Haley Barbour

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour

Born: October 22,1947 (age 62), Yazoo City, Mississippi

Spouse(s): Marcia Barbour

Children : Meagan, Melissa, Meredith and Margaret

Residence : Yazoo, Mississippi

Alma mater: University of Mississippi

Profession: Lawyer

Religion: Presbyterian

Political Career :

  • In 1982 Barbour was the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Mississippi, but lost to longtime incumbent John C. Stennis
  • Barbour later served as a political aide in the Reagan White House and worked on the 1988 Presidential campaign of George H.W. Bush
  • In 1991, Barbour founded Barbour & Rogers, LLC, a Washington based lobbying firm.
  • In 1993, Barbour became chairman of the Republican National Committee and oversaw the historic Republican Revolution of 1994 when the G.O.P. captured both houses of the Congress and most notably the House of Representatives which they took control of for the first time in forty years.
  • In 2003, Barbour was elected Governor of Mississippi with 53 percent of the vote to his opponent, incumbent Democrat Ronnie Musgrove ‘s 46 percent. Barbour became just the second Republican governor elected in Mississippi since Reconstruction.
  • In2007 Barbour won reelection in a landslide and continues to be a popular Governor with support from Democrats and Republicans alike.


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Policy Positions

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Crime ~ Early Childhood Education ~ Education ~ Healthy Mississippi ~ Jobs

Stronger Families ~ Mississippi’s Balanced Budget ~ Balanced Budget (General)


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Haley Barbour

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Haley Barbour is a Republican stalwart. Having spent his life as a Republican, Haley Barbour practiced the principles of the Republican ideology every step of the way. He grew up believing in taking advantage of opportunity and being the best that he could be. For him, the principles of the G.O.P. are not just political principles, they are personal values.

As a self-made man who followed in the footsteps of his father whom died when Barbour was two, Haley became an attorney. But not until after, at the age of 21, while attending the University of Mississippi, he sacrificed a semester in his senior year to work for the presidential campaign of Richard Nixon and at the age of 22 was appointed to run Mississippis 1970 statewide census.

From then on, Haley matured into a true leader and after an unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate and serving in the Administration of President Ronald Reagan, he played an important role in the election of President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Then in 1993 he became Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

In 94 he oversaw the historic Republican Revolution that dramatically shifted the balance of power in America as the GOP took control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 40 years. In 1997, Haley Barbour retired from that post and left the Party in better shape than it had ever been before.

In short time, after being elected Governor of Mississippi, Barbour did for Mississippi what he did for the GOPhe turned things around.

After coming to office, he took a $709 million budget deficit for the 2004 fiscal year and without raising taxes, implemented a plan called Operation: Streamline and cut the budget deficit in half. In the years to follow. Much of this success was due to aggressive reductions in waste, duplicative services and reforms. The rest came via cuts in social engineering.

By 2006, increased sales tax revenues allowed Mississippi to see its first contemporary balanced budget.

But the success of fiscal efficiency and responsibility is not the only feather in Barbour’s cap. After Hurricane Katrina struck the Mississippi Coast with the same force and vengeance that it struck New Orleans, Haley Barbour demonstrated to the nation the value of truly good political leadership.

In the wake of Katrina, while Louisiana was drowning in disaster and wallowing in a blame game that pointed fingers at President Bush and Washington, D.C., thanks to Governor Barbour, Mississippi was beginning its recovery and rebuilding operations.

While Louisiana and New Orleans were preparing for the storm by doing things such as taking public transportation vehicles out of service and parking them on low ground, Barbour was preparing for the monster storm properly. So when Katrina’s lasts winds blew, Haley Barbour was able to swing the states emergency services into action. effectively.

Beyond that, many credit Barbour with having the type of strong and confident leadership and managerial style that allowed him to communicate calmly to the public, and provide what Barbour claims is a central decision-making point for when things get balled up or go sideways, which they do. After handily winning reelection to a second term, Haley Barbour has continued to be an innovative leader and effective manager.

In rebuilding the Mississippi Coast, he has been fulfilling what he describes as a goal to “build the coast back like it can be, rather than simply like it was”. Part of that thinking involves an urban design movement, that promotes the construction of neighborhoods that are convenient for pedestrians with assorted housing and employment opportunities.

Called New Urbanism, this movement is influenced greatly by combining traditional neighborhood designs with the urban design standards that existed prior to the prominence of the automobile.

This new Mississippi Coast is being built better and stronger than it was prior to Katrina, and up till to the Deep Sea Horizon oil disaster, was also building an even stronger economy than it had pre-Katrina.

Other advances that Barbour must be credited for in Mississippi are the creation of the strictest and most effective tort reforms in the nation. According to one member of the Mississippi state senate, Mississippi went from “being labeled as a judicial hellhole and the center of jackpot justice to a state that now has model legislation“.


In the wake of his accomplishments Haley Barbour proves that he is not just a Republican. He is a true conservative. The type of conservative leader that Republicans and Tea Party activists are looking for these days. He is a no frills, small government, constitutionalist who does not believe that government makes great people but instead understands that the people make government and that responsible people can make good government effective. He is the type of leader who engages people into government activism rather than have the government engage in ruling their lives He stands up to political correctness without apology.

When Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell drew criticism for recently signing a resolution that dedicated a month to the history of the Confederacy, Barbour injected himself into the fray by defending Virginia’s right and the Governor’s decision to have such a resolution.

Barbour is a reformer, a fiscally responsible deficit hawk, an innovator, seasoned and proven leader, the type of leader that many are looking for today. He is essentially the right candidate for the right side of the political spectrum. But when considering the presidency of the United States, it is that distant Southern Confederacy connection that as a true son of the South, will hamper Haley Barbour in any plight for that position.

His heavy Southern drawl and heavy handed conservatism will make Barbour a favorite in the South but not so in the Northeast, and North and Mid West.

Even so, if Haley Barbour does decide to run, he will be formidable and can not be written off.

Haley Barbour is well connected within Republican circles. His successful tenure as RNC chairman has many indebted to him and after spending some time in the 80s as the co-founder of one of the most successful lobbying firms in the nation, Barbour undoubtedly knows how to raise the kind of cash that a victorious candidate needs. Of course those lobbying days will also be used against him, but if the money he raises can be used effectively, the positives associated with that, outweigh any negatives.

Another important consideration is Barbour’s demeanor and persuasiveness.

Gregarious, gracious, warm and witty, as Governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour dealt with an overwhelming Democrat dominated state legislature and not only did he work well with them, he won many of them over and successfully maneuvered his agenda through the state legislature for almost six years now. In fact in his last election, Barbour was endorsed by many prominent Democrats. So Haley Barbour clearly has some crossover appeal but in considering the presidency of the United States, Barbour greatest challenge will demonstrating regional crossover appeal.

At this point in time, the Governor has not publicly indicated any interest in running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. But he has also repeatedly not ruled it out. From my perspective, Governor Barbour is approaching this decision like he does everything else. He is assessing the field, weighing all the options and just as he did with Hurricane Katrina, will make the right decisions regarding the presidency.

In other words, if he does run, you can expect him to have a damn good chance of becoming President Barbour.

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