Marco Rubio Saves Former First Lady Nancy Reagan in Fall

Bookmark and Share  On Tuesday at the Reagan Library, before Senator Marco Rubio delivered a powerful speech on the role of government in our lives, he escorted former First Lady Nancy Reagan down a long aisle in between the packed to capacity audience.  Along the way, the First Lady, frail and walking with a cane, misstepped and was falling until Senator Rubio caught her and safely brought her back to her feet (see the video below).

Mrs. Reagan is now 90 years old and not very long ago endured hip surgery, so one can easily understand how this happened with the First Lady.  Thankfully though, Senator Rubio truly saved the day.  Had a a person with slower reaction been escorting the First Lady, it could have been a much different story.  But the real story here is the calmness and coolness of Rubio immediately after the incident.

As if there wasn’t already enough pressure on Rubio knowing that the eyes of the political world were on him during this, his first major speech outside of his home state of Florida and the confines of Washington, D.C., and just moments before he was to deliver his speech, the First Lady who he was escorting, collapses and he catches her in his arms.  That is enough to fluster, if not jolt anyone.  Yet Rubio proved that there is not much which rattles him.  Once he was at the podium, you never would have known what had just happened.

During the live simulcast of the speech, the camera filming the event was in a fixed position, so it did not capture the moment, but other sources did.    See for yourself how Rubio handled the incident.  Now I am favorably prone to Marco Rubio, so I don’t want to call him a hero who saved the day by saving the former First Lady from certain injury.  Others could have easily done the same.  But few others would have been able to refocus and deliver the type of speech he gave, quite as well.  For a young freshman Senator, Rubio is already more seasoned than most.  This was just an another example of that fact.

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