some sheep will give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, clarity usually means hearings, investigations or litigation — and time. Meanwhile, his appointees are making decisions, his declarations are being implemented and society is being changed. And in the back room, Obama is huddled with his boys scheming his next play.

Rule 4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. If your enemy says she is going to run a positive campaign, force her to be positive while you are free to rip her up. If an organization has a rule that every call or all mail is answered, make 5,000 calls or send 10,000 letters. The idea is to use what your enemies think are strengths, against them.

Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Now you know why he insulted the Supreme Court during his nationally televised State of the Union speech. And Representative Paul Ryan was invited to a nationally televised press conference and given a front row seat only to have himself and his budget proposal publicly ridiculed. Rep. Todd Akin, Donald Trump and Congress have been victims, too. So has the church and bible. He has also mocked and ridiculed the American people numerous times, the very people he is supposed to protect. Examine this carefully and you’ll see the list is virtually endless —  this is what the supreme ruler does.

Rule 6: A good tactic is one your people enjoy. The more fun or satisfying the activity, the more likely your worker bees will return to do it again.

Rule 7: A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. A spin off from rule #6. Keep things as fresh and exciting as you can.

Rule 8: Keep the pressure on. Never let up. Overwhelm your opponent and, as lefties love to say, “never let a crisis go to waste”. Want to stop drilling? Issue a moratorium after an oil spill. Want to grind industry to a halt? Legislate law after law after law faster than industry can adapt to them. Want to do something that won’t be supported by Congress? Issue endless executive orders. Want to spin the head of the American public? Play hide-and-seek. Say you’re against something and then be for it in the next speech or the next month or the next election. Enforce this law but not that law. Chaos is your friend. Keep the opposition off balance. Consider political opponent Mitt Romney. First, Romney is not a qualified businessman. Then, he’s a successful businessman but he’s a job killer. Then he’s an out-sourcer. Also, he’s rich and has money overseas. He must be shady, maybe a tax cheat. This is right out of the playbook. In fact, this week isn’t  Romney a felon?

Rule 9: The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. Plant the seed and let people’s imagination run wild. The monster movie is always scarier when you don’t see the monster.

Rule 10: If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive. Let’s say you had a political philosophy that required high unemployment because you need to force as many people onto the government teat as possible. Further, let’s say, after you’ve damaged the economy, unemployment has risen and stayed above 8% for some 40 months. Although this is what you want, to most Americans, this is a negative. What’s an Alinsky radical to do? You acknowledge it and say something like ‘these numbers aren’t good, and we can do better’. You push this again and again although you never do anything to improve the situation. Over time, because of lowered expectations, people begin to think a drop from 8.4% to 8.2% is a great thing. If you are against capitalism and you push the idea capitalism is a bad thing, over time capitalism becomes a bad thing.

Rule 11: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. Go for it all and accept what you get because every step in the direction of your agenda, no matter how small, is a success. Do you want gun control? Propose a national ban. When that is beaten back to a waiting period, you have a success. I use the analogy of a sculptor. The sculptor chips and chips and chips, day after day until eventually, a stone is transformed into a statue.

Rule 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. This is divide and concur. If you understand that religion will present an obstacle for your healthcare bill you bad mouth and ridicule religion. Then you try to turn the non-religious against the religious. Set the poor against the rich by constantly promoting the idea that profit is bad and that the rich cheated to get their money. Simultaneously, you expand and promote entitlements so the rich-poor contrast stays in the headlines. You can slice up a population almost anyway you want. There’s Wall Street and Main Street, there’s polluters and environmentalists, women’s rights versus pro-life and of course, everyone’s favorite, blacks versus whites. Really, the only limit to divide and concur is your imagination.

A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism. — Saul Alinsky

If you read history, you know America has fought off the influence of Socialism and Communism since the country was founded. From the Left’s perspective, crusaders, this is their shot. The hard-Left radicals, over time, have slowly infiltrated the Democratic Party. Obama, a Saul Alinsky fan club member, just happens to be one of them.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is too. She chose Alinsky as her Wellesley College thesis in 1969: There is Only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model. It’s well known there is this Hatfield and McCoy thing between the Clintons and Obamas. Wonderful Willy takes pot shots at the supreme ruler when he can. Obama claims Romney isn’t qualified for the presidency, Clinton says he’s is. The supreme ruler declares it is time to raise taxes, Wonderful Willy says it’s not. The jabs and body blows are obvious if you pay attention. Yet, even with the bad blood, Obama appointed Horrid Hillary as Secretary of State. Why? Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Make no mistake, if Clinton had won the Democratic primary rather than Obama, and then achieved the presidency, we’d be in the same mess. Sure, events would have unfolded differently but the end-game is the same.

Unfortunately, this is our fault. The American people elected a man they knew nothing about. He turned out to be a man that believes that America is the cause of most of the world’s problems. He was indoctrinated into the anti-capitalism, hard-Left socialist political philosophy and cut his teeth in the rough and tumble Chicago political arena. But as a presidential candidate his background was a problem for conservative America. So he and his supporters edited, hid or lied about the most explosive elements. And why not? Camouflage, miss-direction, lying and sociopathic behavior are all part of the playbook.

We know the supreme ruler’s playground pals have included William Ayers (anti-American terrorist), Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party member and criminal), Bernardine Dohrn (anti-American terrorist), Larry Walsh (neighbor and criminal), Louis Farrakhan (neighbor and race baiting leader of the nation of Islam) and the anti-American racist Rev. Wright. The list of hard-Left Obama associates is a long one. We know he was a card-carrying member of the short-lived but politically radical New Party. And, of course, we know he studied Alinsky.

And because of this, we know he’ll lie, cheat or be cruel to get his way because in the war of politics “there are no rules of fair play”. Character and integrity just don’t come into play because the end justifies the means. The fact is, crusaders, Bad-boy Barack, Horrid Hillary, San Fran Nan and the others just don’t give a chuck what we think. There’s just no other way to say it.

Obama will continue to divide Americans (Rule 12) either by class, race or political philosophy. Clinton, as Secretary of State, will continue to negotiate away the sovereignty of America knowing comrade Obama is waiting with pen in hand to sign the next treaty. We also know this behavior won’t stop (Rule 8).

Understand, crusaders, this is their moment. The hard-Left has the pieces in place. They have San Fran Nan twisting arms in the House when she can and Harry Hostile Reid stalling all economic and job policies in the Senate. They have the key-stone cop, Eric Holder for domestic law un-enforcement. On the international stage is Horrid Hillary, negotiating away American sovereignty and, of course, the supreme ruler is sitting on the throne. But with prominence comes exposure. The question is, what are you seeing?

Before your eyes is uncontrolled spending, intentional attacks on industry and individual states, the stripping of middle-class wealth, the expansion of entitlements, inconsistent or non-existent law enforcement, constitutional violations and international treaties being negotiated that attack American sovereignty. Do you really believe all this is an accident? Or Bush’s fault? Or Europe’s? Or a tsunami’s? Or is it part of the playbook? Do you really believe that if you re-elect Obama, all this will go away during his next term?

Unemployment isn’t going to improve. Obama attacks industry daily. It’s intentional. He wants high unemployment. And don’t forget he has been expanding qualifications for entitlements all along, too. He’s seeking to establish a permanent entitlement-based class. Obama wants you poor. His political philosophy demands it. A controlled economic collapse is a messy but necessary part of economic transition. He wants you intimidated, scared and confused in hopes that most of you will run to the government for help. Nor will he stop outrageous spending, chasing your guns, expanding government and violating the Constitution. He’s four months from an election — has he stopped any of these things yet?

The attempt to over-throw a Constitution-based America, and its capitalist economy is occurring before your eyes. In its place, the minority hard-Left in power seeks to install a euro-socialist state with a permanent entitlement class. They have the key people in place and the wheels of change are turning. They are damn close to success. It can be argued they are one election from victory.

But they do not have a stranglehold. They do not control the American citizenry yet. An educated and motivated public can put a stop to this. Yes, they may be one election away from victory — but so are we.

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Trunkline 2012: Monday Mentions from The Republican Presidential Race – 12/12/11

Bookmark and Share  Gingrich and Romney trade barbs, Paul becomes appealing, Santorum raises money with Romney’s bet, and some juice on Marco Rubio and Ben Bernanke.   All of this awaits you in today’s Trunkline 2012.  And don’t forget to take the poll in it.

Between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, which of the two would be a stronger candidate against President Obama?   Vote here, now.

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Trunkline 2012: Sunday Election News Review-12//11/11

Bookmark and Share Sunday’s Trunkline 2012 offers you a picure that is worth more words than Obama stimulus package, a video that summarizes the Obama Adminstration up quite well, the DNC’s attacks oln Newt, Bachmann’s attacks on Newt and Mitt, Perry’s poke at Romney’s deep pockets, Santorum’s telling interview with bloggers, a recap of last night’s debate, and more.  All for your information and consideration here at White House 2012, where being American and believing in American exceptionalism is a good thing.

Hat Tip To MoonBattery.com

  • Video of the Week:
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How does Team Romney deal with Gingrich “The Comeback Kid?”

Bookmark and Share   Mitt Romney and his team have been caught blind sided by the resurgence of former Speaker Newt Gingrich in recent weeks. Romney and his team have until now, run a fairly steady professional campaign, appearing to see off all challengers from Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann and last month, Herman Cain. The only challenger, who appeared likely to threaten Romney and his front runner status seriously, was Rick Perry, who had the finance and organisation to worry Romney before his debate performances tripped him up.

Former Speaker Gingrich was dismissed as a serious potential nominee last summer when political strategists and operatives left his campaign and with it a large debt. It appeared Gingrich would be forced out of the race early however; Gingrich launched a low-key strategy of maximising his resources to keep his ailing campaign going until he could make an impact during the many presidential debates. The debates have changed the electoral picture significantly, in a nation where leadership, ideas and willingness for bi-partisan co-operation seemed all but lost. Gingrich the often ridiculed professor like character, suddenly burst through the efforts of the mainstream media and began sounding like the presidential voice American’s and others have been crying out for. Gingrich not only could answer the questions substantively, he apologised where he made poor decisions in the past, offered creative and visionary solutions to many of the problems America faces and stuck to Ronald Reagan 11th Commandment of not attacking another Republican.

Romney and his team have been preparing for this presidential run for six years. Romney has been polished, smart, and professional, styled himself as the business candidate who could save the economy. He was able to look Commander in Chief like when compared to Herman Cain. He appeared practical and focused on foreign affairs when compared to Ron Paul’s stance on Iran and even when pressed into a clash by Perry, was able to remain composed and calm.

Romney and his team didn’t expect the near perfect rise of former Speaker Gingrich five weeks away from the first primary and caucus race. A Rasmussen Poll released today shows if the election were held today, Gingrich would receive 38% of the vote and Romney now a distant second on 17%.

Gingrich’s rise is due to his ability to cover a range of topics and invoke the patriotic passion and American spirit within the American people. Gingrich didn’t just rely on beating President Obama on his record like Romney, he is selling a vision, a future and able to say to voters, ”Here is what the country looks like after three year of an Obama presidency, can you afford four more?”.

Gingrich rhetorically uses specific examples, as he uncovers the Obama presidency then says, this is what I will do on jobs, education, national security & controversially, immigration. The trick Gingrich has cleverly used when selling himself, is on the notion that while he has a clear vision for America’s future, he is prepared to listen to anybody and above all, he talks about getting both political parties to work together again. He passionately believes the mantra of American togetherness is essential in rebuilding the nation and its fortunes.

Team Romney knows they cannot dismiss Gingrich’s rise like the previous pretenders. Gingrich has vast political and private sector experience; he has an exceptional mind and brilliant ability to offer three of four ideas on an issue, where others struggle to provide one. Team Romney know the stakes are higher then ever before with only five weeks to go before caucuses and faced with a challenger who poses their most substantial and credible threat to a Romney nomination victory.

How will Romney and his campaign team respond? It is already evident; they intend to launch a strong, robust and sustained attack that labels Gingrich as a Washington insider and serial flip-flopper who can’t be trusted. The big strategic question however remains; will Romney engage Gingrich through political advertisements or in the remaining debates?

It is an extremely tricky position Team Romney find themselves in. Any attack against Gingrich could rebound and hurt Romney among GOP supporters and only help to solidify Gingrich’s support more. It is likely they view the Gingrich threat as one which they’ll have to execute steadily and cautiously, by initially focussing on the Romney’s strengths personally and professionally such as his stable family and long marriage, his private sector experience on a whole, indirectly highlighting Gingrich’s Washington ties and former personal flaws.

If Gingrich is still in the lead two weeks away from Iowa, then expect a change in tactics and an all out attack campaign from Team Romney. Gingrich will not be like other challengers, if Romney’s team engage and attack him directly, Gingrich is very capable of putting it into perspective and force attention back on Romney. The late Gingrich challenge appears to have also unsettled Romney personally, he appeared annoyed and angered when questioned on the healthcare issue by an interviewer this week. Romney needs to ensure he doesn’t adopt a prickly personality which could bring on a media tsunami of close scrutiny and pressure at the very time he doesn’t need negative attention.

My own advice to Romney and his campaign team is to remove the protective shackles from and let him demonstrate some real passion and determination to win. Romney needs to convince voters why he would make a great president but more importantly, how much he wants it. Removing some of the protectionism which has surrounded Romney up to now, may in fact be the best strategy of all, to beat Gingrich. To challenge or attack Gingrich directly is a political tight rope for any GOP candidate with the potential for supporter backlash or abandonment.

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An Interview With Rick Santorum

Bookmark and Share  Rick Santorum recently sat down with the editorial board of New Hampshire’s Nashua Telegraph newspaper.

For over an hour, Senator Santorum answered substantive questions about the issues and on topics ranging from  healthcare to Iran, and energy to education, Santorum proved that he has a command of the issues and is certainly worthy of consideration for the Republican presidential nomination.

For those of you who are truly interested in where the candidates stand and really want to know about all the candidates, I suggest that you find the time to watch this interview.  It provides you with a true sense of who Santorum is and how he would lead us if given the opportunity.  To view the interview in its entirety, click on the image link below.  Below that you will find a synopsis of the questions and answers in the interview.  While it serves as a handy summation, it does not have the full impact that the actual video of the interview has.

Click here to see the complete interview

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Welcome to The Telegraph’s Editorial Board interview with Republican Senator Rick Santorum.

Q: What role should the federal government take to make health care more affordable?

A: I think the federal government makes health care less affordable…. With government control comes potential for waste, fraud, misuse.

On Health Care: Take car insurance, which is supposed to cover an accident, not routine items like oil changes. … Health care is the exact opposite. Health care covers everything right now … Don’t insulate the consumer from the price.

Q: Your tax reform plan is pretty affordable. Would it generate enough revenue?

A: Lower the tax rate, but create a broader base, by closing loopholes in the tax code. … Need more manufacturing jobs.

On taxes: In order to attract manufacturing jobs back you can eliminate the corporate tax for manufacturers. … We can get jobs back here that are higher paying.

On energy: I was just up in the north country. The northern pass is a big deal up there. My response is ‘lets build more power plants in this country.’

Q: Are the any areas that should be off limits to oil drilling?

A: Yes, but it’s not ANWR. (Artic National Wildlife Refuge). … That’s a coastal plain not one of the mountainous regions of Alaska as it’s portrayed to be.

On Obama: He’s accomplished what he wanted by being an absentee leader on important issues. … That’s not what the economy needed.

Santorum: There’s a failure of leadership in the White House.

Santorum: The president acts like a politician running for office, not a sitting leader. That has had a poisonous effect on the country.

Santorum: Republicans want to shrink government, not increase spending.

Q: On illegal immigration: What do you do with people who have been here for decades with jobs and families?

A: We shouldn’t be raiding homes, but we should be enforcing the law.

Q: What about a Romney’s plan?

Santorum: Well that’s a classic Romneyism. He changed his position because he’s running in a conservative Republican Primary.

Comment From John
How does Senator Santorum plan on helping America’s veterans who are unemployed after returning home? The unemployment rate for vets is currently a staggering 14%

A: That’s a huge problem. … It bleeds over into homelessness, suicide, unemployment.

Santorum: We have to stop that. I’m the only one in the race who wants to increase the number of people in the military.

Santorum: I’m all for tightening the belt, but I’m not in favor of reducing defense spending.

Q: How do you envision military action in the future, more like Iraq and Afghanistan or more like Libya?

A: Libya was unique because I don’t think there was a national security interest there. … The whole point of our military action was humanitarian. It was basically to stop a massacre.

On military: The next big issue is Iran, and what do we do about that situation. … Iran with a nuclear weapon is the same as Al Queda with a military weapon.

Santorum on Iran: We need to invigorate the pro-democracy groups in that country.

Santorum: Under president Obama, we took a neutral position at best.

Santorum: If you are a nuclear scientist working in Iran, you should be treated as any other enemy combatant against the united states.

Comment From Kevin
Senator Santorum voted against NAFTA. But the general Republican consensus is that free trade is a net plus both economically and in terms of spreading Western values. What is his trade philosophy?

A: I wasn’t convinced NAFTA was good for my District (Pennsylvania) and I was greatly worried about Mexico as a trading partner.

Q: What should the role of the federal government be in education?

A: Very limited… One of the biggest regrets I have is voting for No Child Left Behind. … Federal control of education goes up as the increase in funding goes up.

On education: We have 5 kids and home-schools them. Academic performance is only one indicator.

On education: The education system was built around the time the Model T Ford was being built. … We built a factory for education. … The factory is not build to educated your child, its built to educate children.

On college: The idea that all students should go to college is ludicrous. Not everyone needs to go to college.

On education: Pumping money in to a system that is producing a large amount of failure is not working.

Q: Does you support the teaching of creationism in schools?

A: Kids in schools want to know where we came from. They are told scientific facts about that, but they are not allowed to have a discussion or debate that might contain the word “God” or “creator.”

Q: What about entitlement reform?

A: I think we need to get our house in order and get our deficits down. We need to have revenues match expenses…. In my opinion, we’ve missed our window. Now we have to fix it.

Santorurm in closing: I bring experience, confidence, and charisma … and I plan to be the next president of the United States.

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White House 2012′s Morning Memo: Tuesday’s Election News Briefing for 11/15/11

Bookmark and Share   While you were asleep, the political world kept turning and tried to cast its perpetual spin on reality.  So set the record straight with White House 2012’s Morning Memo as we bring you  Gloria Cain’s interview, Polls that have Newt soaring and Americans doubting Cain, as well as stories about the end of Rick Perry’s campaign, strange emails from the First Lady, the stage being set for the Supreme Courts hearing on Obamacare, the shaping of the 2016 presidential election, notes about the Abuser in Chief, and much more. 

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Trunkline 2012: Saturday Political News in Review and the Cinema Politico Movie of the Week 11/12/11

Bookmark and Share  Saturdays edition of  Trunkline 2012 reveals where to watch tonight’s debate, photo of Rick Perry’s debate preparation, Buddy Roemer’s bitter twitter, the California Supreme Court’s ruling for Mexican flag and against our American flag, Newtmentum, the Obama Administration’s praise of Jon Corzine’s economic expertise,  the guest lineup and topics of this Sunday’s morning news programs, this week’s Cinema Politico Saturday night movie feature, and as always, more.

  • Watch tonight’s CBS/National Journal Republican presidential debate on foreign policy live here, starting at 8:00 PM ET
  • Hours before the CBS/ National Journal foreign policy debate and Rick Perry Tweets: “Debate prep in Spartanburg, SC !! “http://t.co/uwdY27IN
  • A frustrated and inconsequential Buddy Roemer tweets I’ve decided to go to the movies tonight instead of tweeting the debate. Less BS.”  Aren’t we bitter? Maybe he should join OWS protesters and watch the debate with them.
  • Some Advice for Newt Gingrich from White House 2012
  • Turning an elephant into a Newt?   Newtmentum kicks in!
  • 10 character assassination attempts by liberals
  • NPR runs nasty hit piece on Herman Cain
  • Cain: I wouldn’t be Romney’s VP — but I’d consider being his secretary of defense
  • Ironic Flashback, 2009: Biden touts Jon Corzine as economic go-to guy for Team Obama
  • If this doesn’t piss you off, nothing will: California Students: Court Rules Mexican Flag Okay on May 5th – American Flag Not Okay on May 5th 
  • With Debt There is No DemocracySunday Morning Political News Program Guest lineup:

ABC’s “This WeekRoundtables on politics and Iran.   NBC’s “Meet the Press” 2012 GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann; Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the Democratic National Committee.   CBS’ “Face the Nation” 2012 GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman; Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.; Govs. Martin O’Malley, D-Md., and Haley Barbour, R-Miss.   CNN’s “State of the Union” Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas; Sens. Mark Warner, D-Va., and Tom Coburn, R-Okla.; Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus; Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa “Fox News Sunday” Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa.; Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C.; Gov. Tom Corbett, R-Pa.; Penn State student body President T.J. Bard; former Penn State and Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris.

W takes viewers through Bush’s eventful life — his struggles and triumphs, how he found both his wife and his faith, and of course the critical days leading up to Bush’s decision to invade Iraq.  Oliver Stone’s biographical take on the life of George W. Bush, chronicles a liberal view of  George W. Bush’s life from his wild and carefree days in college, to his military service, to his governorship of Texas and role in the oil business, his 2000 candidacy for president, his first turbulent four years, and his 2004 re-election campaign.

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W. - on Hulu (You need to register with Hulu to see the movie. Registration is quick, free, and easy)

White House 2012’s November Ranking of the Republican Presidential Candidates

Bookmark and Share    White House 2012 is out with this month’s ranking of the Republican presidential race for president.  The ranking reflects the combined  opinions of White House 2012 contributors and offers a look at where we believe the candidates or perspective candidates will place on Election Day based on current circumstances.

This month, while there is little change from last month, most candidates have moved up slightly, but Texas Governor Rick Perry had the most significant drop in the ranking when since the October list was publicshed.  According to the collective wiosdom of White House 2012 contributors, Perry slid from second to fifth place.   Meanwhile Cain, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, and Bachmann each move up a notch.  Mitt Romney remians in the number one slot and Gary Johnson has a tight hold on last place.

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Trunkline 2012: Sunday Election News Review – 11//06/11

Bookmark and Share  Sunday political news summary offers a look at the Sunday morning political programs, how Florida Republicans view the chances of the GOP presidential nominee winning their state in 2012, Rick santorums social and cultural agenda, Herman Cain’s fundraising, attacks upon Romney and Cain, the way Obama can win in 2012, and much more.

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