Barbour; “I Don’t Shy Away from My Career as a Lobbyist”

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Governor Barbour at work

 Bookmark and Share    It looks like Governor Haley Barbour is shoring up his image for the 2012 race presidential race by taking the biggest criticism that will be lodged against him and turning it into an asset.

According to Paul Bedard of U.S. News & World Report when asked about the charges that will undoubtedly be lodged against Barbour because of his years as one of the most successful lobbyists in the nation, Barbour stated;

“Advocacy, whether it is in the courtroom, like I did when I was a young lawyer, or a lobbyist, is something presidents have to be very good at.”

The statement reveals Governor Barbour’s tendency to take issues head on and apparently when it comes to the lobbying background that many will try to use against him, Barbour will turn that perceived negative into a positive.

For proof as to why his lobbying experience will be a positive, one will not need to go further than Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster that hit Barbour’s Mississippi as hard as it hit New Orleans. Yet unlike like Louisiana, under Haley Barbour, the recovery effort in Mississippi was much more fluid and effective. This was mainly do to Barbour’s exceptional connections and ability to successfully lobby for that which he is an advocate of.

Based on his handling of Hurricane Katrina, Barbour adds;

“So I don’t shy away from my career as a lobbyist. I was a pretty good one.”

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