Herman Cain


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Herman Cain 

Born: December 13, 1945, Memphis, Tennessee

Spouse(s): Gloria Cain

Children : Melanie and Vincent

Residence : Atlanta, Georgia

Alma mater: Morehouse College, B.A., Perdue University, M.A.

Profession: Business Executive, Radio Talk Show Host, Columnist

PoliticalExperience :

  • 1992; member, Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission established by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole.
    1995; Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas
  • 1996; Senior advisor to the 1996 Dole/Kemp campaign for the Presidency.
  • In 2004 ran an unsuccessful race for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Georgis to replace retiring Democrat Zel Miller


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Herman Cain has enjoyed a stellar career in the business world. He became the youngest vice president in the history of The Pillsbury Company in 1977 after just three years with the company. He left this position in 1982 to learn the restaurant business at Pillsbury’s Burger King subsidiary. In 1986, his success with Burger King prompted Pillsbury to select Cain to assume the presidency of another of its struggling companies, Godfather’s Pizza. Finally, he became the first black president of the National Restaurant Association, the food service industry’s leading trade organization.

When Cain started working at a Minneapolis Burger King in 1982, he cleaned toilets and flipped hamburgers. After completing the management training program in only nine months, Cain was named vice president and general manager for the Philadelphia region of the Burger King Corporation. Attaining this position was particularly special for Cain, considering that he and several friends were refused service in a restaurant in 1952 when they attempted to buy a hamburger.

Although there have been many reasons for Cain’s business success, he credits maintaining a sharp focus as a key component. The 1997 website for the Business Leadership Summit held at San Joaquin Delta College, Leadership Summit, Inc. stated, “Faith, focus, and follow-through are the ingredients of the successful recipe of Herman Cain.” Eric K. Washington in American Visions wrote, “Cain credits a single overriding principle–‘focus, focus, focus’–for his success.” Cain told Wallace Terry in Parade Magazine, “My philosophy has always been to exceed the expectations of the job.” Responding to a question by Policy Review about establishing a successful business in the competitive market Cain remarked, “Because I am a black American, I’ve had to perform better than my white counterparts. This is a personal standard that I’ve set for myself: I’ve got to perform a little better in order to get the same opportunity. I can’t just be as good; I’ve got to be better. It should not be this way, but it is.” After receiving the International Food Manufacturers Association’s Operator of the Year/Gold-Plate Award in 1991, Cain was quoted as saying in Restaurant Business, “Success is a journey, not a destination.”

Cain’s relentless focus and continued striving for excellence turned Godfather’s Pizza around when its survival was questionable. And he did it in less than eighteen months. In 1988, Cain purchased Godfather’s Pizza from The Pillsbury Company and became president and chief executive officer. In 1995, Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. was the fifth-largest pizza chain in the nation.

Despite his successes, Cain does not forget his humble beginnings. His parents, Luther Cain, Jr. and Lenora Davis Cain provided examples of hard work that he would remember the rest of his life. His father at one time worked three jobs: cutting hair in his off hours, working part-time at Coca-Cola as a chauffeur, and working an evening shift as a janitor in a bakery. His mother worked as a domestic. This work ethic would inspire Cain, not only to work hard, but to “rise up singing,” as DuBose Hayward’s lyrics stated in “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess. Singing would come later in his life. Cain told Wallace Terry in Parade Magazine, “My father never looked for a government program, a government handout. I never heard my father complain about somebody owing him anything. All I ever saw was how hard my father worked to get what he wanted out of life. My mother was my spiritual light–Mom talked to me about God. She taught me that success is not a function of what you start with materially but what you start with spiritually. Those were my beginnings. They have been with me ever since.” Cain carried these values through Morehouse College in Atlanta, into his work as a mathematician for the Navy, and later to Purdue University, where he earned a master’s degree in computer science.

In 1994, after Cain was elected president of the National Restaurant Association, he proposed several reforms affecting the restaurant business, such as allowing sixteen-year-olds to work past seven o’clock on Friday nights. He also envisioned restaurants of the future that would use architecture, lighting, service, and decor to expose patrons to different geographical regions or eras.

In 1994, Cain became active in politics. He campaigned around the country against President Clinton’s health plan, contending that small businesses would be hurt by it. Cain served as a member of the Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission established by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole. According to an Associated Press report in The New York Times, Cain “promised that his industry would give welfare recipients jobs, training and a chance to gain economic success.” Because of his far- reaching views, Cain has served on numerous boards, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Creighton University of Omaha, Nabisco, Inc., SuperValu, Inc., UtiliCorp United, Inc., and Whirlpool Corporation. He continues to serve on the Joe Edmonson Youth Outreach Program for troubled teens in Omaha.

In 2006, Cain faced his greatest battle in life. He was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in both his colon and his liver. With a deep faith in God and unique can-do, never give up spirit, Cain fought back and after undergoing surgeryand chemotherapytreatment , beat the odds and is cancer free.

Biography provided by Answers.com, Businessweek.com and Wikipedia



Herman Cain is a proud conservative who is a diehard pro-life proponent and gay marriage opponent. But Cain is also proud of his problem solving abilities and right now he sees our greatest problems are found in the economy and national security. That is why Cain recently declared to Politics Daily;

I will not sign any legislation that is going to weaken traditional marriage, but I am not going to make getting a constitutional amendment on traditional marriage the centerpiece or the leading issue of my administration. We have a few issues relative to national security, the economy, spending immigration and education that I think we ought to focus on first.

Contained within those words is the good political judgment, the type of judgment that signals just how tune they are with the reality we face, the sentiments of the electorate and an ability to prioritize. Herman Cain not only understands what voters said in the 2010 midterm elections, he feels the same way. He understands what governments role is really suppose to be and what the needs of the nation truly are.

And with the exception of Mitt Romney, Herman Cain brings to the Republican debate something that most all the contenders do not and that President Obama certainly does not..a proven record of success in business and finance, the type of proven record that America can use to tackle its economic woes. But unlike Mitt Romney, Herman Cains story is far more compelling. While Romney was born into a family of substantially better financial means than Herman Cain and whose patriarch was a Governor, Herman Cain had much more humble beginnings. He went form cleaning toilets in Burger King to becoming the President of the National Restaurant Association, and producing record profits for dozens of businesses which he presided over.

Cain will surely elevate the level of debate and broaden the Partys pool of ideas. As a supporter of a return to the gold standard and a national sales tax, Cain will most definitely catch our attention. And when it comes to national security and foreign affairs, what he has to say is to likely be just as interesting.

Look for Herman Cains popularity to creep up. He already has a very active base of social conservatives in his corner and his oratory skills are refreshing. In ways similar to Mike Huckabees 2008 performance, Herman Cain could be the surprise candidate of 2012 . If he can raise the money to stay in the game, this relative political outsider will have an edge with TEA Party voters and the ability to spread an articulatepopulist conservative message.

Oh yeah, and if it makes a difference, he’s African-American……. a point that Democrats might find particularly interesting.

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Campaign Address
Herman Cain for President
Post Office Box 2158
Stockbridge, GA 30281
Phone: 678-601-2772

Campaign staff names and contact info is still be compiled by WH12

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  6. It is too bad he doesn’t support gay marriage. If only that one thing was changed, he sounds like someone that I would actually be proud to have representing my country in the White House. However, I do appreciate him not harping against gay rights, either, and moving on to important issues, such as our dismal economy. And putting us back on the gold standard? Brilliant! Brava! But please, Mr. Cain, if you happen to read this, or perhaps if the people that work under you read this, I humbly ask you, as a lesbian tax-paying American, who is mother of one and madly in love, please reconsider giving me the right to marry the person who I love. As someone who has had to work harder to be viewed the same because of your colour, I’m sure you can sympathize with not having the same rights as someone else because of your sexual orientation.

    • You have the right to live as you choose, but you don’t have the right to put my marriage in some other category. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman, not between two women, two men, three women, or a person and an animal.

      • “Marriage has always been between a man and a woman, not between two women, two men, three women, or a person and an animal”.

        You need to read up on what you are posting here. Indiot. It’s uneducated people like you that make equality on this country even more difficult. An who says heterosexual people know anything about a successful marriage? Look at the divorce rate in this country. Talk about the sanctity of marriage? Um, not so much.

      • I would suggest u take a real good look in European history n Chinese history. there has been many cases of gay marriage. Even in history of Rome, Gay marriage is present. Gay marriage is not at all uncommon. And I want a presidential candidate to believe in equality. If Cain is unable to do so… dont know what else to say. In “The land of the free” freedom of marriage is a compulsory choice n the govt must allow so. And as per marriage is between a man n a woman, plzzz check the history of rome n china once again.Thats all.

    • Amen Amanda! the government has no business in your or anyone elses bedroom or life. Everyone should be treated equally under the law. keep the faith and support the FairTax and Mr. Cain.

    • Wonderfully said, Amanda – I completely agree.

      One unfortunate truth, though, is that even if Mr. Cain were in favor of marriage equality (or of something even more reasonable and federalistic, such eliminating the federal government’s role in marriage and allowing states to define marriage as they choose), he would probably be chewed up and spit out for it by the rest of the Republican party. Even President Obama is, I believe, in favor of marriage equality, and yet for the sake of his political livelihood, the best he can do is nothing. We have the sad choice between a candidate who will bring the United States into the twenty-first century regarding gay rights but trash the country otherwise and one who will institute economic policies we agree with but leave a necessary social change to be instituted the slow and hard way.

    • My thing is to be back to work again. To earn a living for me and my daughter. I’m sick of being “American Poor” and it is only this way because of where our economy is and has been for the last few years. I’ve been in this situation before during a recession but it hadn’t lasted for over 2.5 years…It’s a real drag and I’m tired of living like this. It’s oppressive.

    • You sound like a good person but I can not agree with gay marriage. The point of marrage is to have children which requires both sexes. I do not know if being gay is a choice or not, but I do know it is not normal and should not be glorified. If gay marriage is considered normal, what is next? Marriage between siblings if both are adults. Maybe a man can marry his grown daughter or son. This could be a slippery slope.

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  8. Herman Cain and the FairTax are an unbeatable combo…and will save our Republic. He is ahead of his time and right on time for the American people. Finally ‘change’ all Americans can get behind!

  9. I’m pretty disappointed w/all the new outlets…I guess they think if they marginalize and ignore…Mr. Cain and the FairTax will go away. They love to talk to all the ‘regular players’ and politicians…that’s right…the ones who got us in this mess. Both parties are guilty as sin for getting us Here and Now. Only an outsider who can walk the talk can save us. I hope that outsider is Mr. Herman Cain. Peace out……..check your six……llc

  10. nice to see Eric Bolling and Cavuto giving Mr. Cain some face time. most of the ‘shows’ want sound bites and rarely give enough time to cover the important issues….ala…the FairTax
    go to http://www.fairtax.org for all the facts.

  11. one troubling thing…what’s up w/Mr.Cain being Chairman of the KC Fed??? The Fed is a ‘root’ problem for all Americans. Ron Paul gets that right. Mr. Cain would be wise to come clean about the Fed. Too much secrecy and very little/no accountability make all things Fed suspect. I hope Cain’s ties to the Fed don’t become problematic. check your six and http://www.fairtax.org

  12. Glad to see Mr. Cain jump in the ring. We need a strong leader to push concepts, righteous ideas, and sound common sense inovation…like the FairTax…and how about a FED audit whike we’re at it.!? These bold changes and actions can help save our Republic. The ‘powers that be’…both parties…have squandered our futures. The economy is in ruins. Great job guys and gals! probably give themselves a raise too!
    For the FairTax and other ‘good things’ to happen…We need to ‘demand it’. We can’t take NO for an answer. We deserve better!
    Stand up. Stand with Mr. Herman Cain.

  13. The 2012 election is going to be about personal and financial freedom. Vote your pocketbook!
    It will be ‘uphill’ for Mr.Cain from here. Lots of pitfalls and traps lay ahead. The liberal media will rellish any and all mis-steps. I hope Mr.Cain is up to the task. I hope he will walk the talk. He’s a nice guy. He’s his own man. He’s a patriot who will put the American people first. Best of all he believes in and supports the FairTax. That alone will be a ‘game changer’ for the American people. The more people learn about HR 25 the FairTax…well…I can’t believe they won’t ‘just love and demand it’! AND it gets completely rid of the IRS. Big nation-wide party the day that happens.
    http://www.fairtax.org …….Party on Garth!

    • This is at least the third time you have gone out of your way to endorse a national consumption tax through Herman Cain. I am not sure if you are pushing a national sales tax or Herman Cain, but I can tell you this. While I like Herman Cain, I despise the so called Fair Tax hoax. It is the one reason why I can not yet bring myself to support Herman Cain.

      While I understand that those who love the thought of a consumption tax are under the impression that the lack of payroll, income, or other taxes compensate for a sales tax of 23 or 30% on everything they buy, I realize that this is far from being the case. The bottom line is this. If one goes from a weekly income that before taxes was $700 but after taxes is $1000, a consumption tax will give them an extra $300 a month. But when you realize that you will be paying an extra 23 or 30 cents for every dollar that you spend, you begin to understand that this is no good deal. For instance, taking a very low average of basic living costs that include such things as rent or mortgage in addition to such utilities as cable, phone, electric/gas, groceries, gas for your car and things of that sort, what once cost you $1,815 (I said that is just a very low example) will now costs you $417.00 or $544.50 more (depending upon which rate is actually needed. That is anywhere from $117 to $244 more than 300 hundred additional dollars that you made because of the lack of taxes taken out of your paycheck. And what of the average person who wants to purchase a house? A $300,000 home would now suddenly cost anywhere from $69,000 to $90,000 more. An average American does not pay $69,000 or $90,000 in annual income and payroll taxes. So who does this benefit? The average consumer? Not at all. The fact is that the average consumer will experience an inflation of living costs that will lower their quality of life. With a national sales tax, the average consumer will have to consume less. Less consumption will mean less sales. Less sales will mean less employment. Less employment will lead to less economic growth. And what will less economic growth mean? It will mean that liberals within the federal government who never consider cutting the size and cost of government, will force legislators to consider increase the national sales tax rate that will have gotten us in to the need for more tax revenue.

      Still, not only do I believe that we must reform our existing arcane tax system, I believe it must be scrapped. But not for something that will increase costs and lead to a contraction of our economy. I believe the existing tax code must be scrapped in favor of a Flat Tax. Unlike the sneaky named Fair Tax, the Flat Tax is named in a way that is not ambiguous and open to interpretation. A Flat Tax is exactly what it says. It is flat. it is one rate for nation. It does not discriminate, it does not penalize success and at the same time it does increase the cost of every aspect our consumer driven lives. And has been proven allover the globe, a flat tax grows the economy. Nation’s that have adopted a flat tax system have experienced the most dramatic economic growth of all other nations.

      So in the end, I must reiterate, while I like Herman Cain, I despise the intentionally deceptively named Fair Tax with is a national sales tax and it is Herman Cain’s support for a consumption tax which prohibits me from endorsing his candidacy.

      • Please go to the http://www.fairtax.org web site. you’r eassumptioms are wrong and if you will take the time to listen to Denis Calabrese and his explanations …regarding the 23%. Prices will actually drop on everything…as….taxes are built into the prices of most everything we consume already. Taxes, corporate or other wise are always built in and ‘passed on’ to the consumers. They won’t need to do that anymore. Yes… I think Mr. Cain is our best hope for adopting the FairTax and getting completely rid of the IRS.
        I think you will be pleased w/the knowlege you gain from Denis…..And/or call or email the folks at FairTax.org. FREEDOM!

  14. the flat tax and the fairtax are often times compared. the fairtax is superior in every way. please please please take the time to do your homework at the fairtax site.. http://www.fairtax.org . independent economist from our finest educational institutions after years of study and consideration came up withthe FairTax as a ‘fair’ system to replace the current system which is a wasteful fiasco for us all. I believe the FairTax is our best hope for the greatest transfer of financial power our country has ever experienced. AND that power will be back in the hands of ‘we the people’! Now that is Freedom!

    • I understand the biases in favor of a national sales tax, that a pro-national sales tax site propogates. I have studied not just the propoganda but the facts. Perhaps you should begin by doing the same with a study of the facts produced about the Flat tax by thne Heritage Foundation.

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  28. Cain, Paul, Bachmann, Gingrich and FairTax Johnson would bring personal freedom and economic success to our nation. The time of the ‘club member invertebrate’ (CMI) pretty-boy party fav is going out the window. The time of those same ‘players’ being able to ‘buy’ lifetime political careers is also on the way out. The time of the ‘good ole boy’ incumbent power moguls who think ‘we’ work for ‘them’ is OVER and that is way overdue. We have all seen clearly and more than ever before that the media are Left-leaning and/or Right-leaning. AND all their claims of un-biased, fair, balanced and un-spun input, throughput and output is, in fact, totally the OPPOSITE of those claims. It appears that they, like the Left/Right party power brokers, would love to be King-makers.
    Well… ‘We the People’ are, apparently, rocking their world in a very unsettling and unpredictable fashion. What a crying shame.
    We aren’t following their ‘prompter spewed’ instructions. Woops. We’re not believing their uninspiring messages or messengers. Bummer.
    That is where Cain, Paul, Bachmann, Gingrich and Johnson are coming into play. Surprise! Surprise! They are gaining steady and exponential political ‘traction’. All the concerted efforts to ‘dismiss and minimize’, these inspiring, honest, and steadfast patriots by the ‘CMIs’ and ‘media mouthpiece king-makers’ isn’t slowing down their growing popularity or inspiring messages. The obvious efforts to cast dispersions on them, consider them only ‘entertainment’ and relegate them to a ‘lower tier candidate status’ are FAILING! As it should be.
    ‘We the People’ are learning that we don’t have to SETTLE for their ‘CMI’ bs…or the Perry and Romney Show they love so. Just say thanks but no thanks. Their failures and the failures of the old political system surround us all. The ‘CMIs’ from BOTH parties have ‘served’ us right into the poorhouse. 60+ years of very poor leadership and Congressional job performance have gotten us here. Banner headlines say it’s “Worst economy since the Great Depression”. Did we do that? Who did that? They did it. No THEY did it. The old ‘flim-flam’ blame game. Fan-friggin-tastic! Great job!
    The ‘CMIs’ from BOTH parties have proven over and over and over again that they are not up to the task of running our nation responsibly. Poor decisions and inept leadership has left us all with nearly 15 trillion in debt. AND there’s no sign of sanity, from those same delusional CMIs, in sight. They think it’s cool to raise the debt ceiling again and again and again. After all…it will keep their beloved ‘system’ up running. THEN they try to scare us w/spooky ‘OR ELSE if we don’t’ scenarios’…pure genius. Leadership at its best. Realize and understand…that IS their best. That’s all they’ve got. No wonder we’re in this mess. Should we laugh or cry?
    I guess what I’m saying here is we don’t have to fall for the same old same old. We must bring in/demand REAL leadership… ‘new blood’ and FORCE common sense and responsibility on the ‘CMIs’. Our voice must be united and very clear. Our message must be unequivocal.
    I’m crazy about Herman Cain. I truly believe Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and Gary Johnson are just the people we need for the job of running this Republic. Any and all would be a God-send for our great nation. We need these fine men and women to stick together and BE the winning ‘team’. As a team they will be an unstoppable force for FREEDOM. Whoever is at the top of the list will need the others to fill important roles and cabinet positions so the positive changes, we need so bad, can be enacted. Times a wastin’!
    Personal freedoms and an economic BOOM are needed now. These men and women (and the FairTax that Cain and Johnson love) can help us, help them, make it happen. Onward and upward America!

  29. Interesting the way the ‘king-makers’…party CMIs and media invertebrates are pooh-poohing the results of the Florida straw poll because their darlings, Perry and Romney didn’t win.
    Herman Cain dominated the event and be them soundly and unequivocally. Whoops!
    Just imagine how ‘giddy’ they would be had it been had it been the other way around. They are all shameless panderers for Perry, Romney, or their next ‘vetted and approved sweetheart…still today. Demagogues one and all. Fair and ballanced? Hardly. Will they ever be FAIR??? Don’t hold your breath.

  30. How wiil you deal with offering legal & financial rights of same sex couples?

  31. put the light back in the White House,elect HERMAN CAIN

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  33. marriage between animals and humans??? parents and children?? between siblings? THAT is what you equate to same sex marriage?!!! You people should not be allowed to vote!!!! I cannot believe I got onto this site to research the candidates only to find you are the type of people who support them. You should be ashamed of your twisted views on humanity!! And perhaps- do a little reading. Maybe you would discover WHY ancient cultures did not support “a man lying with another man.” It’s called Evolutionary Biology. Look it up. And next time you decide to open your mouth and spew…don’t!

    • Hillary, I do hope the reference to doing research on the candidates was still fulfilled. While White House 2012 offers opinions, it does also offer factual biographical information on the candidates. As for the comments made in response to what WH12 posts, I allow liberals to hang themselves with their own right to spew their idiocy through freedom of speech. I find that the more they are heard, the stronger the case becomes for the conservative ideology. I do hope you will continue to refer to White House for the varied opinions that exist in it as well as for the news and facts which are also contained in it.

      • Well, I consider myself liberal in my views and do not believe I should be lumped in with those who “spew idiocy.” I consider myself a smart voter by not voting along party lines but rather who would be best suited for the job, which is why I was researching the republican candidates.

        With how divided our country is, how divided congress is, I think it would do us all good to stop thinking of ourselves as republican or democrat but rather Americans working toward a common goal, restoring this country to greatness.

        As you are referring to my distaste for anti gay marriage commentary, these were not liberal beliefs but very conservative so I’m not sure how these comments are “liberals hanging themselves with their own right to spew their idiocy.”

        I am disappointed such hatred exists today. If we’ve learned anything from history, prejudice and bigotry will lose and justice will prevail. That is why we are the land of the free.

        I also posted on Hermain Cain’s facebook page explaining my distaste for such commentary and asked that he address it.

        Just as I said to Hermain Cain, I hope to live in a country where all citizens are created equal, no matter race, religions, color, or creed, OR sexual orientation. Then we can celebrate America as the land of the free.

        Not more than an hour later, my post was deleted…

        • Well, I personally feel that much of the hatred in politics is initiated by the hypocritical liberal class of fascists who preach tolerance but can not tolerate an opinion that differs from their own and subsequently start characterizing those they disagree with in negative terms, thereby creating a vicious cycle of uncivil discourse. As a gay man, while I may disagree with those who wish to deny my committed relationship equal rights under the law, I can still respect the opinion of others. But to be honest, the left has been so intolerant, overbearing, and totalitarian in their desire to stifle the differences of those they disagree, that I can no longer respect them.

          In addition to their organized attempts to circumvent the democratic process by overridining the legilsative process and trying to institute their beliefs by executive orders and bureacratic fiats, I find the left to be comprised of little more than hypocrites and liars whose beliefs are quite antithetical to democracy and freedom. Furthermore, I find that the liberal establishment is unwilling to defend freedom and only concerned with freedom when it is a econvenienxcuse for them to use such things as freedom of speech irresponsibly, but are reluctant to concern themselves with freedom when it comes to the freedom of speech of others.

          As for posts being deleted, I recentlly participated in an Occupy Oakland livestream chatroom. In doing so, not only did I confirm that its participants are lunatic fascist liberals, I also learned that they are braindead, numbskills. And to prove my points about the left, despite the cry of the Occupy protesters to excersize their right to freedom of speech, they blocked me from their chat room. Talk about hypocrissy! But it’s all good. Liberalism is about to go extinct over the next decade. Too many people are beginning to realize what I already know about them. They are useless!

  34. I appreciate your willingness to share something about yourself in your reply. I am surprised by your account of the “hypocritical liberal class of fascists who preach tolerance but can not tolerate an opinion that differs from their own.” That was precicely my point about the comments claiming same sex marriage could possibly be compared to beastiality or incest. It’s proposterous. In my opnion, these views are usually “conservative” views, steming from an inaccurate belief that Christianity frowns upon same sex couples because of a single line in the bible that states, “a man shall not lay with another man.” In reality, this line actually comes from the belief thousands of years ago that men only had a certain amount of sperm and if it was “wasted” on another man (or masturbation for that matter), there would not be enough to procreate, which was the goal of being. The theory is called evolutionary biology. Davis Buss wrote many books on the subject and these theories have been proven time and again across our living environment.

    Of course, there are “liberals” who are so far left, they’ve lost touch with reality just as there are “conservatives” who are so far right, they’ve lost touch with reality. My point in my reply to you was simply, I am choosing to research ALL candidates running for leader of this free country so that I may make the best decision. I will not vote along “partylines” or who is “liberal” or “conservative.” Those labels will not help our country recover.I actually read on CNN and CNBC that there are congressmen/women who will shoot down any proposal Obama brings to the table simply because they are tired of him or do not think he should be president. This behavior is childish and immature. This group is comprised of “liberal” and “conservative” congress-people. It’s time for us to come together in the best interest of our country, drop ineffective labels, and get something done.
    I appreciate your thought out, respectful response and I respect that while we are different in our political views, it appears you as well are open to change and reject outdated beliefs about our society as a whole!

  35. The personal ethical standards of people who run for office in this nation are a disgrace. How can a person believe that two out of court settlements for sexual harassment would stay hidden for the duration of an election period? And then to play dodge ball with the answers indicates a level of integrity that should not be permitted to set foot in the Oval Office.

    Mr. Cain is not the first by any means but it is indicative of just how arrogant these folks are becoming. It’s so sad because it seems he is a sort of Elmer Gantry and so many people spent time and funds on his doing well based on the false belief that Mr. Can was a man of honor.

    The blowback from this will be four more years of another sort of lying to the people. We deserve better than this and yet it is up to us to say and mean, never again. It seems to me Mr. Cain has accepted contributions under false pretenses – as have way too many others. Time to make this a felony and all fund ought t to be restored to the mislead. And some time in prison would set the tone for some new rules.

  36. […] Posts Gloria Cain: Can She Be the Cain Who Saves Herman's Presidential Hopes?G.O.P. PlatformHerman CainAre Perry's Flamboyant Tax Policy Speech and the Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Story […]

  37. […] Christmas cutting down on the amount of time candidates have to get their message, Rick Perry and Herman Cain have begun airing radio […]

  38. I spoke to Deja at your Campaign Headquarters this Morning.
    It seems that some of my friends who were strong Cain supporters are now “On the Fence” This is Exactly what the Democratic Operatives wanted. I’m convinced that the allegations originated in Chicago’s corrupt “Crook County” The Accuser LIVES IN THE SAME BUILDING as David Axelrod. Mr. Cain, go on the Offensive. Ask why Bill Clinton got away with Rape and taking advantage of Young Interns IN THE WHITE HOUSE, and the Press Defended him? Ask why the bias Liberal Media gave Ted Kennedy and Al Gore a Pass? Why did Barney Frank get away with running a brothel out of his Townhouse?
    Then bring up the past “jumping to the conclusions” by the same Liberal Press Corp in the Duke Lacrosse and Tayna Brawley Cases!
    You could problaby find a few more examples with additional research. EXPECT MORE ATTACKS, but prepare for them by hiring someone like Dick Morris who knows how the attack dogs in the Democratic Party operate. Finally, don;t be afraid to go on shows like Michael Savage. He was upset over the fact that someone in your Campaign advised you to boycott his show, but in spite of that, he has been 100% Supportive of you on his show since then! The reason that the Democrats have taken a “Pre-Emptive” strike is because they know that you reasonate with the American people, and you are the most likely Candidate to defeat Obama because of your debate skills and your background. DON’T LET THEM stop the Herman Cain Express Train! FIGHT BACK

  39. I hope Mr. Cain will see there are so many good, patriotic people here. I hope he will understand our longing for freedom and our need to break the cycle of ‘career political Rulers’ ruining our Republic. The ‘Cain Train Crowd’ is as diverse as America itself. I’m very proud to stand with each and every one of you as we try to get REAL ‘common sense’ change. Almost all of us are on board the Cain …Train for keeps. We are not distracted by the minutiae and bologna being spewed by the ‘lap dog’ media, left and right, or the professional ‘victims’. They all have their own agendas. Theirs is clearly not to advance freedom…economic or otherwise. We have ours and it is to do exactly that. We want freedom from ‘career Rulers’ and their inept governance. They have ‘served’ us this train wreck of an economy. Clear the tracks! The Cain Train is coming.
    Our agenda is, first and formost, getting Herman Cain elected to the highest office in the land. We are focused on the ‘prize’ and economic freedom. We must serry ourselves and fight on. Ignore the few trolls and tools that lurk here. They are a big part of the ‘problem’ and will never contribute to the ‘solutions’. You never see any offerings of a better way. Interestingly, they too, will benefit and thrive from a Cain election victory. I hope they will ‘man/woman up’ and thank all of us latter. Feel the love? I thought so…….peace out

  40. Herman Cain,
    I’m a Caucasian, southern born American. I’ve voted twice in my 57 years; for Ronald Reagan and George Bush. In fact I’ve never cared much about politics until the Obama debacle.
    Herman Cain you turned heads, including mine. If you end up on a ballot you’ll get my vote.
    IF you allow the power-brokers to buy, sell and destroy candidates by using the lowest, sleaziest methods they are currently employing then we can not have a democracy. I used the term “employing” because in my opinion people or entities were assigned the task of eliminating Herman Cain.
    Why? They are afraid. Afraid you were growing fast enough to win the GOP nomination. Afraid a true black man would walk into Washington and prove Obama didn’t fail because of color.
    I do not have a way to dissuade your attackers but should you cave-in to them they will always control through lies, personal attacks, possibly even by more severe means and we will never have a democratic election process and government again.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. stood strong through volumes of oppression and hurdles he faced or he would never have made it out of Alabama and the statue erected earlier this year in DC would never have happened.
    JFK walked through, not around, the Cuban Missile Crisis. Patton stood up to presidents and their minions > and was victorious.
    I sincerely feel for the pressure you must be enduring but quitting is exactly what they want you to do; their plan executed and successful. You know all the motivational lines: A Winner Never Quits, When the going gets tough … etc.
    Choose wisely for it is not just a personal choice. Your decision might leave American politics in the hands of those who run it with scandal, libel and malicious personal accusations.
    Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye – (a line from a country song from my youth).
    America’s democratic process can not be run by assassins using words or bullets. Trust in yourself first, if you can do that then trust in the American people.
    May God bless you and guide you in your quest.
    Don Strew

    • Herman Cain does seem to me to be a good man. However, he proved to me that he knows litlle about the isuues he speaks of. His sounbites were snappy, but they lacked substance. That is why whenever given more than two minutes to answer a question about the issues, he couldn’t do it. As someone who who has had always cared about our nation, even before President Obama came to office, and as someone who has voted all my life, I can honestly say that regardless of any accusations against Herman Cain he was not up to being President. You can try to blame his political demise on some kind of imaginary conspiracy, but such a charge is as baseless as the sexual harassment charges that were leveled against Cain. In other words, I find your conspiracy theory to not only be the words of a sore loser and a politically ignorant person, I find them to be ridiculous. If Herman Cain was really up to the job, he would able to stand up to these allegations and move ahead on the issues. But he can’t because he knows little about the issues.

      • I firmly believe that Mr. Cain would have made a fine president. You speak of not being up to being president. Look at our current absent-in-chief (another multi-day vacation at taxpayer expense). Mr. Obama gave me hope that anyone could become president even someone with a questionable and mostly missing background. I guess, I was wrong.

        It’s more that being a sore loser for myself, and it’s not sour grapes either. I’m legitimately concerned the system is being manipulated by those with power and money instead of being manipulated by the electorate via the ballet. Mr. Cain is polling in third or fourth place, hardly a position to withdraw?

        Sir, I think you’re missing something. Mr. Cain and his family were given secret service protection before any other candidate; this is no conspiracy theory, it’s reality. His family obviously are being threatened. He might have wanted to stand-up against those allegation but if his family is afraid, how many of us would put our family first? If this is why he left the race, it will be one of the saddest days in our nation’s history.

  41. People…do you not remember..we had a President of the Unite States look the people in the eye and Lie, lie, lie….”I did not have……..”. The news did nothing…this man they are trying to put him on the cross. I wonder how much she got paid to ruin this man’s life. When are you going to wake-up!!! The news people are doing the voting for you so they can get the one in the White House now re-elected. Obama does not care for us or our country…he is selling us down the drain for pennies….Look..look at what is around him…the company he keeps!!! Wake-up and pray….the greatest country on earth and he hates it.

  42. Needless to say, I was more than disappointed when Mr. Cain quit the race. I am glad to see that he has now come out in support of Newt. Mr. Romney, a master Mormon and well schooled in deception would be an absolute disaster in the White House. My book, “Mormonoids”, as found on Kindle, clearly documents how Mormons are masters of deception, power, and control. People of color and women are to remain in submission and anything goes when it comes to the gentiles, i.e. non-Mormons. I’m not excited about Newt, but believe me, we don’t need a Mormonoid. Mr. Cain, please get back in the race!!!

  43. Hey Herman, word to the wise….any guy who drives a Hummer is posting a big neon sign to women…ladies I’m hung like a hammster.

  44. If I understand the Supreme Court ruling re Obamacare correctly, they did not say that the bill is a tax: Thy said it would be constitutional under the taxation clause of the Constitution. Since the bill originated in the Senate, and only the House can initiate tax bills, it was not properly enacted to be a tax: Hence there are still legal challenges that can be mounted to overthrow Obamacare.

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