Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

Born: March 12, 1947, Detroit, Michigan

Spouse(s): Ann Romney

Children :Tagg , Matt , Josh , Ben, Craig

Residence :Belmont, Massachusetts

Alma mater:Brigham Young University (B.A.), Harvard Business School (M.B.A.), Harvard Law School (J.D.)

Profession: Businessman, Politician

Religion: Mormon

Political Career :

  • 1994; Romney ran for thr U.S. Senate in Massachusetts against incumbent Democrat and iconic liberal Semnator Ted Kennedy. It was the toughest challenge for his seat that Kennedy ever faced. Romney spent $7 million on the race. Kennedy spent $10 million. Romney lost with 41% to Kennedy’s 58%
  • 2002; Mitt Romney ran for Governor of Massachusetts and defeated his Democrat opponent by 5%.
  • 2008; Romney ran for the Republican nomination for President.  A few early wins kept Romney in the race but a fourth place showing in South Carolina and a second place showing in Florida ultimately led Romney to end his race for the nomination and back John McCain.


History of Romney’s 2012 Primary and General Election Campaign

  • January 22, 2011 – The New Hampshire Straw Poll is won by Mitt Romney with 35% of the vote
  • February 12, 2011–Conservative Political Action Conference; Ron Paul wins straw poll. Romney comes in second for the firsat time in three years
  • April 11, 2011 – Mitt Romney  announces the formation of a formal exploratory committee in preparation of a potential run for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party
  • May 5, 2011 – The first Republican debate takes place in South Carolina with Cain, Johnson, Pawlenty, Paul, and Santorum participating. Romney declines
  • June 2, 2011 – Mitt Romney officially announces his candidacy for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party
  • June 13, 2011 – CNN and the Manchester Union Leader hosts a Republican debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. Romney particpates along with Cain, Santorum, Gingrich, Huntsman and Pawlenty.
  • June 18, 2011 – Results of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll: Ron Paul 612; Jon Huntsman 382; Michele Bachmann 191; Herman Cain 104; Mitt Romney 74; Newt Gingrich 69; Sarah Palin 41; Rick Santorum 30; Tim Pawlenty 18; Gary Johnson 10; Buddy Roemer 9; Thad McCotter 2
  • August 12, 2011 – Republican candidates debate is held in Iowa. Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Pawlenty, Romney, and Santorum are the participants
  • September 7, 2011 – Republican candidates debate is held in Simi Valley, California. Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry, Paul, Romney, and Santorum are the participants
  • September 12, 2011 – Republican candidates debate is held in Tampa, Florida. Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry, Paul, Romney, and Santorum are the participants
  • September 22, 2011 – Republican candidates debate is held in Orlando, Florida. Sponsors: Fox News, Google and Florida Republican Party. Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Johnson, Perry, Paul, Romney, and Santorum
  • September 26, 2011 – Herman Cain wins Florida 5 straw poll. Romney comes in third, behind Texas Governor Rick Perry
  • October 11, 2011— Republican candidates debate on Bloomberg Television at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Sponsored by Bloomberg, The Washington Post and WBIN-TV
  • October 18, 2011— Republican candidates debate on CNN in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sponsored by CNN and the Western Republican Leadership Conference
  • November 9, 2011 — Republican candidates debate on CNBC at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. Sponsored by CNBC and the Michigan Republican Party.
  • November 22, 2011– Republican candidates debate on CNN in Washington, D.C.
  • December 10, 2011— Republican candidates debate in Des Moines, Iowa at Drake University. Sponsored by ABC News and Republican Party of Iowa
  • December 15, 2011 — Republican presidential debate in Sioux City, Iowa, hosted by Fox News
  • December 19, 2011 — Republican presidential candidates debate in Goffstown, New Hampshire, Sponsored by Saint Anselm College.  None of the candidates listed on the ballot in the Iowa Caucus attend


  • January 3, 2012 – The Iowa Republican caucuses are initially declared as a victory for Mitt Romney, however later counts show Rick Santorum with a small lead
  • January 7, 2012 – Republican debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, sponsored by ABC News and WMUR
  • January 8, 2012 – Republican debate at the Chubb Theatre at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, New Hampshire, sponsored by NBC News, Facebook, and The Union Leader
  • January 10, 2012 – The New Hampshire Republican primary is won by Mitt Romney
  • January 16, 2012 – Recount in Iowa shows that Rick Santorum won the Republican caucuses.
  • – Republican debates at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, sponsored by Fox News and the Republican Party of South Carolina.
  • January 19, 2012 – Republican debate in Charleston, South Carolina, sponsored by CNN and the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.
  • January 21, 2012 –Newt Gingrich wins the South Carolina primary.  Romney comes in second
  • January 23, 2012 – Republican debate at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, sponsored by The St. Petersburg Times, NBC News, the National Journal and the Florida Council of 100
  • January 26, 2012 – Republican debate in Jacksonville, Florida, sponsored by CNN and the Republican Party of Florida
  • January 31, 2012 – Mitt Romney wins the Florida Republican primary
  • February 4, 2012 – Nevada Republican caucuses are won by Mitt Romney
  • February 4, 2012 – Nevada Republican caucuses are won by Mitt Romney.
  • February 4, 2012 – Voting began in the Maine Republican caucuses: Paul gaining 21 delegates, and Romney 3
  • February 7, 2012 – The Minnesota Republican caucuses are won by Rick Santorum, Romney comes in third behind Ron Paul
  • – The Colorado Republican caucuses are won by Rick Santorum. Romney places second
  • February 11, 2012 – Voting concludes in the Maine Republican caucuses, Mitt Romney is declared the winner
  • February 22, 2012 – Republican candidates debate on CNN in Phoenix, AZ
  • February 28, 2012 – Arizona Republican Primary won by Mitt Romney
  • February 28, 2012 – Michigan Republican Primary won by Mitt Romney
  • February 29, 2012 – Wyoming caucuses won by Mitt Romney
  • March 3, 2012 – Washington state Republican caucuses – won by Mitt Romney.
  • March 6, 2012 – (Super Tuesday) – Romney wins six states; Santorum, three states; Gingrich wins Georgia.
  •  – Alaska Republican district conventions – won by Mitt Romney.
  • – Colorado Republican caucuses – won by Santorum.
  • – Georgia primary – won by Newt Gingrich.
  • – Idaho Republican caucuses – won by Mitt Romney.
  • – North Dakota Republican caucuses – won by Rick Santorum.
  • – Massachusetts primary – won by Mitt Romney.
  • – Minnesota Republican caucuses – won by Rick Santorum.
  • – Ohio primary – won by Mitt Romney.
  • – Oklahoma primary – won by Rick Santorum.
  • – Tennessee primary – won by Rick Santorum.
  • – Vermont primary – won by Mitt Romney.
  • – Virginia primary – won by Mitt Romney.
  • March 10, 2012 – Kansas Republican caucuses are won by Rick Santorum. Romney places second
  •  – Virgin Islands Republican caucuses are won by Ron Paul, but most of the delegates were awarded to Mitt Romney
  • March 18, 2012 – Romney wins the Puerto Rico Republican caucuses
  • March 20, 2012 – Mitt Romney wins the Illinois primaries
  • April 3, 2012 – Romney wins the Maryland, Wisconsin, Washington DC primaries
  • April 24, 2012 – Romney wins the Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island primaries
  • April 25, 2012 – Republican National Committee declares Mitt Romney the presumptive nominee of the party
  • May 2, 2012 – Newt Gingrich suspended his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination and endorsed Mitt Romney
  • May 17, 2012 – Romney runs his first televised ad of the general election

Stars01.gif picture by kempite

Stars01.gif picture by kempite

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Romney on the Issues

Foreign Policy Gun Control Budget & Economy Education
Homeland Security Crime Government Reform   Health Care
War & Peace Drugs Tax Reform Abortion
Free Trade Civil Rights Social Security Families & Children
Immigration  Jobs Welfare & Poverty Corporations
Energy & Oil  Environment Technology Principles & Values


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Executive   Branch


Senior   & Social Security Issues



Families   & Children

Indigenous   People

Sexual   Orientation & Gender Identity

Animal   Rights & Wildlife

Death   Penalty

Federal,   State & Local   Relations


Social   Issues

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Foreign   Aid & Policy

Legal   Issues

Stem   Cell Research

Budget,   Spending & Taxes


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Campaign   Finance & Election News

Employment   & Affirmative Action


National   Security


Civil   Liberties & Civil Rights



Reproductive   Issues


Congressional   & Legislative Affairs


Housing   & Property

Science   & Medical Research

Welfare   & Poverty

Women’s   Issues


Campaign Finances

Individual contributors to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Click on each letter to search for names.

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Mitt Romney is a true manager. He knows how to make things run, smoothly, effectively, efficiently, and successfully. Be it is business, government, or a world spectacular such as the Olympics, Romney does it right.

Growing up, Mitt attended public school until seventh grade when he went to a private all boys school named Cranbook. It was here that Romney became a bit of a prankster who was infamous for enjoying a good party playing pranks such as dressing as a police officer and tapping on the car windows of teenage friends making out, and staging an elaborate formal dinner in the center of a busy intersection

Mits fatht’er was the Governor of Michigan and in 1968, also a candidate for the Republican presidential nominee and it would seem that the apple did not fall far from the tree. But politics is not what Mitt Romney started off in. He began his career in the field of business, where he learned to appreciate capitalism and the free market.

He was eventually recruited to work for Bain & Company , a management consulting firm in Boston. Its founder would later say of the thirty-year-old Romney, “He had the appearance of confidence of a guy who was maybe ten years older”, and with that confidence, Romney proved adept at learning the how to do things right. He immersed himself in each client’s business, and worked with them tirelessly until they were effectively changed for the better. Some of Romney’s most successful accounts included; Monsanto, Outboard Marine Corporation, Burlington Industries, Staples, Home Depot, and Corning. Romney became a vice president of the firm in 1978 and within a few years, one of the its best consultants.

Soon through a series of opportunities offered to him, Romney made Bain his own and accumulated a substantial amount of wealth for Bain, its employees, himself, and numerous other business and their owners and employees.

But in 1999 , Romney was hired as the new president and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics. He was brought in to save the Olympic games from an endless stream of corruption scandals, bribery and a cost overrun of $379 million.

The scandal plagued process and financial woes were quickly reversed as he revamped the organization’s leadership and policies, reduced budgets, and boosted fund raising. He soothed worried corporate sponsors and recruited many new ones. He admitted past problems, listened to local critics, and rallied Utah’s citizenry with a sense of optimism. Then after the attacks of 9/11 in 2000, Romney faced a new challenge. The new world order of terrorism had many wondering if the games should be cancelled. Many feared that the world gathering would be a security nightmare and too dangerous a risk. Romney refused to accept that view and quickly shifted gears to focus on what was one of the most intricate, extensive, and long term security operations ever seen before.

It all paid off. The Olympics went off without a hitch and went down in the books as one of the most well run, profitable, enjoyable and emotional Olympic games ever held.

That credit helped gain Romney international acclaim for his skills as an innovative businessman and manger who had the Midas touch and enabled him to follow in his father’s political footsteps with solid credentials and certifiably as his own, self made man.

His first step was a big one. He took on the political icon Ted Kennedy, but lost. Eight years later he ran for Governor of Massachusetts and won.

As Governor, Romney handledthings surprisingly to the right for normally liberal Massachusetts. But that wasn’t easy.

At the beginning of Governor Romney’s term, Massachusetts was losing thousands of jobs every month. By the time he left office, the unemployment rate was lower, hundreds of companies had expanded or moved to Massachusetts, and in the last two years of his term, the state  added approximately 60,000 jobs.

One of Governor Romney’s top priorities as Governor was reforming the education system so that young people could compete for better paying jobs in the global economy of the future. In 2004, he established the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Program to reward the top 25 percent of Massachusetts high school students with a four-year, tuition-free scholarship to any Massachusetts public university or college. He has also championed a package of education reforms, including merit pay, put an emphasis on math and science instruction,  as well as for important new intervention programs for failing schools and English immersion for foreign-speaking students.

In 2006, Governor Romney proposed and signed into law a private, market-based reform that ensures every Massachusetts citizen will have health insurance, without a government takeover and without raising taxes.  At least that is how Romney describes it.  His opponents however, describe it as the predecessor to Obamacare and they charge that its mandates do put government in charge of healthcare.  However one charactizes it, Romney’s defense is that it worked for his state but would never try to apply it to the nation as a one-size-fits-all solution.  Which is why Romney promises to making the repeal of Obamacare his first priority.  Romney also uses his creation of Romneycare in Massachusetts as a state’s right issue.  His claim is that state’s should have the right to adopt the helathcare policies that are best suited for their populations and that by allowing them to act as 50 individuals labaoratories experiment with different ideas, eventually the best ones will surface and become good examples for other states to adopt, if they so wish.

One of the most controversial issues to hit during Romney’s tenure as Governor was gay marriage. The Massachusetts state legislature made the Bay State the first in the nation to legalize gay marriage. Romney opposed it, but the courts made it hard for him to do anything about it.

Probably by design from the get go, Romney decided to only run for one term and once he was out of office, he ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

Romney started out slow but steady, and for the longest time was considewred the conservative alternative to John McCain.  He peaked with a win in Michigan, and sputtered out in South Carolina and Florida. Much of this was due to the attacks that the G.O.P. lobbed at Romney. For a time he surpassed John McCain as a frontrunner, making him everyone’s target. John McCain was the most relentless and he even successfully claimed that Romney wanted a withdrawal form Iraq, even though he did not.

After Florida, Romney dropped out of the race.


Since losing the nomination battle in 2008,   Romney has for all intents and purposes, been running for the nomination and presidency since the day he withdrew in 2008.   His aggressive lead up to a formal announcement even that of Tim Pawlenty, a candidate whose lead up to his own formal announcement was second only to Romney’s.

Romney’s Free & Strong America PAC was consistently  the most active and lucrative PAC’in the existing field. It has provide financial assistance to hundreds of campaigns throughout the 2010 election cycle.  Many of these endorsements paid off for in return, Romney was endorsed by those candidates early on in 2011 and 2012.

Mitt’s candidacy for the Republican nomination has been consistently strong.  But doubts about his how sincere his committment to conservative causes was, left Mitt unable to exceed more than 25% in generic polls that pitted him against a large field of Republican opponents.  For the longest time, it seemed that the real race for the nomination was the oine to finally find a conservative alternative to Mitt Romney and during the Fall of 2011 and Winter of 2012, there was a new conservative each week.  Such candidates as Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich each had a turn as the perceived frontrunner and the candidate to beat Romney.  Quite late in the nomination contest, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum became the final alternative to Romney but Sanotrum’s failure to do better than expected and pull off wins in such places like Ohio, made it evident that Sanotrum would never ever be able to surpass Romney’s lead in the delegate count for the Republican presidential nomination.

His greatest strength comes in the form of business and managerial genius. What this comes down to is a man that people feel can provide what the current occupant of the White House lacks. Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney controls circumstances to the best of his ability, whereas President Obama seems to controlled by the circumstances and hung up on blaming everything on the previous Administration.

If the economy and unemployment do not improve significantly before November of 2012, Romney will have the market on the issue of the economy, for the most part. But a stream of conservatives like Barbour, Gingrich, DeMint, Thune and others including the more moderate Tim Pawlenty, will still give Romney a run for his money.

Finally in March and April, first Rick Santorum then Newt Gingrich acknowledged the reality of the numbers and suspended their campaigns, leaving Romnery with only token opposition from retiring Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Moving forward, healthcare will be the biggest sticky wicket for Romney.

The revolutionary state controlled healthcare legislation for Massachusetts that Romney championed when he was Governor, was in many ways a small version of the federal debacle that the liberal Congress passed. For the most part, Romney has gotten away with the argument that while he did what he believes was therright for the people of his state, he never intended for his state legislation to become a one size fits all federal mandate for every state in the nation.

Romney’s attempt to use Romneycare as a states rights issue does have legs and it is a story that he is sticking to as he swears that repealing Obamacare will be the first oder of business when elected.  In the mean time Romney must continue to explain states have a legitimate right to experiment with the type of state run systems that he chose to implement in the Bay State, but the federal government does not have the right to tell the states what systems they must force their citizens to participate. However, explaining this to every American voter, amid a well financed Democrat presidential ticket that will be painting Romney as flip-flopper will be tough, not impossible, but tough.

The key to Romney’s success will be keeping control of the message in this race and that message must be one that makes this election a referendum on President Obama, his record, and the economy that the President has been managing, or in this case mismanaging.  President Obama and his team will do all they can to avoid his own record and to wage a divisive campaign based on class warfare and a myriad of distractions designed at throwing the Romney campaign off message and the American people off topic.

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Campaign Address

Romney For President, Inc.

Hayden Lexington, MA  02421

Key Romney Staff

Campaign Manager  Matt Rhoades

(announced Feb. 15, 2010)  A vice president with DCI Group, May 2007-Feb. 2010.  Communications director on Romney’s presidential campaign, Jan. 2007-March 2008.  A deputy communications director in charge of research for the RNC during the 2006 election cycle. Research director for the 2004 Bush/Cheney re-election campaign.  Deputy research director at the RNC, 2003-04.  White House Liaison at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in the Bush Administration, and earlier an Associate Director in the White House Presidential Personnel Office.  B.A. from Syracuse University, 1997; and an M.A. from The George Washington University, 1999.

Chief of Staff to the Executive Director  Kelli Harrison

Executive assistant to the campaign manager on Romney for President.  Graduate of Tufts University, 2007.

Deputy Campaign Manager  Katie Packer Gage

Partner at WWP Strategies.  Michigan consultant/strategist on Romney’s 2007-08 campaign and earlier consultant to the Commonwealth PAC.  Vice president of The Sterling Corporation and director of Sterling’s Washington, DC office; joined the firm in 1995.  Worked for two years at the U.S. Department of Energy as a senior advisor to the Secretary.  Chief of staff to Michigan Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus, and managed the 2002 Posthumus for Governor campaign in Michigan.  A senior aide to Sen. Spence Abraham (R-MI) first on Capitol Hill and then as deputy campaign manager of his 2000 campaign.  Director of Senate Majority communications for the Michigan Senate and executive director of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. Deputy state director for the Dole for President campaign in Michigan, 1996.  Worked on many state legislative campaigns in Michigan.  Graduated in 1990 from Evangel University in Springfield, MO.

Senior Advisor  Beth Myers

Principal at the Shawmut Group.  Longtime aide to Romney; managed his 2007-08 presidential campaign and in 2006 directed his Commonwealth PAC.  Myers served as chief of staff in the Governor’s office, starting from the outset of the Romney administration and earlier was an advisor on his gubernatorial campaign.  Chief of staff to state Treasurer Joseph Malone for five years.  Worked in Texas with Karl Rove during the 1980s.  Graduate of Tufts University, 1979.

Senior Advisor  Peter G. Flaherty II

Principal at the Shawmut Group.  Advisor on Romney’s 2007-08 presidential campaign.  Deputy chief of staff in the Governor’s office throughout Romney’s term.  Two years as vice president of Walden Media, a film, television, and theatre company co-founded by his brother.  Suffolk County assistant district attorney, homicide unit.  J.D. from New England School of Law, 1997.  B.A. in economics from College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA), 1987.

Senior Advisor  Eric Fehrnstrom

Principal at the Shawmut Group. Traveling press secretary on Romney’s 2007-08 presidential campaign.  Communications director to Gov. Romney; joined the Romney campaign in March 2002.  Senior vice president at Hill, Holliday advertising agency, 1999-2002.  Assistant State Treasurer (media relations) for state Treasurer Joseph Malone, 1994-98 and campaign manager and communications director on Malone’s unsuccessful 1998 campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.  Worked for a decade as a journalist, starting at a Boston-area weekly and then for almost nine years at the Boston Herald, 1985-94, finishing as Statehouse bureau chief.  B.S. in journalism from Boston University, 1984.  twitter

Strategists  Stewart Stevens and Russ Schriefer

Founding partners and principals at the Stevens & Schriefer Group (SSG).  Stevens and Schriefer were media consultants on Romney’s 2007-08 campaign after working for McCain in the first months of the cycle.  They were part of the media team (Maverick Media) on Bush-Cheney ’04 and on Bush’s 2000 campaign (Stevens wrote a book on that experience, The Big Enchilada). Stewart Stevens:  “Beginning his political career in his native Mississippi, Stuart worked on Thad Cochran’s campaigns and has gone on to help elect more governors and US Senators than any other current Republican media consultant.”  Russ Schriefer:  Over twenty years experience as a strategist and media consultant, including, for example, media consultant on Chris Christie’s 2009 gubernatorial campaign, program director for the 2004 Republican National Convention, campaign manager on Rudy Giuliani’s unsuccessful 1989 campaign, although he was eventually replaced, and Mid-Atlantic regional political director on Bush-Quayle ’88.  Bachelor’s degree in government from Manhattan College, 1980. and Ashley O’Connor – with Stevens and Schriefer is a principal at SSG; executive producer of all advertising and runs the day-to-day business operations of the firm:  Experience includes director of production and a member of the strategy team for Bush Cheney ‘04.  Graduate of Mount Holyoke College.  Note: The firm set up to do Romney’s advertising and media buying is American Rambler Productions.

Senior Advisor  Mark DeMoss

(announced May 18, 2011)  Served on Romney’s National Faith and Values Steering Committee in 2007-08.  Founder (Sept. 1991) and president of the DeMoss Group, based in Atlanta, GA.  Founded and ran, Jan. 2009-11.   Spokesman and aide to Jerry Falwell for eight years.  Degree in political science from Liberty University.  Grew up in the Philadelphia area.  Author of The Little Red Book of Wisdom (1997).

Senior Advisor  Bob Wickers

(announced Jan. 13, 2012) Co-founder and president of Dresner Wickers Barber Sanders, a political consulting firm whose recent clients include Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. In 2008, Wickers served as senior strategist, pollster and media producer for Gov. Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign.


Political Director  Rich Beeson

(On Jan. 13, 2011, Real Clear Politics reported that Rich Beeson would be political director of a “near-certain presidential bid.”)  Partner at FLS Connect.  Political director at the RNC in the 2008 cycle (announced Jan. 2007).  JoinedFeather, Larson & Synhorst, approx. April 2005At the RNC from 1997 to 2005, Beeson worked as an RNC regional political director and regional finance director for the Western region.  National field director for Americans Back in Charge.  Organizational director on Bruce Benson’s 1994 gubernatorial campaign against Roy Romer in Colorado.  From Colorado.

Deputy Political Director  Todd Cranney

(April 2011)  Deputy campaign manager/political director on Meg Whitman’s 2010 campaign for governor of California.  Campaign manager on Nathan Fletcher for Assembly, 2008.  Western regional political director on Romney’s 2007-08 campaign.  Regional political director on California Victory 2006 (Carlsbad Republican Victory Headquarters).  Field representative on Bush-Cheney ’04 first in California and then in Nevada.  Staff assistant to Sen. Orrin Hatch, 2003-04.  B.S. in finance from Brigham Young University, 2002.

Regional Michael Joffrion

(May 2011)  Political director for the Alabama Republican Party, April 2008-April 2011.  Worked on the Charlie Ross for Congress primary campaign in Jackson, MS and on Rudy Giuliani’s Iowa caucus campaign.  A Victory field director for the RNC, 2006.  M.P.A. (2005) and B.A. in political science (2003) from Auburn University.

Melissa (Missy) Sousa

Worked on Dan Coats’ 2010 U.S. Senate primary campaign, and in Fall 2010 on the Maryland Victory campaign.

Assistant to the Political Director  Susan Hepworth

Director of political operations at the RNC, April 2009-Nov. 2010.  Project manager/consultant at Majority Strategies, Inc., 2008.  Political desk coordinator on Romney for President, 2007-08.  B.S. in journalism and mass communications from the University of Kansas, 2007.

National Field Director  James Garcia

Executive director of the Colorado Republican Party starting Aug. 2009.  Colorado Victory director from May 2008-Feb. 2009.  A field director for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee in Iowa and Florida.  A field director on Shelley Sekula Gibbs for Congress, 2006; also assisted the Tom DeLay Congressional Committee in Sugar Land, Texas.  B.A. in political science from the University of Houston, 2006.

Director of Voter Contact  Dan Centinello

Deputy campaign manager on Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate, 2010.  Statewide field director on Chris Christie for Governor primary campaign from Jan.-June 2009, then executive director of the New Jersey Republican State Committee, June-Dec. 2009.  State director for RNC’s California Victory in 2008.  Deputy director of voter contact/Northeast regional political director on Romney’s 2007-08 campaign.  A deputy field director for California Victory 2006.  Managed Kevin Jeffries for State Assembly June 2006 primary campaign.  Operations director on Kevin Faulconer for San Diego City Council in the Nov. 8, 2005 special election and Jan. 10, 2006 run-off.  Regional political director for the Republican Party of San Diego County.  Attended Canisius College in New York; chairman of the New York College Republican State Committee, 2004-05.

also note: Sen. Roy Blunt (MO) is leading the campaign’s effort to secure support of members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate (announced Sept. 20, 2011).


Communications Director  Gail Gitcho

(announced April 14, 2011)  Communications director to Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) starting Feb. 2011.  National press secretary for the RNC from May 2009 to Jan. 2010.  Mid-Atlantic communications director for John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid.  Gitcho started the 2008 presidential cycle as a regional press secretary for Romney for President.  Communications director for U.S. Rep. Clay Shaw (R-FL), 2004-07.  Communications director for Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM), 2003-04.  Master’s degree in political communications from Colorado State, 2003.  Bachelor’s degree in political communications from Ripon College in Wisconsin, 2001.  Originally from San Antonio, TX.

Deputy Communications Director and Research Director  Evan Yost

(June 2011)  M.B.A. in finance, accounting from Rice University, 2011.  A director at DCI Group, 2007-09.  Deputy director of research on John McCain 2008 in 2007.  Special assistant for strategic initiatives in the Office of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, 2005-06.  B.A. in English literature from The Johns Hopkins University, 2000.

Press Secretary  Andrea Saul

(announced March 3, 2011 as communications advisor to Free and Strong America PAC)  Press Secretary for Carly Fiorina’s U.S. Senate race in California.  Communications director for Gov. Charlie Crist during his recent U.S. Senate run but resigned in April 2010 upon his decision to switch party affiliation.  Press secretary to U.S Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) during much of 2009.  Director of media affairs for McCain-Palin, responsible for organizing all television, radio and surrogate activity.  Director of media affairs at the Republican National Committee, 2007-08.  Associate account executive at DCI Group, 2005-07.  Graduate of Vanderbilt University, 2004.  twitter

Regional Press Secretary  Ryan Williams

Communications director at the NH Republican Party from Jan. 2009-early 2011.  Worked on communications on the Sununu for Senate campaign in the latter half of 2008.  Broadcast media for Romney for President, Jan. 2007-Feb. 2008.  Director of media services in the Massachusetts Governor’s Office, 2005-07.  Worked in the media department of Romney’s campaign for governor, 2002.

Regional Press Secretary  Amanda Henneberg

(reported by Politico Dec. 2, 2011)  Previously communications director to U.S. Rep. Robert Hurt (R-VA) from Jan. 2011; spokeswoman on Hurt’s campaign from Aug. 2010.  Worked at the RNC.  Press secretary on Charlie Crist’s 2010 U.S. Senate campaign until he went independent.  Television communications advisor to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, 2007-09.

Director of Rapid Response  Webber Steinhoff

(reported by Roll Call June 2011)  Communications advisor to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, April 2009-May 2011.  Massachusetts native.

War Room Director  Brian Bartlett

Previously managing partner at Surus Strategies, LLC.  Canvassing coordinator on Bob McDonnell for Governor, 2009.  Advance representative at the U.S. Department of Labor, and earlier in the OVP at the White House.  Advance representative on Romney’s 2007-08 campaign.  Advance representative at the White House.

Communications Manager  Kristen Caron

(Aug. 2011)  Previously a staff assistant for Sen. Scott Brown (MA), March 2010-April 2011.  Interned on the Romney campaign in NH, 2007-08.  M.P.S. (political management from The George Washington University, 2011.  B.A. from University of Maine, 2009.

Digital Director  Zac Moffatt

(started May 1, 2011; first reported by Kate Kaye at ClickZ on May 31, 2011)  Previously a founder (Feb. 2009) and partner at Targeted Victory, where clients included Marco Rubio for Senate and Romney’s Free and Stron America PAC.  Deputy director for statewide efforts at Freedom’s Watch.  Director of political education at the RNC for 18 months through 2008.  Victory director for the Maryland Republican Party in 2006; earlier deputy field director on William Weld’s campaign for governor of New York.  Associate director of external relations for the 2004 Republican National Convention, then field director for Central Oregon on Bush’s re-elect campaign, and then deputy director of operations in the Office of Public Liaison for the Inauguration.  Associate chief of staff to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 2001-03.  Undergraduate degree in political science and history from Stanford University, 2002.  twitter

Director of Technology  Kevin Rewkowski

(April 2011)  Partner at Minuteman Strategy LLC from Feb. 2009.  Owner and general manager at SOVIN LLC, a start up health/beauty business, 2008-March 2011.  Information technology manager on Romney for President, 2007-08.  Associate manager of video technology operations at ESPN, 2004-07.  Information technology analyst at Syracuse University, 2003-04.  B.S. in information technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, 2003.

Digital Strategy  Aaron Gunderson

(May 2011)  Prior to joining the campaign Gunderson did digital media consulting for political organizations (Gundy Strategies) and worked as production manager at Castle Rock, LLC.  Co-founder and editor of  COO of Xylobyte International, 2008-09.  Studied business administration at Utah Valley University.  Served two-year mission in Mexico.

Video  Tim O’Toole

New media director for Sen. Roy Blunt after serving as press secretary on Blunt’s 2010 campaign and earlier as a press assistant to then-Rep. Roy Blunt.  Upstate regional field director on Rudy Giuliani’s South Carolina pimrary campaign.  Account coordinator at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.  B.A. in journalism from University of Missouri-Columbia.

Design Director  Molly Fowler

(May 2011)  Came to the campaign after about half a year as art director for The Alchemedia Project.  Worked at Noble starting in 2007 as assistant art director, then associate art director, then digital producer.  BFA in graphic design from Missouri State University, 2001; BFA in visual communications, piano performance from Truman State University, 2006.

Digital Integration Director  Caitlin Checkett

(May 2011)  Project manager at Noble, 2008-11.  B.S. in business administration, marketing from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Leeds School of Business, 2008.


Policy Director  Lanhee Chen

(from Jan. 2011, announced March 28, 2011)  Most recently a visit scholar at the University of California’s Institute of Governmental Studies.  Chen was the deputy campaign manager and policy director on California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner’s campaign for governor, 2009-10.  Associate attorney at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP, 2008-09.  Chief domestic policy adviser during Romney’s 2007-08 campaign for president. Senior counselor to the Deputy Secretary at HHS, 2008.  A health policy adviser to Bush-Cheney ’04.  Ph.D. in political science, J.D., A.M. in political science, and A.B. in government, all from Harvard University.

Economic Policy Advisor Danita Ng

(May 2011)  In 2009-10 Ng served as deputy policy director on Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate, and earlier as policy advisor on Steve Poizner for Governor.  In 2005-07 she held several positions in California government including research analyst in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and assistant communications director for a large state agency.  J.D. from University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, 2009; B.A. in political science from Wellesley College, 2004.

Domestic Policy Advisor  Anna Gatlin

(June 2011)  Recent experience includes legislative intern for Mass. Rep. Alice Wolf; and education specialist at the Tennessee State Museum.  M.A. in education policy and management from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.  M.A. in English education from New York University, 2009; B.A. from University of Mississippi, 2007.

Director of Foreign, Defense and Judicial Policy  Alex Wong

Formerly an associate at Covington & Burling.

Policy Consulting  Oren Cass

Economic Policy Team

(announced Sept. 6, 2011)

Led by Dean R. Glenn Hubbard, Professor N. Gregory Mankiw, former Senator Jim Talent and former Congressman Vin Weber

(note Weber was first announced as special advisor on policy on Aug. 24).

Foreign Policy and National Security Advisory Team

(announced Oct. 6, 2011)

Special advisors Cofer Black – Christopher Burnham – Michael Chertoff – Eliot Cohen – Norm Coleman – John Danilovich – Paula Dobriansky – Eric Edelman – Michael Hayden – Kerry Healey – Kim Holmes – Robert Joseph – Robert Kagan –  John Lehman – Walid Phares – Pierre Prosper – Mitchell Reiss – Daniel Senor – Jim Talent – Vin Weber – Richard Williamson – Dov Zakheim.

Also regional and functional working groups.

(added Nov. 29, 2011)

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart and former Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

Justice Advisory Committee

(announced Aug. 2, 2011)

Chaired by Judge Robert Bork, Professor May Ann Glendon, and Richard Wiley.

“The committee will advise on the Constitution, judicial matters, law enforcement, homeland security, and regulatory issues. Where appropriate and permitted, some committee members will provide legal counsel to the campaign.

Labor Policy Advisory Group

(announced Sept. 12, 2011)

Co-chaired by Peter Schaumber and William Kilberg.

“The group will help Mitt Romney formulate pro-growth policies that promote the interests of workers and businesses by protecting the principles of free enterprise, free choice, and free speech.”

Veterans Policy Advisory Group

(announced Oct. 6, 2011)

Co-chaired by Anthony Principi and Jim Nicholson.

“The group will counsel Romney on issues of importance to the nation’s veterans and help to formulate policies that will ensure America keeps its commitments to the men and women of the armed services while they are on duty and after they return home.”

Trade Policy Advisory Group

(announced Oct. 13, 2011)

Chaired by Carlos Gutierrez with Rod Hunter and John Herrmann serving as co-chairs.

“The group will help Romney formulate pro-growth trade policies that open markets around the world for American goods and services while ensuring that trading partners play by the rules and welcome robust competition.”

Law Enforcement Advisory Group

(announced Oct. 28, 2011)

Co-chaired by former Attorneys General William Barr and Michael Mukasey, former Deputy Attorneys General George Terwilliger and Mark Filip, and former Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Criminal Division Alice Fisher.

“They will advise Governor Romney on all matters related to the rule of law…”

Special Advisors on Policy 

Former Sen. Norm Coleman

(announced Sept. 21, 2011)  Chairman of the American Action Network, and a senior governmental advisor at Hogan Lovells.  Served one term in the U.S. Senate, elected 2002.  Mayor of St. Paul from 1993-98.  Served as a chief prosecutor in the Minnesota Attorney General’s office and as the Minnesota Solicitor General.

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk

(announced Sept. 21, 2011)  Elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010 to complete Obama’s term and serve a full term.  Previously served five terms in the House.  A Naval Reserve Intelligence Commander; just returned from Afghanistan in September from his third Reserve assignment there.

Urban Policy  Former St. Petersburg FL Mayor Rick Baker

(announced Jan. 17, 2012)  First elected in 2001 and re-elected in 2005.

Senior Advisor  Gabriel Schoenfeld (July 2011)  Senior fellow on leave from the Hudson Institute and from the Witherspoon Institute.  Senior editor at Commentary magazine, 1994-2008.  Post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University’s Russian Research Center, 1989-90.  Temporary FSO in the Soviet Union, 1986-87.  Legislative correspondent and research assistant to Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, 1977-79.  PhD from Harvard University’s Department of Government.  Author of Necessary Secrets.


Deputy Director of Operations and Senior Advisor  Louis Tavares

Chief Operating Officer and Counsel to the Free and Strong America PAC. Deputy national finance director on the Romney for President campaign.  Associate legal counsel in the Office of Gov. Mitt Romney, 2005-06.  Associate at Ropes & Gray LLP, 2004-05.  J.D. from Boston College Law School, 2004; B.A. in political science and economics from Tufts University, 2001.

Director of Advance  Will Ritter

Director of operations for Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC.  Special assistant to Mitt Romney on the Romney for President campaign.  Attended Northeastern University.

Trip Director  Charles W. Pearce

Director of advance on Baker for Governor (Mass.), 2009-10.  National advance coordinator on Romney for President, 2007-08, then lead advance on the McCain campaign.  Scheduler to U.S. Rep. Turner, 2006-07.  Research assistant at the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee.  Originally from Mission Viejo, Calif..
Advance Representatives  Jacob Kastan Jonathan Palmer

Director of Scheduling  Vicki Blanton

(April 2011)  Finance director on the Buck for Colorado campaign July-Nov. 2010 after serving as deputy finance director on the Sue Lowden for U.S. Senate campaign in Nevada.  Consultant to the John Suthers for Attorney General campaign in Colorado, 2009.  Scheduler on Bob Schaffer for U.S. Senate, started in March 2008.  Scheduler on Romney for President, May 2007-Feb. 2008.  B.A. from Hope College, 2007.

Deputy Director of Internal & External Relations  Jim Rogers

(started in May 2011 on the exploratory committee)  Assistant director of undergraduate admission at Bentley University from 2008-11 and previously an academic advisor at Bentley College, 2006-08.  MBA from Bentley University, 2011; M.S. from Miami University, 2006; B.S. in English from SUNY College at Geneseo, 2004.


Finance Chair  Spencer Zwick (SJZ LLC, Lexington, MA)

A managing partner of Solamere Capital, LLC, a firm he co-founded with with Tagg Romney and Eric Scheuermann.  National finance chair on Meg Whitman’s 2010 campaign for governor of California.  National finance director of Romney for President.  Deputy chief of staff and COO in the Gov. Romney’s office.  Worked in the Executive Office of the Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee for the Winter Games of 2002.  Attended the University of Utah and graduated from Brigham Young University.

Finance Director  Mason J. Fink

Worked at Solamere Capital and on his independent business MJF LLC.

more finance (partial listing alpha)

Regional Finance Director  Trent Christensen

Associate at Ropes & Gray LLP, 2009-11.  Regional finance manager on Romney for President, Inc., 2007-08.  J.D. from Brigham Young University, 2008.

California Finance Coordinator  Caitlyn Malcynsky

(May 2011; previously interned at Free and Strong America PAC)  Graduate of Columbia College, 2011.

Massachusetts Director  Magan Munson

Previously at the Massachusetts Republican Party.  Community liaison for Sen. David Vitter, from late 2006-mid 2008.

Bruce Nilson

CIO at Free and Strong America PAC from April 2008-March 2011 and, from Jan. 2009 managing partner at Minuteman Strategy, LLC.  Manager of headquarters operations at Romney for President, Dec. 2006-April 2008.  Operations coordinator on the Healey for Governor campaign, 2005-06.  Bentley University.

West Region Coordinator  Kaitlin O’Reilly

Executive assistant at Solamere Capital, LLC and executive assistant at SJZ, LLC.  Graduate of Tufts University, 2009.

National Finance Director-West/Senior Finance Advisor  Don Stirling

(based in Utah)  National finance advisor to Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC.  National deputy director of finance on Romney’s 2008 campaign.  President and CEO of the Massachusetts Sports & Film Commission, 2004-06.  Managing director of sponsorship for the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games.  B.A. in humanities from Brigham Young University.

Sagar Vachhani

Worked in finance for Free & Strong America PAC.  Undergraduate degree from NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Matthew Waldrip

(June 2011)  Partner at Action First, a consulting firm, from June 2010.  Director of grassroots operations at Policy Impact Communications, 2009-10.  Program specialist in the International Fellows Program at National Defense University, 2007-09.  Ran a nation-wide grassroots finance operation (Ambassador Program) for the 2008 Romney for President campaign.  B.S. in political science from Brigham Young University, 2007.

Ryan Morley

(April 2011)  Partner at Action First, a consulting firm, from May 2009.  Director of grassroots communications at Policy Impact Communications, 2009-10.  Management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, 2007-09.  Ran a nation-wide grassroots finance operation (Ambassador Program) for the 2008 Romney for President campaign.  Brigham Young University.

Texas Director  William Walker

Principal at TCB Strategies (Taking Care of Business).  eFinance director at the RNC for six months in 2009-10.  Northeast finance director on McCain-Palin Victory 2008.  Finance events manager on Romney for President, Inc. 2007-08.  Director of advance on Healey for Governor, 2006.  Bachelor’s degree in biology from Kenyon College.

National Finance Co-Chairs Meg Whitman


General Counsel  Katie Biber

(April 2011)  Associate at Patton Boggs, LLP from 2006; Biber also served as general counsel on Romney’s 2007-08 campaign.  Served as associate counsel on Bush-Cheney ’04.  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2004.  B.A. in journalism/political science from The George Washington University, 2000.

Deputy General Counsel  Megan Sowards

(June 2011)  Associate at Patton Boggs, LLP from Oct. 2009.  Speechwriter at the U.S. Department of State, 2003-05.  Press secretary to Sen. Susan Collins, 2001-03.  Speechwriter to Sen. John Chafee and then Sen. Lincoln Chafee, 1999-2001.  J.D. from University of Michigan Law School; undergraduate degree from Middlebury College.

Senior Advisor  Benjamin Ginsberg

National counsel on Romney’s 2007-08 campaign.


Neil Newhouse

(On Jan. 13, 2011, Real Clear Politics reported that Neil Newhouse would be pollster of a “near-certain presidential bid.”)  A partner and co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies.  Previously executive Vice-President of The Wirthlin Group.  Graduated from Duke University and attended graduate school at the University of Virginia.  Originally from Kansas City.

More National

National Co-Chairs:

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty

(announced Sept. 12, 2011)

National Advisory Council

Chairman of National Advisory Council  Former U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez

(announced Oct. 10, 2011)

Co-Chair  U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH)

(announced Nov. 20, 2011)

Co-Chair  U.S. Sen. John Thune (SD) (announced Nov. 23, 2011)

Former U.S. Sen. Connie Mack III

(announced Nov. 3, 2011)

U.S. Rep. Dave Camp (MI-4)

(announced Dec. 20, 2011)

National steering committee

Chairman of National Steering Committee  Former Gov. John H. Sununu

(announced Oct. 24, 2011)

Co-Chair  Gov. Nikki Haley (SC)

(announced Dec. 16, 2011)

U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass

(announced Nov. 21, 2011)

National Grassroot Leadership Committee

Co-Chair  Jennifer Horn (NH)

(announced Dec. 20, 2011)

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