White House 2012: View Video of the Entire CBS/National Journal Republican Presidential Here

Bookmark and Share¬†¬† Last night’s Republican presidential debate on foreign policy allowed the G.O.P. candidates to identify¬†that which unites the Party and divides the Party, not to mention the nation as well.¬† While Ron Paul was the most contrarian candidates on the stage, one of the areas of major disagreement within the G.O.P. field was on foreign aid.¬†

Some candidates stood firm on starting every nation off with a zero sum in foreign aid.  Newt Gingrich in particular made some good points in that area.  Other candidates however, tried to explain a reality which forces us to accept certain levels of foreign aid to certain nations, as a necessary component to national security. 

For a more detailed analysis of last evening’s debate, click here.

To develop your own opinion, view the debate in its entirety by playing the following series of seven videos.

A transcript of the debate will provided by White House 2012 as soon as possible.

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