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Is Allen West a most likely choice for Vice President in 2012?

When it comes to conventional wisdom, maybe not.  But in case you haven’t realized it, unconventional is in right now.  Add to that the factors such as qualifications, talent, ability, and political considerations such as geography, ethnicity, and the influence of the TEA movement and what you find is that Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is indeed a perfect choice.

Congressman Allen West is only entering his second year in Congress and does not have a lengthy legislative record to rest on.  But the fact that he is not a career politician is appealing to many and as a popular TEA movement figure, that lack of a political record is a plus.  Unlike Rand Paul though, West has a military record that to a degree, compensates for that record among those who want some type of public service history to refer to.

Beyond that Allen West is a powerful speaker in the mold of the once popular Republican presidential frontrunner Herman Cain, and in many ways he is more knowledgeable on the issues than Cain was.  Other obvious and important factors from a purely political  standpoint include West’s possible appeal to the African-American community and his ability to call the important swing state of Florida his home.  All of this makes Congressman, Lt. Col. Allen West a very plausible vice presidential contender.

This is especially true for Mitt Romney.

West has strong ties to and support from the evangelical community of which Romney needs help with and he is also considered a solid, consistent conservative, who is a strong, lifelong opponent of abortion and has the ability to inspire people with his conservative vision for America.  All of this compensates for many of Romney’s perceived political weaknesses among the G.O.P. base.

So while this first term Congressman may not seem like an obvious choice for Vice President, I dare suggest that if he had run for President, he would have given Romney a good run for his money.

Although selecting West as a running mate might be seen as Hail Mary pass by some, you have to consider how many games have been one by similarly well played Hail Mary passes.

4 Responses

  1. Allen West is my VP pick.

  2. […] media off the scent. Have people like South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Florida Congressman Allen West there. Have Tim Pawleny, Condoleezza Rice, Marco Rubio , South Dakota Senator John Thune, Wisconsin […]

  3. Allen West is a perfect choice for VP

  4. […] former U.S. Senator, Fred Thompson and a host of names in between such as Florida’s Allen West and Jeb Bush, or South Dakota’s John Thune and Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty.  In one […]

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