Thaddeus McCotter


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Michigan Congressman Thad McCotter

Born: October 22,1965  (age 46), Livonia, Michigan

Spouse(s): Rita McCotter

Children : George, Timothy, Emilia

Residence : Livonia, Michigan

Alma mater: University of Detroit

Profession: Attorney

Religion: Roman Catholic



Political Career :

  • In 1992  McCotter was elected to the Wayne County Commission.  In this position, McCotter helped spearhead a an effort to reform the county charter that required the approval of two-thirds of the Commission and 60% of voters in order to enact new taxes
  • In 1998McCotter was elected to the Michigan State Senate.
  • In 2002, McCotter was elected to first of 6 terms in House of Representatives


Policy Positions

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Foreign Policy Gun Control Budget & Economy Education
Homeland Security Crime Government Reform   Health Care
War & Peace Drugs Tax Reform Abortion
Free Trade Civil Rights Social Security Families & Children
Immigration  Jobs Welfare & Poverty Corporations
Energy & Oil  Environment Technology Principles & Values


Thad McCotter is a life-long resident of southeast Michigan, who graduated from Catholic Central High School; the University of Detroit; and the University of Detroit Law School. While McCotter is an attorney by profession, his wife Rita is a registered nurse. Thad and Rita are also the proud parents of children three, George, Timothy, and Emilia.

Congressman McCotter is dedicated to preserving and promoting manufacturing and small businesses. He has an inherent, almost instinctual belief in the American entrepreneurial spirit and understands that small business and manufacturing are the back bone of our community’s economy.

Rep. McCotter is a staunch hawk when it comes to the defense of freedom. He has supported the both the War on Terror and the War in Iraq. However it is McCotter’s record of fiscal conservatism which makes him a leader on that issue.

In 2008, when the American and world economy seemed to be on the brink of collapse and may adopted the phrase “too big to fail” McCotter became the first Republican in the House of Representatives to oppose the Paulson bailout plan, and called it “American socialism.” A week later, he and 132 other Republicans voted against the $700 billion bailout bill.  Since then, McCotter remains a true rock of fiscal conservism whose faith in free markets, less spending, more freedom and limited government is virtually unmatched in either the House of Representatives or the United States Senate


Thad McCotter represents a competitive district in Michigan, yet he has consistently been able to make his case for traditional American values and traditional fiscal conservatism. While McCotter can not be described as an energetic dynamo with contagious enthusiasm, he has his own unique style. When talking about the issues, McCotter has a serious and somber approach that is laced with a dry, straight-faced, delivery of often hysterical innuendos that help reinforce what are ultimately the highly inspirational points that he sets out to make.

Now that he has decided to run for President, the combination of his style and deep-rooted sense of conviction to conservatism, will distinguish him from the rest of the pack. But if that is enough to propel him to the presidential nomination is at the very least, questionable. Money will be a major factor. Without the ability to raise enough of it, a campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is undoubtedly out of McCotter’s  reach.

Congressman McCotter had not confirmed that he is running for reelection to his House seat. That led many to question if he is serious about a run for President or if he is positioning himself for a run at Senator Debbie Stabenow’s seat in 2012. Now that we know his decision the question becomes is he really ready to give up his seat in the House for a longshot run at the Ova Office?  Apparently so, but then again, if McCotter fails to gain any real traction, he could withdraw from the presidential race in time to file his candidacyu for reeeltion to the House.    Either way, I will say this, whatever Thad McCotter decides to do, he will be consistent and just like the delivery of his words, he will present an honest, somber assessment of where our nation is headed along with an optimistic assessment of the direction we could go in if we adopt policies of common sense fiscal conservatism. And although he may not do so in Donald Trump-like style, his unique style will still effectively make his case to the American people and advance the conservative cause that he is committed to serving.

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Click here to visit Thad McCotter’s website

Campaign staff names and contact info is still be compiled by WH12

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