The White House 2012 Campaign & Election Store

Everday, we at White House get to express ourselves on the race for President and the issues facing our nation.  Now White House 2012 is proud to make it easy for you to express yourself on these topics too.

The WH12 Campaign & Election Store offers you everything from buttons and bumper stickers, to posters, key chains, belt bucles, t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs on a wide array of candidates, issues and themes.  Checkout the WH12 store for yourself here, or scroll down for a look at some of our top selling items.

To get a better look at any of the items below, or to oder any of them for yourself, just click on the images of interest.

***White House 2012 products were NOT designed, created or “built” by the government or funded by any Obama stimulus debt spending.

Stars01.gif picture by kempite

Romney/Ryan Campaign Buttons

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Romney/Ryan Campaign Ties

This tie features images of Mitt Romneey and Paul Ryan and along with a version of the Great Seal of the United States, the Republican Party logo, and a facsimilie of both Romney’s and Ryan’s signatures.

This “minamalist” version of the original Romney-Ryan 2012 Signatrure Tie, features larger Romney and Ryan signatures and limits the images of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to the bottom portion of tie. It’s not exactly a subtle public statement of your support for America’s Comeback Team, but it is a touch more subtle than the original Romney-Ryan Signature Tie.

This unique tie displays images celebrating the G.O.P. alonside of images of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and makes it quite clear that the individual wearing this time is no Obama fan.

The simple repetition of a unique version of the Romney-Ryan campaign logo is the featured design that comprises the pattern in this busineess appropriate tie.

Stars01.gif picture by kempite

Romney/Ryan Belt Buckles

Wear your self-expression with this custom oval belt buckle. Printed in full, vibrant color and finished with a UV resistant and waterproof coating, your image will display beautifully against this burnished silver belt buckle for years to come. This belt buckle arrives in a black felt bag that is perfect for gifting.

Stars01.gif picture by kempite

Romney/Ryan Campaign Shirts

A design which promotes the Romney-Ryan tickets ability to preserve our nation and its founding principles instead of changing them as President Obama promised.  Enjoy the comfort of this warm and toasty pullover hoodie.  You’re going to love it.  We’ve made it from a 289g, 90/10 cotton-poly blend with a 100% cotton face.  It has set-in sleeves and double needle-stitched armholes and bottom band for durability.


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, America’s comeback Team is prepared to put America on a path to prosperity by defending the principles it was founded on and which made it great.  As Presiden t Obama promised to fundamentally our change, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan promise to defend the American way, not change it.  Retro is back in style.  Enjoy this vintage-inspired ringer Tee.  The shirt body is light-colored with contrasting neckline and sleeve bands.  Made from 159g, pre-shrunk, 100% heavyweight cotton with a seamless collar and double-needle stitched neckline, bottom and sleeve hems.


Always a casual favorite, our classic polo is made
from pre-shrunk, 100% cotton, 6.1 oz heavyweight jersey knit. It has a
traditional welt collar and cuffs, three wood-tone buttons and a straight hem
bottom. We’ve double-needle stitched the seams for extra durability.



Stars01.gif picture by kempite

Romney/Ryan Campaign Mugs

Stars01.gif picture by kempite

Romney/Ryan Bumper Sticker

Romney-Ryan: Defending The American Way
Because America needs a President who will defend the American way, not change it!
Make your car a reflection of you! Get your point across with this quality bumper sticker that will outlast heavy rain, intense sunlight, and the most severe of traffic jams.

Stars01.gif picture by kempite

Romney Ryan



Stars01.gif picture by kempite

Miscellaneous Anti-Obama and Anti-Liberal Collectibels

Here, you will find an array of items describing liberals and their messiah, Barack Obama

Taken from a graphic and quote that the DNC used in 2010, this design features three icons of the Democrat’s liberal base. This mug depicts a horned FDR, Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama and on the other side reads “This is about whether we’re still a nation that allows its citizens to reach for their dreams or a government that dreams for them”

And for Chris Christie fans….check out the WH12 Camapigns & Elections Chris Christie Page



13 Responses

  1. Two of those campaign buttons are in very poor taste and not what Romney should be wearing and so they should not be for sale!

    • Gloria… Who made you the National Director of Sales? Did President Obama makeyou one of his newest czars in charge of determining how free the free market should be? If you find something in poor tatste, DON”T BUY IT! But don’t give me the liberal talking points and hypocritical conclusions of the left and tell me what should or should not be for sale. I will leave that up to the people up to who are buying these items. If they buy them they will be sold to them. If they do not buy them, then they will not be sold. What I will certainly not do is stop selling something because of your limited opinion and your desire to to issue an anti-freemarket fiat. Welcome to America Gloria. This is not the Obama nation you wish it to be yet.

  2. I agree with Gloria and I find Kempite’s response in very poor taste. I understand your position on freedom of selection but you are missing the point of Leadership. Our country is in desperate need of strong leadership now. The toilet paper product demonstrates immaturity and poor judgement in a time of national crisis. It is the kind of thing that perpetuates petty politics that disheartens the american voter. It is time to make our elections ALL about vision and policies.

    • Sorry but if you disapprove of the commentary made by the imagery, don’t blame the individuial behind the commentary, blame the individual behind the polcies which inspired the commentary. Ourt country doeds not leadership. It needs leadershipo that is honest enough to admit that this President is full of shit. If you have a problem with that, then don’t buy the button, and on Election Day get up early and be the first to rush out to vote for President Obama. But don’t cry to me and claim that I am not providing proper leadership. I am not running for President. I am not asking you for the chance to govern your life. In fact, I am not asking you anything. I am letting people express themselves with the procucts sold here. If you have a problem with that, don’t buy any of them.

  3. Wow Kempite why so angery? It just makes you sound hateful, bitter and not very Christ like!

    • Not hateful Sheri….just honest. If you have a problem with honesty, it’s probably due to your liberal sensibilities and passion for political correctness. As for your reference to Christ, why don’t you follow his lead and take a long walk on water, perhaps the waters about 250 miles off of the Eastern Seaboard.

  4. I’m an african-american conservative and I have to agree, two of those buttons are in bad-taste, let’s not lower ourselves to their level. The toilet paper one, I can’t stand his policies but he still is the president of the United States, and the blended Carter/Obama one. i understand it’s not meant to be racist, and in a society without race it wouldn’t be, but this slog is an up hill climb and I don’t need stuff like that to battle against in proving that conservatives and not looking at race. Just being honest here.

    • Your political correctness is noted but rejected. Sorry, I am not going to stop drawing accurate comparisons of our President simply because he is half black. It’s time for Americans to grow up and realize that who you are is not established based upon what on what you are. One can be a caucasian and idiot or an African-American and a astronaut. One could be rich but a fool or porr but a genius. Time to grow up and realize that color is nothing something to be used as an exucse to avoid being held accountable.

  5. I need for Romney or Ryan to hear about this.The Dems have put out there that Romney and Ryan want children with down syndrome and autism to fend for them self.I know this is not true BUT Thousands of special needs families will not vote for Romney because of this. They need to come out against this. They need to deny this and tell how they are going to help Families with special Children or they will lose tens of thousands of votes. Please help. WE can not have 4 more years of Obama


  7. Are you kidding me you DemoLibs? Obama has used the Constitution for his toilet paper and you worry about this? Obama is indeed 1/2 white and 1/2 black but decided for poltiical advantage to use his race.

  8. screw you

  9. and the horse you rode in on!

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