John Kasich

Ohio GovernorJohn Kasich

Congressman John Kasich

Born: May 13, 1952 McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania

Spouse(s): Mary Lee Griffith (divorced), Karen Waldbillig (1997-present)

Children :Emma, Reese

Residence :Westerville, Ohio

Alma mater: Ohio State University

Profession:Politician, Investment Banking, Media Broadcasting

Religion: Christian




Political Career :

  • Aide to an Ohio State Republican Senator.
  • Ran for the Ohio Senate andbeat the incumbent andserved for one term.
  • At age 30 he won election to the U.S. House of Representatives representing Ohio ‘s 12 th District.


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Although starting a bio out by revealing ones humble beginnings and describing the American dream of their rise to greatness has become a cliche, there is no other way to introduce John Kasich’s story. Born t a mailman and postal clerk, John grew up in middle class McKees Rock , Pennsylvania and played an active role in his high school and local church.

But leadership and excellence was in his blood. His understanding of the power of the individual and a strong sense of conviction was demonstrated in everything John did. Such was evident when John was just a freshman at Ohio State where he majored in Political Science. It was then that he persuaded the university president to hand carry a letter to a meeting he was attending with the then President of the United States Richard Nixon. Nixon, was so impressed by Kasich’s words that he invited to the White House where he and President Nixon met in the Oval Office for a 10 minute long private conversation. I would love to get a hold of those Nixon tapes. They’ll be worth a pretty penny someday. Because just as Nixon established, Kasich is going places. He already has.

After serving one term in the Ohio State Senate, he ran for Congress and defeated a powerful Democrat incumbent. Then he ran for Congress and again defeated a powerful incumbent Democrat.

But winning elections was not what made John Kasich special. It is what he did after winning each election that makes him stand out.

Kasich took conservative principles to every issue he dealt with and applied them evenly.

This was especially true in the areas of fiscal responsibility. It was here that even though Kasich was a strong pro-defense Republican he began to scrutinize spending by the Defense Department and declared his opposition to the B-52 bomber and argued how much of the money for it could be better spent elsewhere.

In 1989 became a minority member of the House Budget Committee where he began to prepare his own budget proposals. They were responsible budgets that sought spending cuts and tax cuts yet still delivered balanced budgets.

When the Republicans took control of the House in the midterm elections of 1994, Kasich was appointed chairman of the House Budget Committee, bypassing more senior members. As chairman John was the architect of the balanced budget agreement of 1997.

He also chaired the House-Senate committee that wrote the 1996 Welfare Reform Bill.

In 1998 Newsweek named John Kasich one of its 100 People for the 21st Century and in 1999 he explored a run for the presidency of the United States until he decided instead to endorse George W. Bush for the job. By 2001. after 9 terms in the House, Kasich retired to explore other opportunities. He became a commentator and even hosted his own show Kasich Country.

He also took on a job as the managing director of the Columbus investment banking division of Lehman Brothers where he remained until it until its collapse in 2008. There, despite allegations by his opponents, Kasich played no roll in the decision making process which led to the collapse of Lehman. As he put it “Blaming me for Lehman Brothers is like blaming a car dealer in Zanesville for the collapse of General Motors.”


It may be too early to consider John Kasich for the presidency in 2012.It “may” be too early but just maybe. Kasich was just elected Governor of Ohio against Democrat incumbent Ted Strickland in the 2010 midterm elections. The racewas a tough one, but it is one which kasich dominated.

Now that he has won, I firmly believe that Ohio will undergo an economic revival and turnaround in goovernment efficiency that will impress the nation and soon propell his name into the presidential mix.

If is a big word though and there are many ifs that must align just right for John Kasich to run and become President in 2012. But “if” they don’t, they will certainly come together in time for a future run at the job aftewr 2012. Either way, do look to see John Kasich on the short list for Vice President, especiall if he becomes the Governor of the electoral rich, heartland state of Ohio.

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4 Responses

  1. I would like to see Kasich as a vice-presidential nominee. I think a Romney-Kasich ticket would be a strong one.

  2. Kasich is exactly what we need to re-ignite values in America. I mean values in every aspect of life. The failure of socialism in my humble opinion…when you are given things without earning them, they have no value.

    • While I agree with your opinion of Kasich, sadly I do not think he is politically positioned well enough for the VP slot in 2012. However, I do look forward to what I believe will an eventually promising presidential candidacy of his own in which I believe he can prove himself to be as good as we both believe he is.

  3. True, I’m not sure I’d attach myself to Romney just yet either. Personally I’ve not done research on Mitt, other than talk radio. What I’ve heard so far is the vague generalities that I’ve heard for the past 20 years. Don’t get me wrong, we need Romney in the White House to give America a fighting chance and the world for that matter. This time around though, it’s gonna take a strong movement from the silent majority to right all the wrongs. Right now we’re being slowly fragmented by all the special interests. We have a growing population where a great number believe they are getting something for nothing. And that allows the Government to further empower themselves while siphoning off tax dollars. But I rant…..have a great weekend.

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