Sarah Palin’s Ronald Reagan Birthday Dinner Speech

Bookmark and Share Thanks to the Young American’s Foundation, on Friday Sarah Palin joined with hundreds of Americans at the Ronald Reagan, Rancho del Cielo,to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth.
While praising President Reagan for his many accomplishments, Palin’s speech paid tribute to Ronald Reagan largely by comparing hispolicieson government’s role in our lives to that of theliberal view of government’s role in our life and the very un-Reagan-like results that his achieved since Reagan left office.
Palin explained;
In 1964, the conservative movement heard him. In 1966, California listened to him. In 1976, finally, the G.O.P. rank and file listened to him. In 1980, the nation listened to him. And in 1984, the whole world heard him
But she went on to warn us of those who turn a deaf ear to the Reagan message that weonce heard and embraced.
Palin remindedus thatless than 90 days following the conservative wins at the ballot box of the November elections which she described as “historic”, President Obama issued a State of the Union address that said;
“the era of big government is here to stay. and you’re going to pay for it whether you want to ot not. But they can’t sell it to us with the same sales pitch anymore. So this new version isn’t just the tired and tried, liberal nanny state of the Great Societyu. No, now it’s much worse and it’s couched in the language of nationalgreatness which, to the left, that is their version of American exceptionalism. It is an exceptionally big government, where bureacrats declare that weshall be great and innovative and competetive, but not by individual initiative anymore. No, by government decree”.
Palin based every issue, from today’s green energy push, to government’s growth and expansive powers, to the Reagan approach to government and after painting the picture that we see today, she illustrated the reasons for a return to the ideas of the Reaga Revolution.
Palin wrapped up her nearly half hour address with a nod to the Young American’s Foundation and the imoprtance of their work. She said;
“today there a lotpeople looking around for thenext Ronald Reagan. But he was one of a kind and you’re not going to find his kind again. And the Gipper wouln’t want us to spend our time on that anywat. Heonce put it, ‘I’m not a great man. I just believe in great ideas’. And our hero understood that our transmitionof these great ideas to the next generation,would insure the survival and success of liberty.”
This Palin said was the mission of the YAF and why the group is such an important part of the Reagan legacy.
That’s whenPalin gavea nod to the Young American’s Foundation who own and preserve the Reagan Ranch for history, by stating;
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