John Bolton

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton

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Born: November 20,1948 (age 61)

Spouse(s): Gretchen Smith Bolton

Children : Jennifer Sarah Bolton

Residence : Bethesda, Maryland

Alma Mater: Yale University

Profession: Lawyer, Diplomat

Religion: Lutheran

Political Career:

  • U.S. Ambassador to the UN (20052006).
  • Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security (20012005)
  • Between 1999 and 2001, he served on the board of the Committee for International Religious Freedom.
  • 1997 and 2000, Bolton worked pro bono as an assistant to James Baker in Baker’s capacity as Kofi Annan‘s personal envoy to the Western Sahara
  • Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs at the Department of State (19891993),
  • Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice (19851989)
  • Assistant Administrator for Program and Policy Coordination, USAID (19821983); and
  • General Counsel, USAID (19811982).
  • Former executive director of the Committee on Resolutions in the Republican National Committee

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    John R. Bolton

    John R. Bolton is what many would describe as a neocon, at least when it comes to his view of Americas role in the world on the stage of foreign affairs and military action. His hard line approach to foreign affairs usually stakes out an uncompromising position for the United States that leaves little wiggle room for our adversaries and if the negotiation box that Bolton fits our enemies in to still does not produce the United States preferred results, Bolton is usually ready to suggest that military force be put on the table as an option of last, but very real, resort.His outspoken and dedicated commitment to national security has led him to play significant roles in many public policy institutions such as the American Enterprise Institute, a nonprofit public policy center dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of freedom through research, education, and open debate. Bolton was a Senior Vice president of the AEI. He is also a former Board member of the project for the New American Century.

    Prior to his appointment, Bolton served as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security from May 2001 to May 2005.

    Since the early 1980s, when he served in the Reagan administration Bolton gained a reputation as one of a breed of New Right lawyers who worked in high-level positions in the State Department and the Justice Department.

    During Ronald Reagan’s second term, Bolton worked closely with a team of Federalist Society lawyers under Attorney General Edwin Meese. With Federalist Society members in top policy positions, the Justice Department came under the ideological influence of the new right

    In the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election, Bolton worked in collaboration with his former boss James Baker on the recount controversy. His efforts on behalf of the Bush-Cheney campaign earned him a role in the Administration that would come to be.

    As undersecretary of state representing the administration in various international forums, Bolton gained the reputation as an arrogant and hawkish unilateralist willing to redefine U.S. positions in the global arena, diplomatic consequences not withstanding. In an exemplary display of what the Wall Street Journal described as his combative style, Bolton warned an international conference on bio-weapons that a hotly disputed verification proposal, widely supported by arms control experts, was Dead, dead, dead, and I don’t want it coming back from the dead.

    Among Boltons more notable actions during this period was the withdrawal of the United States from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. This bilateral treaty with the Soviet Union was the bedrock of efforts to reduce nuclear brinksmanship, but Bolton dismissed it as a relic that impeded the development of a U.S. national missile defense system. Also significant was Boltons effort to block progress on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, viewed as a cornerstone of the global nonproliferation regime.

    Speaking before an audience at the Heritage Foundation in May 2002, Bolton argued Cuba should be included among the axis of evil countries because of its alleged development of bio-warfare capacity. Cuba is world renowned for its biomedical industry, but according to Bolton the industry was concealing a WMD project. Providing no evidence, Bolton claimed Cuba was involved in the sales of illicit bio-warfare technology as a way to boost its cash-short economy. Other administration officials declined to support Bolton’s accusations. A congressional investigation of Cuba’s alleged WMD program found no evidence supporting Bolton’s assertions.

    In July 2003, during the run-up to the six-party talks with North Korea, Bolton characterized North Korean President Kim Jong Il as the tyrannical dictator of a country where life is a hellish nightmare. North Korea responded in kind, saying that such human scum and bloodsucker is not entitled to take part in the talks. We have decided not to consider him as an official of the U.S. administration any longer nor to deal with him. The State Department sent a replacement for Bolton to the talks.

    After Condoleezza Rice become U.S. secretary of state at the outset of Bushs second term, Bolton expressed an interest in becoming deputy secretary of state. However Rice selected Bolton as ambassador to the UN.

    During his tenure at the United Nations, Bolton was a tenacious and outspoken advocate of U.S. efforts to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, push Syria out of Lebanon, and bring African peacekeepers into shaky Somalia. Bolton was a very effective advocate of sanctions against North Korea, moving a strong resolution through the U.N. Security Council within days of Pyongyang’s Oct. 9, 2006 nuclear test.

    Bolton and France’s ambassador led the Security Council to approve a unanimous resolution to end the summer 2006 Hezbollah war on Israel. Bolton successfully executed his orders to stop the combat and authorize U.N. peacekeepers.

    Bolton also assembled an international coalition that blocked the bid of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s Marxist strongman, to join the Security Council.


    John Bolton describes himself not as a neocon, but as a libertarian conservative and he promises that if he runs for President he will campaign hard and not only address national security issues but also the domestic issues facing our nation.

    Bolton is indeed conservative on domestic issues. As high school student, he became an active supporter and campaigner for Barry Goldwater. Today Bolton opposes the nanny state and what he sees as federal encroachments upon our constitutional rights and federal overregulation of everything from the free markets and our personal choices.

    No matter what though, if Bolton does enter the race for the Republican presidential nomination, you can expect a concentration on his area of expertise..national security. In the end, Bolton is not expected to win the G.O.P. presidential nomination. But, you can count on his potential candidacy to steer the debate to the foreign threats that our nation faces as he forces the field of contenders to review global trouble spots, our economic and security interests in these regions, where the next areas of concern could potentially arise, and how these areas of unrest could influence the political landscape in the U.S..

    All in all, the entry of John Bolton will do nothing other than elevate the national debate on national security to the priority level that it should actually be at today.

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