White House 2012 Weekly Word Puzzle: Presidential Chiefs of Staff

Bookmark and ShareEvery President is served by someone who coordinates the activity of the Presidents staff. These Chiefs of Staff play an important in the success or failure of a presidential Administration. If they do their job right, a smooth operation with few potholes along the way, allows the Presiddent to stay on message and doing that which is most important .leading the nation. if these Chiefs of Staffs do a bad jiob, chaos rules. This week White House 2012 brings you a word search puzzle of the men who have been the glue to things together for Presidents.

#7 Chiefs of Staffs

(use last names only)

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The Names

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Secret Service Names, This Week’s White House 2012 Crossword Puzzle

Bookmark and Share The Secret Service provides each member of the First Family with code names. This week White House 2012 presents a crossword puzzle based on these names. And for extra credit try to guess who each code name belonged to.

#6 – Secret Service Code Names

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In order for someone to win, someone has to lose and thankfully, history is filled with Democrats who are losers. This week, WH12 offers you a crossword puzzle that is based on a handful of those names.

#5: They Also Ran

Democrat Presidential Nominees Who Lost the presidential election

Use last names only


1. FDR was his running mate in 1920

2. He voted for the war before he voted against it

4. Im fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.

7. This Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals resigned from the bench to lose to Teddy Roosevelt

8. He had the misfortune of running against Eisenhower, not once, but twice

10.- Willie Horton hurt him big time

12.- He was known in the Senate as the Happy Warrior



1. In 1888, he won but he lost

3. A hero of the battle of Gettysburg who was later directed to supervise the executions of Lincolns assassins

5. -This candidate won 43.82% of the popular vote but won zero electoral votes

6. -Three times he tried and three times he lost

9. Hoover trounced this New York Governor

13.- He lost by one electoral vote and what many called the corrupt bargain

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White House 2012 Crossword Puzzle: Republican Presidential Nominees

Use the last names of the following Republican presidential nominees

2. The tenth Chief Justice of the United States
3. After Governing New York he became an Associate Justice on the Supreme court, resigned, ran for President and was later reappointed to the Supreme Court as its Chief Justice.
6. He renamed the presidential retreat in the mountains of Maryland after his grandson, David.
8. “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. ”
10. A young woman sitting next to him at a dinner party confided to him that she had bet she could get at least three words of conversation from him. Without looking at her he quietly retorted, “You lose.”
13. This dominant republican leader of the 19th century, was a two-time Secretary of State who ran a close race against Grover Cleveland.
15. He was a Roughrider

1. He was a compromise choice at the Republican National Convention who ran an “America First” campaign that promised a return to normalcy.
4. Born in Iowa, this engineering graduate of Stanford went on to become Commerce Secretary under two Presidents.
5. Known as the “Great Pathfinder” he was the first candidate of the anti-slavery Republican Party for the office of president of the U.S..
7. His grandfather served as the 9th President of the United States.
12. This former Governor of Kansas died in 1987 at 100 years old and once held the record for the biggest landslide loss of all presidential elections.
14. Twice he tried, twice he lost even though newspapers declared him victorious.

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White House 2012 Word Search Puzzle for Week of March 6, 2011

Find these Freshmen Republican Names

Game 2

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