Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval

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Sandoval is another name White House 2012 couldn’t deny early placement on the Vice Presidential Contender list. This man is a former State Assemblyman, federal judge, State Attorney General, Chairman of the state Gaming Commission and now the Governor of the rapidly growing state of Nevada.

Not only did he handily defeat an incumbent Republican Governor in a primary, he went on to trounce into the ground his Democrat opponent for Governor, Rory Reid, the son of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Whispers about his potential place on the GOP presidential ticket made its way through the political echo chamber early on. And for good reason.  Being of Hispanic descent, In addition to his probable appeal to the Hispanic-American community, Sandoval is from an important swing state, is a charismatic, energetic, conservative with working class appeal and is a top notch campaigner.

While Sandoval is not a frontrunner for a spot on anyone’s short list for VP, he is a contender and Nevada could prove to be a crucial swing state in November 0f 2012.  Thus making Sandoval a good name to consider.

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