Palin Preserves Her Political Viability and Hits Her Critics with A Reality Check

Bookmark and Share In the aftermath of the tragedy that consumed the nations attention following a gunmans killing of six and injuring of 14 others during an assassination attempt on the life of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, some tried to exploit the devastating event by pinning blame for it on anti-government sentiments addressed by the political right. The bodies of the victims were barely cold before some started accrediting blame for the massacre in Tucson to entities like Fox News, and people like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin.

In an editorial for White House 2012s parent blog POLITICS 24/7, I noted that this was shameful and that in trying to make sense out of a senseless act of violence, instead of allowing the facts come to light before jumping to conclusion, instead of uniting in respectful condolences and prayer, some on the left hypocritically used the same type of senseless political rhetoric that they accused the right of and acted with as much hate as they also blame the right for.

In the days to follow, the public debate continued to seek a face to blame and as more time passed, the more it focused in on Sarah Palin.

Left unanswered, the storyline that some were using to target Sarah Palin with, could have easily imbedded itself in the public psyche. Fortunately though, many other fronts disputed the political allegations and in time that should have been left to mourning, the political debate intensified. Now Sarah Palin decided to respond.

Some may question the timing but those same voices must ask themselves how long it would take for them to react to a national conversational that was taking place about them as if they were not in the room to hear it?

For her part, Palins statement was dignified but sharp. It contained a tone that was respectful and focused on the need to unify against violence not use it to divide us further. But Palin also did not tip toe around the accusations thrown at her. Calling the accusations of the journalists and pundits acts of blood libel, Palin chastised them for exploiting the tragedy.

It is unfortunate that such dialogue was forced into the tragic events that took place in Tucson but the need for Palin to make her statement was undeniable. Those who wish to silence her opinions and views will obviously go to great pains in their attempts to politically eviscerate her and remove her from the political stage. But those who know and believe in Sarah Palin understand that she is not merely a symbol of the anti-establishmentarian politics that so many have come to embrace, she is the embodiment of it, and they also know that her strong belief system would never allow her to be sidelined by others.

Given the sensitivities of the charges thrown at Palin, even if she did not intend to remain a viable force in politics, she would have still addressed the political rhetoric that exploited the Giffords assassination attempt. But the fact that Palin did so in a way that was a dramatic as it was, reinforced her viability in politics and demonstrated an ability to hold her own under political fire.

The debate that the left inspired after the Giffords shooting, presented Palin with a personal crisis. She could have allowed the contemptuous allegations to define her political future. Had that been the case, she would have been forever marginalized in politics. But as is the case with all good leaders, Palin addressed the controversy head on and redefined the attacks for what they really are..the underhanded tactics of politics as usual, the type of politics which Palin defies.

Overall, Palin took a situation that was being improperly used against her and turned it in to one that, through no intention of her own, perversely benefited her. In her address which was entitled America’s Enduring Strength, Palin demonstrated presidential character and demeanor. She remained on message and unlike her opponents, never tried to exploit the tragedy in Tucson. Such an opportunity would never and should never have come to Palin through an event like this, but it is one that was ironically created by the same emotions and thinking that motivated Jared Lee Loghner to pull the trigger on that fateful Saturdayhate and intolerance for differences of opinion. The hate that some on the left have for Sarah Palin and their own intolerance of differences of opinion drove them to exploit the murder and mutilation that took place in Tucson, And in doing so, they triggered a backlash that Sarah Palin now took control of.

There are many lessons to be learned here but the most important of all is the one that shows us that hate has no place in civil discourse or in politics and that those who play with hate are the ones who reapits great wrath the most.

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