Gary Johnson

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Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson 

Born: January 1, 1953, Minot,North Dakota

Spouse(s): Dee Johnson (1977-2005) (divorced)

Children :Seah, Erik

Residence :New Mexico
Alma mater: University of New Mexico

Profession:Handyman,Small Business Owner

Religion: Lutheranism




Political Career :

  • 1994, Johnson won the Republican nomination for governor in a close primary election.he went on to defeatincumbent Democratic Governor Bruce King by a 10% margin.
  • 1998, Johnson was re-elected as governor, defeating Democratic Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez by another 10% margin, 55% to 45%.
  • 1999, Johnson became the highest-ranking elected official in the United States to advocate the legalization of marijuana.


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Gary Johnson for President 2012



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Foreign Policy Gun Control Budget & Economy Education
Homeland Security Crime Government Reform   Health Care
War & Peace Drugs Tax Reform Abortion
Free Trade Civil Rights Social Security Families & Children
Immigration  Jobs Welfare & Poverty Corporations
Energy & Oil  Environment Technology Principles & Values



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Gary Johnson started his adult life off as handyman, traveling door to door and getting odd jobs to do. He eventually turned that vocation into a multimillion dollar construction business, one of the largest in New Mexico.

But then, fed up with government because of how it was being used against the poor and not for the people, he sold his business and eventually ran for Governor.

Now Gary Earl Johnson is not one of your most watched Republicans. In fact he is actually quite under the radar and although the mention of his name as a possible President would make some initially think that he is one of those unknown people who jump in and try to make a name for themselves, you should think twice.

The same was said of Gary when, with no previous political experience, he ran for Governor of New Mexico and not only did he win the Republican nomination, he went on to win the general election.twice, and both times by a margin of 10%.

Now, as a former two term Republican Governor of a state that has a 2 to 1 Democrat to Republican registration, Gary E. Johnson is going to have to be taken seriously even though he is relatively unknown in a crowded field of more nationally recognized Republican contendenders.

In the current TEA movement atmosphere, Gary Johnson is a TEA Party dream candidate and while Sarah Palin has much of that movement in her corner, Gary Johnson could give her a run for her money among them.

He is about as anti-government as you can get and as a self described Libertarian-Republican, when he was in charge of New Mexico’s state government, he vetoed 750 bills and stood by his belief that less government is better government.

But where he did see a place for government action, he acted quickly and unapologetically.

In addition to vetoing more bills than all the other 49 Governors of the time combined, Johnson shrunk the size of government by 1,200 employees, left the state with an all time high bond rating, cut government spending by 30% just through welfare reforms, eliminated the state’s deficit, reduced taxes $123 million annually, shifted state Medicaid to managed care, brought the New Mexico state government and the Navajo nation leadership together to finally resolve century-old disputes over water, gaming, and other issues, privatized half the prisons in the state, shot down campaign finance legislation., repealed an act that prevented non-unionized labor the ability to be employed in construction of new schools and other public works, and oversaw the construction of 500 miles of new, four-lane highways that were designed, financed, built, and guaranteed by the private sector.

Gary Johnson did not just talk about limited government,he ran one. And he did so by adopting Republican principles and incorporating them into the application of Libertarian beliefs.



Since early 2009 Johnson has been using his limited resources to drive and fly to audiences throughout the nation. A recent series of Twitters from Johnson revealed a small taste of what such limited and streamlined budgets can produce when on the road as a one man show. One day his Tweet read My flight tonight got cancelled and the next one gets me into Omaha at 10am tomorrow. Looks like a late start tomorrow for my event. The next day it read six hour delay in the start (from my flight cancellation) and now a flat at mile 8. Things can only get better from here.

The most telling part of those messages was the determination behind them. As discouraging and difficult the campaign trail can be, especially for an underdog, Johnson marches on.

Johnson knows he is one of the lesser known candidates. He is a realistic guy. But he also knows that the potential for him to become President is their. He understands that since the election of Barack Obama, as he put it “it appears personal freedoms are being shoveled out the window, more and more“, and it is for that reason the he runs with full knowledge of the fact that other people realize the same thing. It is that realization which makes the candidacy and proven record of Johnson an attracrtive one.

With a different personality, Johnson could certainly catch on, especially if his record in New Mexico is interpreted properly.  But Johnson’s awakward and timid mannerism does little to attract the type of confidence that those of presidential timber usually possess.

But Johnson also knows that he will have a tough time. Particularly due to his position on drugs.

Although he personally believes in a just say no policy, doesn’t use any himself and promotes others to avoid using them, he believes that it is a personal choice, particularly when it comes to marijuana which he supports legalizing.

Johnson believes the War on Drugs was “an expensive bust,” and he promotes decriminalizing drug use and focusing instead on what he calls harm reduction in regards measures to all illegal drugs. He also wants to treat drug abuse as a health issue and not as a criminal issue.

This unconventional contemporary view has some sound basis, however Johnson also knows that going against popular thinking doesn’t make one popular. For that reason when asked about a run for President on The Colbert Report by Stephen Colbert, Johnson stated that the notion is not plausible as he is a supporter of the legalization of marijuana. But it must be plausible enough for Johnson to try to sell, because as one of the first officially declared candidate, apparently there are some people willing to listen.

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Campaign Address
731 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: 801-303-7922
Toll Free: 800-662-9601

A  detailed list of campaign staff names and contact info is still be compiled by WH12

3 Responses

  1. I will be voting for him!! I always voted Democrate, but this will be the first time I will ever vote for a Republican. I will also campaign for him too!! Goooo Gary Johnson!!!!!!

  2. We need more Republicans who support social freedoms. For a party who hoots small government, it appears to me that they are constantly meddling into peoples’ personal lives. We need more candidates like Johnson to run. I would vote for him.

  3. I will be voting for Governor Gary Johnson for president! End the wars, balance the budget, equal rights for LGBT and legalize marijuana! This guy is exactly who America needs in The White House! The People’s President.

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