Michele Bachmann

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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-6)

Born: April 6, 1956 (age 54), Waterloo, Iowa

Spouse(s): Marcus Bachmann

Children : Lucas, Harrison, Elisa, Carolina, Sophia & 23 foster children

Residence : Stillwater, Minnesota

Alma mater: Winona State University (BA), Oral Roberts University (JD) College of William & Mary Law School (LLM)

Profession: Attorney

Religion: Lutheran

Political Career :

  • 2001-2007- Minnesota State Senator
  • 2007 – present- U.S. House of Representatives

  • June 14 – During a Republican Presidential Debate, Bachmann announced that she filed papers to run for President with the Federal Election Commission for a run for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party.
  • June 18 – Bachmann places third in the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll.
  • June 27 – Michele Bachmann officially announces her candidacy for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party.
  • August 13 – Michele Bachmann wins the Ames straw poll in Iowa.
  • January 4 – After placing sixth in Iowa, Bachmann suspended her presidential campaign

Iowa Caucus Results

Santorum – 29,839 – 25%  – 12 delegates

Romney    – 29,805 – 25% – 12 delegates

Paul           – 26,036 – 21%  – 0 delegates

Gingrich   – 16,163   – 13%  – 0 delegates

Perry         – 12, 557  – 10%  – 0 delegates

Bachmann-  6,046   –  5%   – o delegates

Huntsman-      739   –   1%   – 0 delgates

Cain           –         58  –    0      -0 delgates

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Bachmann On The Issues


Foreign Policy Gun Control Budget & Economy Education
Homeland Security Crime Government Reform Health Care
War & Peace Drugs Tax Reform Abortion
Free Trade Civil Rights Social Security Families & Children
Immigration Jobs Welfare & Poverty Corporations
Energy & Oil Environment Technology Principles & Values


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Michele Bachmann

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Born Michele Marie Amble, in Iowa,Michele is the daughter of hard working, working class parents. At a young age her parents were divorced and she and her mother moved to Minnesota. After college she went on to become a U.S. Treasury Department Attorney for the Federal Tax Court out of St. Paul.

Her earliest political activism centered around her opposition to abortion, a cause in which she became a sidewalk a counselor for. It was through this activism that she met her husband Marcus Bachmann.

To this day, the two own a small business, Christian counseling center and are deeply devoted to the pro-life cause.

Along the way, Marcus and Michele became the parents of 5 biological children, and throughout time became foster parents of 23 other children.

Afterleaving her work as a Treasury Department attorney to become a full time mother,Micheles political activism began to include the cause of education and in 1993,she and other local parents created a charter school.

In 2000, Michele took her activism to a new level and made a primary challenge to an 18 year incumbent state senator. She went on to win the general election and serve two more terms until 2007 when she became the first Republican woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from the state of Minnesota.

In her third term in the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Bachmann has earned a reputation as a reformer and as the founding member of the House TEA Party Caucus is a darling of the Taxed Enough Already movement. A conservative at heart, Bachmann is a reliable deficit hawk and a staunch opponent of government waste and spending and an even stronger proponent of earmark reform, budget cutting, reducing the size of government, tax relief.

In the past few years, she has taken an active role in promoting domestic energy exploration and in an attempt to make America more energy independent has taken an all of the above approach on energy development in general.

Bachmanns visibility on the national stage really took off during the 2008 elections when she took fire for stating in an interview that that she thought the media might be wise to do on expose on the views of members of Congress and find it how many hold anti-American views. The statement came after she claimed that presidential candidate Barack Obamas tie to people Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers might suggest that he himself holds some anti-American views. Bachmann later claimed to have misstated her argument and did not in anyway mean to suggest that members of Congress or Barack Obama were unpatriotic.

Since then though, Bachmann has not held any punches and is quite firm in her opposition to liberal orthodoxy and policy. In turn, she continues to draw sharp criticism and attacks from the left who try to paint her as an out of control rightwing radical.

Regardless of how the left would like to define Bachmann, she is true to her convictions and practices what she preaches. Nevertheless, she is controversial but also popular and unafraid to go it alone for what she believes in.


Michele Bachmann was not a probable candidate for President in 2012 but regardless of what some may think, she could be a formidable one, especially depending on who isand isn’t running.

Having raised $11 million dollars in the 2010 election cycle she passed the fundraising efforts of all her fellow House members and has a dedicated following.

After losing an attempt at the leadership position for the House Republican Policy Committee, Bachmann may be a little peeved at the establishment leadership but a run for President in 2012, just to get back at them is imprudent. However,even though Bachmann is a longshot for the nomination, her candidacy will hep her gain some considerable  clout, both with the voters and those on Capitol Hill who could use people with a following as strong and committed as hers, in positions of leadership. 

 Her best chances for success were among some the earliest states to vote in the nomination contest.  Iowa and South Carolina could have  provide her presidential campaign with the type of momentum that could have allowed her to catch on.  After hber extremely poor showing in the Iowa Caucuses, it was clear that such momentum did not exist.

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Click below to visit Michele Bachmann’s websites

Washington, D.C. Address – 103 Cannon House Office Building – Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-2331
Fax: 202-225-6475
District Address – 6043 Hudson Road, Suite 330 – Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone: 651-731-5400
Fax: 651-731-6650
District Address – 110 2nd Street South, Suite 232 – Waite Park, MN 56387
Phone: 320-253-5931
Fax: 320-240-6905
Key Staff and their Contact Information
Rich DunnChief of Staff :  Phone: 202-225-2331, Fax: 202-225-6475
Kim RubinScheduler : Phone: 202-225-2331, Fax: 202-225-6475
Heidi FredericksonPress Secretary: Phone: 202-225-2331, Fax: 202-225-6475
412 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-2306
Campaign Address
Bachmann for President
Post Office Box 251310
Saint Paul, MN 55125

 Campaign staff names and contact info is still be compiled by WH12

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  20. She must have one bad back from all the times she pats herself on the shoulder. I never heard anyone talk about themself so much in my life. Man is it sickning. I’ve done this and I’ve done that. I was the one that did this and that. Can’t she talk about anything else. It’s like one lously record over and over again. She doesn’t even have any kind of a record to boast about, so what in the name of God does she have so much to be proud of. Really. She needs a new hair job also. Boring

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