House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Born: June 6, 1963 (age 47), Richmond, Virginia

Spouse(s): Diane Fine Cantor

Children : Evan, Jenna, Michael

Residence : Richmond, Virginia

Alma mater: George Washington University, William and Mary’s, Marshall Wythe School of Law, Columbia University

Profession: Lawyer

Religion: Jewish

(Click here for Cantor’s White House 2012 Page)

Eric Cantor could be a perfect running mate, but not necessarily a perfect one for Mitt Romney. In addition to coming from a state the G.O.P. can not afford to lose in 2012, he is also Jewish and in 2012, President Obama is going to need to keep the traditional Jewish base of the Democrat Party together and behind him if he wants to be sure to win several states that he needs to reach the 270 electoral votes required for reelection. Having Cantor appeal to Jewish voters for Republicans, could make  it all the harder for President Obama to maintain a percentage of the Jewish vote that large enough to swing states liker Fa to him.

However; at the same time, with Mitt Romney as the nominee, as a Mormon, Romney may be forced to balance his ticket with a running mate that represents the evangelical Christians whom he is having trouble with. Sadly, religious bigotry is a factor and unfortunately, for many, a ticket with a Mormon and a Jew on it may not be very popular. In 2008 we proved that we have been able to break the color barrier, but we have yet to prove that we can break some of the religious barriers that exist in America. So while Cantor may have been a good choice for someone like Santorum or Gingrich, for Mitt Romney, as unfair and distasteful as it may be, selecting Cantor might make it harder for some voters to embrace a ticket which is led by both a Mormon and a Jew.

Would Cantor be a good choice? He would make an excellent President, but not the most likely running mate to help get a President elected. Cantor has little appeal to Independents on a national level and his leadership role in the House Republican caucus will be ripe for criticism and distortions. Based upon the ugly realities of electoral politics, with Romney as the nominee the presidential nominee, Cantor is not likely to be the person who gets the nod.



  • Cantor’s presence on the ticket could play an important role in helping to attract the traditionally Democratic Jewish vote away from the Obama -Biden ticket, which is something that President Obama can hardly afford
  • Cantor’s overall record on matters concerning the budget would help bolster Romney’s image as a fiscal conservative.
  • If Virginia is in play for Democrats, Cantor’s representation of the state could help win the state back for Republicans


  • Having a Mormon put a Jew on the same presidential ticket could alienate evangelical Christians who hold extreme religious biases and already view Romney with great skepticism.
  • Cantor’s leadership role in Congress could be used to paint him as part of the problem as the majority leader of a branch of government that has a lower approval rating than lawyers and used car salesmen…..excuse me, I mean “pre-owned” car salesmen.
  • Cantor lacks executive political leadership
  • Cantor is involved in an internecine Republican Party battle that pits good government PAC’s against the Party establishment and he is even involved in a few incumbent versus incumbent battles.  These political battles may make Cantor persona non grata by Romney.  On the other hand, getting Cantor  nominated Vice President it may be a convenient way for establishment Republicans to remove Cantor from the House.

Overall Assessment:

While capable and competent, Eric Cantor does not bring to the ticket the type of gravitas or enthusiasm that many others can.  And as a leader of one of the most hated institutions in the nation, the rhetoric and imagery that can be used by the opposing campaign could take the Republican ticket off message with far too many distractions.



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