Haley Barbour Talks About 2012 White House Hopes In South Carolina

Bookmark and Share Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour took what is clearly a step in the direction toward the starting line in the race to the White House. Today he conducted private meetings with Republican financial donors and Party activists in Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Barry Wynn, a former state Republican Party chairman, tells The Spartanburg Herald Journal; He’s just coming through town to meet with a few people to test the waters, like a lot of other people are preparing to do,. Wynn added It’s very preliminary. He knows a lot of folks, and I think he’s trying to touch base with the people he knows and meet some new people. It’s that season.

Today’s meetings were set up by Chip Felkel, a Greenville, South Carolina Republican strategist and decades long friend of Governor Barbour and worked for the RNC when Barbour was a Mississippi Republican National Committeeman.

The recent meeting in Spartanburg was held in space occupied by the business owned by state GOP Chairwoman Karen Floyd. Joel Sawyer, the spokesman for The South Carolina State GOP said that the Chairwoman will coordinate many meetings similar to the one with Barbour as the nominating process plays out.

Barbour has been keeping his foot in the door of the Southern Republican primaries for quite some time now. Not long ago he was the keynote speaker at the Florida State GOP dinner. And last March he was the main speaker at separate state and county Republican fundraiser in South Carolina.

With January coming to a close, many perspective candidates who have not yet made up their minds about 2012 are moving closer to a decision and it looks like Governor Barbour is no different.

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