Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio

Born: May 28, 1971, Miami, Florida

Spouse(s): Jeannette Dousdebes

Children : Amanda Loren, Daniella, Anthony, Dominic

Residence : West Miami, FL

Alma mater: University of Miami, JD, University of Florida, BS

Profession: Political Analyst, Univision, 2008 Attorney, Visiting Professor, Florida International University

Religion: Baptist

Political Career :

  • Commissioner, City of West Miami
  • Representative, Florida State House of Representatives, 2000-2008
  • Speaker, Florida State House of Representatives, 2006-2008
  • Candidate, United States Senate, Florida, 2010


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Marco Rubio is a 40 year old Floridian from West Miami who was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000 and eventually became the state’s youngest Speaker of the House, before term limits retired him from office.

Born of Cuban immigrant parents, Marco was brought up on values rooted in honesty and hard work. He grew up understanding that the potential of America lay not in government control but in personal and entrepreneurial freedom.

As a state legislator Marco gained prominence on several political fronts.

He was the state’s leading champion of lower tax rates and helped craft a state government that was leaner and more efficient when he left office than when he first came to office. Another Rubio achievement was his landmark property rights legislation which became a national modelthat helped to curtail the horrors of eminent domain abuses.

Rubio’s work was not limited to the Florida Statehouse or his Miami legislative district. Marco traveled all of Florida in what he called an Idea Raisesr. These events helped him compile some of the best suggestions for the improvement of life in Florida.

Rubio put those ideas all together in a book called 100 Innovative Ideas For Florida’s Future.

To date, 57 of those 100 ideas have become legislation.

His impeccable record is enough to make Marco Rubio standout but that is not all that accounts for his being an outstanding young leader. His ability to inspire those around him, articulate the conservative cause in a way that wins people over, and his willingness to buck the establishment all make Marco an example of the vitality that is and can be the G.O.P.. That was in large part, why POLITICS 24/7, the parent blog of White House 2012, named Marco Rubio the 2010 Republican of the Year.

With a Reaganesque quality that can give Barack Obama a run for his money, Rubio’s oratory and people skills are incredibly powerful. He conveys a Jack Kemp-like message of personal and economic empowerment along with a heartfelt spin that appeals to not just your better senses, but your emotional being as well. This is something that the current generation of Republican politicos lack. The GOP has no clear and powerful voice to deliver our message and Marco Rubio provides both the right voice and the right message.

And Marco’s willingness tobuck the establishment is another plus.

At 39, Marco could have easily sat on his laurels and waited for the Republican establishment to tap him for the next elected office they wanted him to pursue while in their pockets. But rather than wait in line for the establishment to tap him, Rubio, he stepped up to bat and fought for the right to lead us effectively now…….not later.

Florida’s incumbent Republican Governor, Charlie Crist, was a popular figure. He was a favorite of the establishment and he is running for the U.S. States Senate. With a well stocked war chest, Crist’s lucrative campaign fund along with his high name ID and the support of the national Republican leadership, was considered a favorite for not only the Republican nomination for Senate but for the actual Senate seat in question. Yet against all odds, Marco Rubio challenged Crist t after achieving an almost 20% lead that was still growing, Crist finally saw the writing on the wall. But instead of dropping out of the race entirely, he broke his commitment to not run as an Independent if he lost the G.O.P. primary. Instead Crist pulled out of the primary and became an Independent and announced that he would continue his race for the U.S. Senate as an Independent candidate.

Rubiowas not impressed by the popular Florida Governor. He saw the once conservative oriented leader turn into a waffling moderate politicians who sold out the Sunshine State by endorsing things such as the debt increasing federal stimulus packages that has promised more thanit delivered.

In general, Charlie Crist proved himself to be a sell out who values political expediency over sound policy and although he still offers leadership that is a step up from that delivered by those rooted in solidly liberal foundations, Rubio knows that Crist is not up to the standards that conservatives should expect.

That is why when he was running as the underdog in the Republican primary against Charlie Crist. he became the GOP’s David in a campaign against the Republican Goliath. But now it turned out that Goliath was actually Benedict Arnold.

Rubio knew his campaign for the U.S. Senate nomination was going to bean uphill battle from the beginning. Now although he wound up blowing Crist away even before the first primary votes were counted, but Rubio was still the underdog.

In Charlie Crist’s conversion from psuedo-conservative, to moderate and now Independent liberal, Crist had successfully established a strong coalition. It was comprised of a small liberal Republican element, a large Independent vote and a substantial amount of moderate and Conservative Democrats, a fact that made the Democrat in this race, KendrickMeek,a virtual non-entity.

In the end Florida voters gave Marco Rubio a 19.2 % lead of Charlie Crist with 48.9% for himself, 29.7% for Independent Crist and 20.1% for liberal Democrat Kendrick Meek.


Rubio is not likely to become the Republican nominee for President in 2012 but is not out of the question.

He is solid on the issues, and he is an innovator. He alsorepresents all that our party should, possesses all the qualities and thinking that we are lacking and in need of, and he is one of the few Republicans around today who offers the Party the promise of a future based on the principles that are at the heart of our being.

Marco Rubio is taking the true Republican message to the disaffected majority of voters who feel abandoned and who have lost faith. He has also taken it to fellow Republicans who feel disaffected by their Party and, slowly but surely, he is winning all of them them over. Rubio is reinvigorating many and inspiring many more. He is proving to be the type of Republican that conservatives and disaffected voters have been yearning for.

And now that he has won his senate race in Florida, all bets are off because just a few years ago a young man from Illionois, via Hawaii and the Philippines, was alsoelected to the U.S. Senate. He spent one year there before he started running for President of the United States and after slaying the Democrat giants that are the Clinton’s, he went on to crush a seasoned, so-called Republican maverickand shocked the world with his meteoric rise toabsolute power. Now, given Rubio’s excellence as a leader, his substantial win in his Senate race, support of the TEA movement as one of its favorite candidates, and with what is still an outsider image, one would have to say that if Barack Obama could do it after going from community organizer, to local state senator and then from Senator to President, Marco Rubio surely can do the same, because let me tell you, Barack Obama is no Marco Rubio.

Is Rubio likely to go for it. As I bagan, probably not. Marco lacks the audacity and arrogance of President Obama, a young man who has proven that the presidency of the United States is a job that is too hard for him to handle. Instead, Marco may not be quite as power hungry as then Senator Obama was and he may for the time being, just be content with representing the people of Florida. But it should be understood that just as was indicated by POLITICS 24/7 when it named him Republican of the year, Marco is a star and one that rising fast. As such, he will be on the short list of whomever the Republican nominee for President is. A Northern or Midwestern nominee would like Rubio’s regional appeal, combined with the large electoral vote of his state of Florida. But Southern candidates would also like to lock up Florida’s electoral votes. After all President Obama did win Florida in 2008. But another major factor for a republican presidential nominee from any region will be Marco’s Cuban background. As a Latino, Rubio would be the first one on on the ticket of either major political Party and his appeal to the Hispanic community, the largest growing community in the United States, may be pivotal in 2012.

So no matter what, keep your on eye on Marco!!

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  1. Mr Marco, my school is getting involved in changing gasoline and petroleum fuels in South Florida into flex fuel and bio diesel. Can you reply to me if you’re with it or against it?

    • Alfredo, Senator Rubio is not connected to this site. This site has information about him, but is not his. To correspond with the Senator, you will have to contact his district offices in Florida or his office in Washington, D.C..

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