Sarah Palin

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin


Born: February 11, 1964 (1964-02-11),Sandpoint, Idaho

Spouse(s): Todd Palin

Children :Track, Bristol, Willow. Piper, Trig

Residence : Wasilla, Alaska

Alma mater: Unoversity of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific College, North Idaho College, Matanuska-Sustina College, University of Idaho

Profession: Local news sportscasting
Commercial fishing
Political commentator

Religion: Non-denominational Christian

Political Career :

  • Member of the Wasilla City Council 1992 – 1996
  • Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska 1996, 2002
  • In 2002, Palin ran for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor and came inin second in a five-way Republican primary.
  • Chairperson of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission 2003 – 2004. Here Palin discovered shady deals between high level state officials, including the Governor and members of his staff. She was asked to ignore them but persisted in exposing them until many were forced to resign and convicted of ethics charges.
  • in 2006 Palin ran for the Republican gubernatorial nomination on a clean government platform and defeated incumbent Frak Murkowski in the primary and ultimately won the gubernatorial election.
  • In 2008 Sarah Palin was chosen to be John McCain’s vice presidential running mate on the Republican presidential ticket.
  • On July 3, 2009, Palin announced that she would not run for reelection in the 2010 Alaska gubernatorial election and would resign before the end of July. The announcement came as the result of decison to put an end to the  “insane” amount of time and money that it was costing the state to address partisan politically motivated”frivolous” ethics complaints her. Palin’s rise to national acclaim created a cottage industry of liberal hate that targeted Palin and tired to exact revenge against the the G.O.P and Republican ideology. Palin also felt that it was in the best interest of the state that she resign and leave its stewardship in the capable hands of her Lt. Governor whom she believed could carry on with the good work she began, without the distarction of the partisan politics of destructionthat the left was waging against her.


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Sarah Palin’s bio hardly requires repeating here.

After being introduced to the nation in August of 2008 as John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin has become one of the most recognizable faces in politics today.

Whether you like her or hate her, she is a figure at the center of attention, speculation, praise, criticism, gossip, attacks and hope.

On the morning that it was discovered that John McCain picked an obscure governor from the state of Alaska as his vice presidential running mate, the media scattered about wildly in an attempt to convey as much information as possible about the Governor to their audiences. Then came the reaction from the Obama/Biden campaign. The first official statement came from the campaign spokesman Bill Burton who released the following two sentences;

“Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same.”

Upon closer look at that statement, it is easy to see the selection of Sarah Palin was one that worried the left. The most glaring example of that fear comes in the first sentence, when the Obama campaign revealed that they were focused on overcoming their own candidates lack of experience.

While Sarah Palin was the incumbent Governor of Alaska, the Obama camp conveniently and immediately chose to ignore that and claim that Palin was only a former small town mayor. They also chose to discount Obam’s own lack of any foreign affairs experience by highlighting that the like him Palin , had no foreign affairs experience.

Then the Obama /Biden team structured a sentence that was designed to compensate for their fear of losing support from women voters. Hence the reference to Roe v. Wade and the assumption that all women care little about the issue of life.

They also used that last sentence to take a wild final shot by lying about Palin and claiming she was a part of big oil and a supporter of the Bush economic policies.

In contrast to the initial reaction by the Democrat ticket, Sarah Palin’s career in politics was launched into the stratosphere after she was appointed to Alaska’s oil commission and busted up corruption among big oil and big politicians, including the man who appointed her, the Republican Governor of Alaska. And unlike President Bush, Sarah Palin reduced government budgets and cut spending.

This occurred after she did serve as the popular and successful Mayor of her small town American community of Wasilla in Alaska. But from there, against all odds Palin took on her Party and its bosses to oppose and expose the states popular incumbent Republican Governor and take him down for his sweetheart deals and passes that he provided big oil in Alaska with. And she succeeded. And unlike then Senator Obama, Palin actually had experience governing state, running a small business, making, meeting, and cutting budgets and costs, and experience in taking on the establishment, not fitting into the establishment and joining it as Barack Obama did.

But in the weeks to follow Sarah Palin’s entry on to the national stage, the worried Obama team and their talented henchmen helped to insure that facts were ignored and that their innuendo’s and rumors were focused on. A well documented and orchestrated effort which has now been exposed as part of the Journolist scandal, tried to completely destroy the reputation of the Governor. First they attacked the Governor’s family. They made fun of her infant child who has Downs Syndrome, they attacked Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter and unleashed a whisper campaign that tried to make many believe that Palin was not even the real mother of her Downs syndrome baby. The issueless Obama support team suggested that the newborn was actually her daughters and that Palin only pretended to be the mother in order to cover up an out of wedlock teen pregnancy of Bristol, her oldest daughter.

As the rumor mill turned, Palin hit the campaign trail running. But on one of her initial national interviews, she stumbled and with one less than perfect answer to a question asked of her by Katie Couric, the relentless liberal establishment double upped their assault on Palin’s reputation. So much so that the eventual topic of Palin’s good looks became an issue in which she was caricatured as a buxom, scantily clad woman, sometimes wielding guns other times just sprawled out as a centerfold. She soon became America’s favorite target of sexism and called an airhead and bimbo. And through it all, the normally militant and vocal feminists movement of the left ignored their own principles and instead of denouncing the sexism they dedicated themselves to overcoming, they joined a unified liberal team of character assassins, hell bent on destroying not just the chances of the Republican presidential ticket but of Sarah Palin herself.

She began to find Democrats in own state legislature join national Democrats in mounting countless frivolous court challenges, designed to bog her down in ethics charges.

Yet despite the endless onslaught of her family, reputation, looks and even her faith, Palin held her own. As she spoke to the Republican National Convention in accepting her nomination for Vice President, Palin wowed many with an aggressive, articulate, fiery, and moving address that at one point warned the world that the only thing more dangerous than a pit bull was pit bull like her with lipstick. And in the one and only vice presidential debate, Palin held her own quite well and laid out a Reaganesque message of conservativism.

How Palin’s place on the ticket helped or hurt the Republicans chances in 2008 is still being debated. But not by most Republicans and conservatives. Most of us understand that the addition of Palin to the ticket in 2008, energized the base, a base that was less than enthusiastic about the man at the top of the ticket. John McCain. And in looking to 2012, there are some whom still question Palin’s viability as a presidential candidate.

Those people are setting themselves up for a big surprise.


Not only is Palin viable as a candidate, she is an extremely influential as one.

Should Sarah Palin decide to run, she will bring a dynamic to the race that none of the other contenders can bring to it. It is a dynamic that was and still remains her greatest strength to date….. her outsider image.

Sarah Palin’s powerful yet plain spoken words and unmitigated desire to not tip-toe around the issues is refreshing enough for most Americans but when you throw in the fact that she is not only disliked by the political establishment but that she has never been a part of the establishment, what you have is candidate that offers to people the hope that there does somewhere exist a chance for a real outsider, a real average Joe or Joanne to have the ability to get in there and shake things up the way the people want, not the way the politicians want.

Americans are disgusted with double-talk and intricate legislation laced with Washingtonese that sells the carpet out from under them while promising to make their lives better and in the end, simply costs them more and delivers more of the same.

No other current potential candidate for the nomination presents the promise of people over politics more than Palin. She may not have the pretentious style of Harvard lawyers and Yale professors but she does possess the capacity for convincingly using the language of average Americans and conveying the very real and present sentiment that like many of them, she does not want Washington politicians running their lives and taxing them more and more for the privilege of having their rights taken away from them. And while most Republicans have a favorable opinion of Palin, she will have to work on setting her record and image staright among Independent voters. Something which she can easily do if she focusses on them.

Palin is eloquent in her own way. She does not stumble with Ahhs and duhs that string hand fed lines together and she doesn’t double talk you. She says what is on her mind and in her heart and stands by her words and her choices. This refreshing to a public weary of politicians, promises, and false hopes. She is bold and ballsy, earthy and energetic and for many, the antithesis of the over polished, slick, political snake oil salesmen that are using insider political trading skills to give all the breaks to the political class while screwing the middle class.

For Americans who do not want to send another fox into the henhouse, Sarah Palin is just the right foxhound for the hunt.

But while her street cred as an outsider remains her greatest advantage, especially in a political atmosphere that is ginned up on a Taxed Enough Already mentality, her greatest disadvantage remains that very same popularity.

The appreciation that the right and dissatisfied voters in general have for Palin is what scares the bejeeezus out of the liberal establishment and their leftwing media patrons. Together the two will continue to do their best to cement their manufactured image of Sarah Palin as some sort of redneck, racist bimbo. None of the traditional defenders of women will be there to help her. None of the politically correct liberal elite will expend an ounce of energy to insure that that their beliefs are applied equally and denounce the politically incorrect attacks on Palin or even give her credit for being a powerful woman.

So Palin will have to be more careful than any of her potential male counterparts.

Palin will have to be almost perfect and almost all the time. If not, liberal prejudices and double standards will eviscerate her candidacy and through an endless barrage of visuals and words in all forms of modern media communications and at all times of every day will effectively create the image of her that they want and successfully assassinate any chance of her having a shot at the presidency.

For these reasons, it is important that with her outsider image safely intact, if Sarah Palin does intend to run for President, she must begin to act more presidential. This does not mean that she needs to lose an ounce of her wholesome, homespun anecdotes and catch phrases. They worked for Reagan and many other men. It just means that she must shake off any and all reality show-like qualities and begin to fine tune her public appearances and the issuance of her statements with all the grandeur and officialdom of the office of the presidency.

Because while the American people are ready for a new kind of leader, they still need to feel that the leader they are getting is not too ordinary. While Americans want someone whom they know relates to them, whether they admit it or not, Americans do still want someone who they feel knows more than them and in some ways is more special than them. Otherwise they feel as though they are electing their next door neighbor to be President of the United States and few Americans would want to send their next door neighbors to the White House.

So Sarah Palin, maybe for no other reason than the fact that she is strong conservative woman, has to walk a much more careful line than just about any other potential candidate in either political Party. If she can strike the right balance, she might just become every liberals worst nightmare and every conservatives dream come true and the first woman President of the United States.

Whether Sarah Palin runs or not is still a question mark. Newt Gingrich believes she is and so do others. Some even indicate the production of her 8 minute long video speech addressing the shooting in Tucson, Arizona that nearly took the life of Congresswoman Fabrielle Giffirds, is a strong sign of her desire for a future presidential run. Indeed the left made the shooting a national conversation that tried to lay blame for the shooting at Sarah’s feet by claiming that she level of political discourse that she brought to the table, prompted the violence. So making that speech could merely have been a rightful attempt to repsond to critics and to change the liberal stroryline.Either way, while Palin made it clear that her focus in 2010 was not on 2012 but rather on electing conservatives in the all important 2010 midterm elections, she is poised to call in many chips from the many candidates who won election with her help. If she does decide to run. Between her financial assistance for candidates from SarahPAC and her aggressive endorsements and campaigning for candidates, many of those whodid get elected in 2010 will become valuable supporters of hers in a potential 2012 Republican presidential primary campaign.

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  1. Hi Sara, Sara i recently completed an oil painting size 30×40 inches, and then gave it to Replican party hopefull michael Allegretti, he invited me to a brealfast here in Staten Island nY , The reason I gave him the oil painting Is that he was nice enough to invite me a sufferer from right sided brain damage, So i showed him my apprceiation for being so nice to me Sara.. Some people do make fun of me as Im disabled, Which includesA family member. but Michael Allegretti Was so nice, i even recieved thanks From Mr Allegretti,s Mom, with a hand shake, what a classy family Sara, I wish i could attch my photo of him along with myself holding the oil painting Showing Obama on a tv screen behind a little girl, and her large bottle with one penney in the bottle, Can you please look into michael Allergretti for congress here in Staten island, As i feel you would like people that show an understanding for people like myself, Thanks sincerly Jack Bauer Disabled staten island artist

  2. Hello Sara, here the problum. Men in particular can not get past your looks, as they see your beauty before, they should open there minds, As to your being a great President. You scare the left, Why? because your a republican, Jut imagin your a Republican, The left cannot live with the thought with a Republica female President before a left wing Democrat, And this other Lady running for president, Well if they assault her, wow thats really hitting a low note for the left, esp. the left wing ladys… So in conclusion, Lets all Give Sara palin a chance at the presidenty, of the U.S.A. maybe after all your attempts at dirty up Sara, and she still stands proudly, as a great Mom and patriot, Gee you think the Obaism could do better, We think not, Look at there record, As Obama being President, all lies, plenty of BS thats it folks

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