Eric Cantor

Rep. Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader (VA-7)

Born: June 6, 1963 (age 47), Richmond, Virginia

Spouse(s): Diane Fine Cantor

Children : Evan, Jenna, Michael

Residence : Richmond, Virginia

Alma mater: George Washington University, William and Mary’s, Marshall Wythe School of Law, Columbia University

Profession: Lawyer

Religion: Jewish

Political Career:

  • 1992-2001 – Member of the Virginia House of Delegates
  • 2002 -present – Member of the House of Representatives


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Eric Cantor is a results-oriented leader in Congress dedicated to helping solve problems for America’s families. In 2009, Eric was elected by his colleagues in the House to serve as the Republican Whip for the 111th Congress.

Eric has served in the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Virginia’s 7th District, since 2001.

Since entering Congress, Cantor has earned a reputation as a consensus-builder respected on both sides of the aisle. The Weekly Standard recently featured him as an emerging leader among an impressive group of “Young Guns of the House GOP.”

Eric CantorCantor sits on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, where he is a proven advocate for America’s working families. He was the chief sponsor of a 2006 bill to make permanent the slashed individual income tax rates for capital gains and dividends, rewarding entrepreneurs, retirees and investors with the ability to create more opportunity for their families and jobs for our communities. He also quickly earned a reputation as an innovator in health care, fighting for greater choice for families. He authored the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006, which made it easier for families to save for their health care needs through Health Savings Accounts. The legislation became law in late 2006.

As Chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, Cantor remains focused on promoting a strong national defense, providing more resources for our nation’s military and intelligence communities.

Eric Cantor

Eric is a lifelong resident of the Richmond area, where he got his start in politics as a driver for his predecessor Congressman Tom Bliley’s re-election campaign.

Eric received his law degree from The College of William and Mary and his master’s degree from Columbia University in New York.

While in New York, Eric met his wife Diana and brought her back to Virginia. They have three children: Evan, a third year student at The University of Virginia; Jenna, a freshman at the University of Michigan; and Michael, a junior at Deep Run High School in Henrico County.

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Cantor is not likely to run, but stranger thinga have happened and the possibility for his being tapped for Vice President is very real.

As the next Majority Leadr, Cantor will play a pivotal role in the way Congress works. Between him and the Majority Whip, the House of Representatives will be influenced gratley under the leadershipm of Speaker John Boehner And on fiscal issues, along with Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, the economic issues and those effecting the economy and federal budget will be on the front burner at all times.

If the economy remains the number one issue in 2012, and if someone who is not of Southern roots does not get the presidential nomination, Eric Cantor may be on their short list. Between his fiscal conservatism, southern base (Republicans lost Virginia to Obama in 2008) and Cantor’s appeal to Jewish voters, he could be an interesting pick. Young, energetic, conservative, attractive, and right on the economy, Eric Canotr would make an excellent vice presidential choice But when it comes the field of candidates in 2010,,Cantore would not have the organization, following and fundraising capabilities that others will And resigning from Congress and giving up his leadership role in Congress to run for President under those circumstances , is probably not a wise move at this time.

But cantor’s furure is quite bright and full of many possibilities, so keep an eye out on him.

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  1. Mr Cantor is the most exciting choice for the Rep. VP nominee, particularly if Mitt Romney receives the presidential nomination. His fiscal conservatism, in particular, will draw middle-of -the-road voters, and yes, a Romney-Cantor ticket will be attractive to the Jewish electorate in key states.

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