View Tim Pawlenty’s Iowa Straw Poll Speech in its Entirety

Bookmark and Share    Of all the speeches given before the votes were counted at the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames, Tim Palwenty delivered a speech which I can’t find any fault with.  If a speech could be perfect, this one would have been close to it.  In fact there was nothing wrong with.  I found no disagreement with his positions and opinions and found nothing wrong with his excellent message.  I guess the only problem is the messenger.  And I hate to say that, for Tim Pawlenty is a seemingly great guy.  The kind of guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but will do a good job at making sure that no flies got into his tent.
But for some reason, even though Pawlenty says the right things, they just don’t resonate as well as they should with him.
See the speech for yourself.  I bet you won’t find anything wrong with it, but it still won’t hit you in any significant way.  Maybe his speech was to rehearsed, to the point where it was over-reheased?  Maybe it was too perfect?  I don’t know what it is  but whatever it is, it’s not working for Pawlenty as well as it shoud.

View Thad McCotter’s Entire Speech from the Iowa Straw Poll

Bookmark and Share  Thad McCotter, a virtual unknown in the presidential race, actually gave one of the more substunative speeched of the event, and ironically onbe of the most spirited.
McCotter, am understated man, who is a conservative Congressman from Michigan has an almost deadpan style about him, but it is the subtle build up his deep voice that rises to crescendo a commonsense that is worthy of hearing.  Most unique about McCotter on the Straw Poll stump, was his throwback references to communism and the fact that in regards to China, history repeats itself. 
Can McCotter win the nomination?  There is about as much as a chance of that happening as there is for President Obama to balance a budget.  But still McCotter is an interesting figure and his conservative voice is worth hearting out. 
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View Rick Santorum’s Entire Speech from the Iowa Straw Poll

Bookmark and Share    Rick Santorum delivered the first and one of the best speeches at the Iowa Straw poll contest.  He focussed on the social conservative issues which helped to elevate his vote among the heavily constituted Iowa Straw poll electorate.  In general Santorum’s speech was nothing special, but in a relative way, it was a good performance worth seeing.
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View Michele Bachmann’s Entire Speech from the Iowa Straw Poll

Bookmark and Share    Congresswoman Bachmann surely was enthusiastic when she gavce her official speech before the Iowa Straw poll voters in Ames, but it contained little substance at all and essentially ignored that she was a Congresswoman from Minnesota.  The bulk of Bachmann’s Straw Poll Speech was dedicated to calling herself an Iowan.  I have not yet counted how many times she mentioned that or the word Iowa, but in the video of her speech below, you will get the idea.  
Oh yeah, and don’t forget “I love you.  I love you all”……………  You’ll see what I mean………………
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View Herman Cain’s Entire Speech from the Iowa Straw Poll

Bookmark and Share    The speech given Herman Cain  before the last votes at the Iowa Straw Poll ballots were cast, was an enrgetic, poetic, and powerful statement which brought the large crowd in attendance to their feet.
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