Dixville Notch Opens the New Hampshire Primary With a Win for Romney and Huntsman

Bookmark and Share   With all the pomp and circumstance and meaning of Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire has seen their first in the nation primary begin with the first voting in the state out of Dixville Notch.

Out of the 9 voters in the small town, 4 are Independent, 3 are Republican, and 2 are Democrats.  As is expected, most of the the Independent voters chose to vote in the Republican Primary and so out of the 6 votes cast in that contest, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman tied with 2 votes each.  Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul each received 1 vote.

On the Democratic side, President Obama won in a landslide, receiving all 2 of the registered Democrat voters and 1 Independent voter Dixville Notch.

Historically, Dixville Notch is about as good an indicator of voter sentiments in New Hampshire as Ron Paul is an example of responsible national security…………not at all.  But it is a good example of civic responsibility and participation in the democratic process and that is what’s it all about.  I would still have prefered that Independents were not allowed to influence the selection of who represents my Party but I am nonetheless glad to see that an end to the News Hampshire primary is in sight.  And short of a very unlikely surprise result in the Granite State, I am looking forward to the days leading up to the South Carolina Primary, a state primary contes twhich promises to provide a true proving ground for Mitt Romney and a real opportunity for any of his rivals who are still in the race after New Hampshire.

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Rick Santorum’s Newest Radio Ad On Iran, “Disaster”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Bookmark and Share    After the CBS/National Journal debate in South Carolina took place, foreign affairs, an area that the federal government is actually responsible for handling, finally came to the forefront.  And upon conclusion of the debate, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum released the following radio ad.  We assume it is being played primarily in Iowa where Santorum seems to be currently focussing his campaign efforts.

What makes it important, is the fact that it is really the first ad in the election cycle to focus on foreign affairs.  Until now, most campaign ads have focussed on the economy and general  leadership qualities.

The radio spot is called “Disaster” and it focusses on the threat that Iran poses to us all.

  • NARRATOR: ”Some say Barack Obama is a disaster. The truth, he’d have to dramatically improve to be considered a disaster. And now, a new report exposes how Iran is moving rapidly to develop a nuclear weapon and once again Obama has no plan. Unfortunately, the Republican presidential candidates aren’t talking about Iran either, except one: Rick Santorum. But it’s not surprising, Rick Santorum served on the Armed Services Committee for 8 years and he wrote tough legislation to help stop Iran’s growing aggression. Even Newt Gingrich said no one has done more than Santorum to alert America to the dangers posed by Iran. To read Rick Santorum’s plan on what we must do to stop the growing threat to America from Iran, visit ricksantorum.com. Barack Obama, proving everyday – experience matters. Paid for by Rick Santorum for President.”


  • SANTORUM:“I’m Rick Santorum, and I approve this message”.

The spot does distinguish him from others like Romney, Cain and Perry, in the sense that it beefs Santorum in an area where Romney and Cain are thin.  If foreign affairs does soon rise to the forefront in this election cycle, it could help Rick Santorum.  But with others like Gingrich, Bachmann and the former Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman also running, they too could easily compete with Santorum’s foreign affairs credentials.

You can listen to ad here.

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Marco Rubio Saves Former First Lady Nancy Reagan in Fall

Bookmark and Share  On Tuesday at the Reagan Library, before Senator Marco Rubio delivered a powerful speech on the role of government in our lives, he escorted former First Lady Nancy Reagan down a long aisle in between the packed to capacity audience.  Along the way, the First Lady, frail and walking with a cane, misstepped and was falling until Senator Rubio caught her and safely brought her back to her feet (see the video below).

Mrs. Reagan is now 90 years old and not very long ago endured hip surgery, so one can easily understand how this happened with the First Lady.  Thankfully though, Senator Rubio truly saved the day.  Had a a person with slower reaction been escorting the First Lady, it could have been a much different story.  But the real story here is the calmness and coolness of Rubio immediately after the incident.

As if there wasn’t already enough pressure on Rubio knowing that the eyes of the political world were on him during this, his first major speech outside of his home state of Florida and the confines of Washington, D.C., and just moments before he was to deliver his speech, the First Lady who he was escorting, collapses and he catches her in his arms.  That is enough to fluster, if not jolt anyone.  Yet Rubio proved that there is not much which rattles him.  Once he was at the podium, you never would have known what had just happened.

During the live simulcast of the speech, the camera filming the event was in a fixed position, so it did not capture the moment, but other sources did.    See for yourself how Rubio handled the incident.  Now I am favorably prone to Marco Rubio, so I don’t want to call him a hero who saved the day by saving the former First Lady from certain injury.  Others could have easily done the same.  But few others would have been able to refocus and deliver the type of speech he gave, quite as well.  For a young freshman Senator, Rubio is already more seasoned than most.  This was just an another example of that fact.

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