John Bolton Keeps U.S. Interests and Security in the Forefront of Debate

Bookmark and Share As the Middle East undergoes the upheavals of region wide citizen uprisings, Ambassador John Bolton is finding legitimacy for the premise of his threatened presidential run….the security of our nation and its interests.In regards to the most recent hotspot in the Middle East , Libya, Bolton tells Fox News that the Obama Administration is making nothing but symbolic steps that are not having a real impact on the situation on the ground.

He suggests that the United States recognize the provisional government that the opposition to Moamar Gadhafi is trying to establish. This, according to Bolton, in addition to strengthening the hand of the opposition government, it will help keep oil profits out of the hands of the Gadhafi regime.

Ambassador Bolton is toying with the idea of running for the Republican presidential nomination. The inspiration behind such a run would be based on what he calls a lack of attention being paid to the many threats to our national security.

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Defense Department Makes the Case for John Bolton’s Presidential Campaign for Him

Bookmark and Share Former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton threatens a run for President based upon what he calls the need to call attention to the many national security risks that he feels are going unaddressed and not receiving enough public scrutiny. Now it would seem that the stars are aligning just right for him to make his case.

After Secretary of Defense Gates recently announced that he was getting ahead of the budget ax that would undoubtedly come after the Department of Defense, John Bolton tweets the following on Twitter:

“At a time of war and growing security threats abroad, Sec. Gates’ proposed defense cuts would make U.S. less secure and able to defend itself

For his part, Secretary Gates made clear that he believes our nations out of control debt poses its own security threat to the United States and therefore it is incumbent on all to do more with less, including D.O.D.. Gates adds that our debt is putting at risk America’s influence throughout the world. Part of Gates’ strategy is to head off even deeper cuts ordered by Congress by showing them that D.O.D. is doing all it can to insure that it is not spending money wastefully. But some see the move as being more politically motivated than motivated by our actual national security needs. John Bolton is among them.

Whether Gate’s slashing his own Department’s budget is good military strategy or not, expect the recent self inflicted, proposed Defense Department budget cuts to kick Boltons tentative thoughts about a run for President in to high gear. And ifAmb. Bolton does enter the race, even briefly, expect his entry to generate some healthy debate on foreign affairs, Americas role in the world and the threats that face our nation.

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John Bolton’s Likely Republican Presidential Candidacy Promises to Raise the Level of Debate

Bookmark and Share At age 15, John Boltonwas excused from school to hand out pamphlets for the Presidential

Ambassador John Bolton

campaign of Republican Barry Goldwater. At age 59, disgusted by what he sees as Constitutional breaches, a degradation of freedom and ignored national security threats, John Bolton is seriously considering his own run for President.

In an interview with National Review, the former Ambassador to the United Nations states that he first seriously began to think about a run for President during the 2008 presidential election in which he was astonished by the lack of attention paid to national security concerns. Since then after seeing what he calls President Obamas obsession with restructuring our domestic way of life, Bolton has become even more compelled than ever to run for President and insure that the next presidential campaign does not cheat the nation out of a serious national security debate.

But national security is not the only issue that can comprise a campaign for President and John Bolton knows it and is eagerly prepared to address domestic issues.

As a self described libertarian conservative, Bolton is very much a political anti-establishmentarian who is disgusted by the way he feels the political establishment looks down their noses at those who aligned with the sentiments of the TEA Party movement. As such he has an aggressive domestic agenda that could be best described as a rollback of federal excesses, especially in the areas of regulation and taxation.

National Review noted that during the course of their interview, Bolton was careful to state if he runs but he occasionally accidentally let slip some verbal tenses that were more definitive.

The former Ambassador assures voters that if he runs, it will be a genuine candidacy that is not meant to advance anymotivesother than that of the issues and the direction that he believes the nation must go in. At the same time, he realizes that many may view the candidacy of a figure as polarizing him to be a long shot but he swears that if he gets in to the race, he will, be in it to win it.

If Bolton does take the plunge, many outside of the G.O.P. may not take him serious, at least not at first, but those in conservative circles are certain to be impressed by his breadth of knowledge of the issues, both foreign and domestic, and many of them are also going to be quite enamored by his refreshingly ambitious conservative domestic and social and economic agenda. In the end Bolton is not likely to win the Republican presidential nomination. His fundraising capabilities will be his greatest initial handicap and electability will be an overall overriding hurdle in a general election. But in the final analysis, a Bolton candidacy is going to elevate the level of debate on all issues, prompt a rightward slant of the rest of the field and improve the overall quality of our final nominee, a nominee who after Bolton gets his next five minutes of fame, will want the weight of his endorsement behind them.

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